coelomate asked you:  Soooooo, for the first time in my life, I am virtually smitten. Your art is wonderful! I don’t know why I love it, just that I do. Keep it up. And, I guess this is for questions, so here goes nothin’: What’s your favourite type of candy?

This is a nice message, thanks for taking the time to write it. As for candy, thats kind of a big question. I have a major sweet tooth. First of all some of these things i mention may not be things outside of australia so just bare that in mind and don’t just think i’m making up exotic sweets. I’m a little bit addicted to starburst rattlesnakes in that i need them all the time to survive. I love gummi bears, nerds are pretty rockin, zappos, fizzers… I also love chocolate but it has to be a pretty specific kind, dark chocolate is OKAY but only a lil bit and I like white chocolate as well. 

I got a taste for both kettle corn and chocolate covered pretzels when I was in America but neither of those things exist here, so I have a fairly constant yearning. I did actually find a shop that sells chocolate covered pretzels here but its kind of expensive in comparison to the giant bags you could get for like 2 dollars in New York.  I kinda went on a bit there… ANYWAYS thanks for the message. Questions: ANSWERED (most certainly.) 

Coelomate: This is an organism who contains a coelom, a fluid filled cavity that humans have which is divided from the mesoderm in embryonic development.