coetir-deactivated20140808 asked:

Top 5 Community moments!

Aaaah, there’s so many moments, I’ve only seen up to the end of Season 3 however :P

1) Jeff and Shirley making fun of Vaughn’s nipples

2) The flashbacks in Season 2 to all of the Dean’s pun entrances, complete with costumes (I nearly died)

3) The reveal of E Pluribus Anus at the start of the space simulator episode

4) Jeff finding out he has backstory with Shirley (or Big Cheddar), and the awesome anime segment in that episode

5) The whole video game episode in season 3, because it’s hilarious and looks freakin’ sweet!

Thanks for asking, Laura :D

dapper-pup-deactivated20141026 asked:

Broken Social Scene, Death Cab for Cutie, The Go! Team, Magic Man, Phantogram, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend

Broken Social Scene: What am I looking forward to? In the long term I’m looking forward to going to Australia next year to see my best friend get married and to just hang out with her and explore a different part of the world. Short term, I’m looking forward to going back to uni so I’m actually doing something productive with my time!

Death Cab for Cutie: Where do I see myself in 10 years? This is a question I’ve started asking myself seriously recently and I know that I would like to be settled down into a career and have a healthy, long term relationship with someone by the time I’m 30! Fingers crossed!

The Go! Team: What hypes me up? Good music and good hugs! Both always put me in a great mood :3

Magic Man: What’s my favourite city? London…that might sound biased seeing as I spend a lot of my time there, but honestly, it has everything and anything you could want all in one place! And as much as people say they are, the people aren’t that bad.

Phantogram: What’s my favourite food? Really Laura…oh sweet jesus so many choices! I love food way too much… But I suppose if I could have absolutely any food right here, right now, I would ask for a home-cooked roast beef dinner :3

Two Door Cinema Club: Think about the last person you texted. How did you meet them? My mum. Well, it’s a funny story…

Vampire Weekend: What am I wearing right now? My usual attire: skinnies, t-shirt and a plaid shirt.

Thanks L-Dawg :D