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that is fucking cute. your turtle is fucking adorable. I want one. It looks like a precious baby

He’s great, isn’t he? I got him at a reptile expo from a breeder. I think he was trying to phase out his leopard tortoises cause he was half off (only $95).

Leopard tortoises are the easiest to take care of (literally they eat hay and grass and dandelions), my setup for his home is a 100-watt heat bulb in a clamp lamp on the side of a wide plastic tub from target (about 1.5 ft by 2.5 ft, and about 7 in. deep i’d guess). He has a shallow water dish (don’t listen to people who say that because he’s a hot-climate tortoise he doesn’t need water all the time - his enclosure shouldn’t be humid but he loves access to fresh drinking water every day), a large, cheap flastic flowerpot to hide in, a flat rock to eat off (trims his beak and claws), and a UVB light to simulate sun and promote vitamin absorption and proper growth.

It’s pretty expensive to start with (I got lucky and had friends who’ve cared for reptiles forever and had spare stuff), but some items you can get on the cheap (like the storage bin for a home and flower pot for a hiding place). A good flooring is dirt, better is dirt mixed with reptile sand. It’s better for digging.

Uhhhh, so depending on what you want/need to buy (excluding the tortoise) it can run you around $70 to get started, but after that all you need is new bulbs on occasion, fresh water, hay, a handful of grass from your yard (as long as there are no chemicals on it!), and they’re happy and healthy. :D  Vitamin powder is good, but if you feed them a balanced diet they don’t need too much.

uhhhh. sorry for the ramble, I just like talking about my tortoise. It’s easy to get set up and they’re a snap to care for, and they’re always so friggin’ cute. D: