Nobody ***** with the Jesus

by Saṃsāran

I just watched an interview with actor John Turturro who plays the character Jesus Quintana in everybody’s favorite stoner comedy The Big Lebowski. He explains that the Coen brothers scheduled a shoot where he was given some time to come up with some quirky characterizations for the character. The licking the ball, the little Mohammad Ali shuffle, the hair net, the long fingernail, the ball polishing sequence were all his improvisations done in different takes. 

The Coens then edited them all together into a montage set to The Gypsy Kings cover of “Hotel California” and movie history was made. In just one scene Turturro created a characterization of his character which was simply astounding. Turturro blushed and laughed and said that when he saw them all edited together he was embarrassed and said “this is what they are going to show at my funeral”. Funny stuff.

The “Jesus Quintano” scene from the Big Lebowski (4 minutes)