coelacanth manga


Title: Coelacanth

Status: Complete/ 8 Chapters

Tags: Shoujo, Psychological, Mystery

Summary: Hisano was very young when she witnessed the explosion at the apartment complex she lived near to. She still remembers that day though, and she will never forget it, thanks to the boy she met, who was covered in blood, and who dropped the toy fish scale, something she still keeps as a sort of charm. Now in high school, Hisano is having troubles of her own, her school teacher has been murdered, and as she investigates with her friend Kentarou, she finds that things are more interconnected than they would seem at first glance.

Art: This has the cleanest line art I have yet to see in shoujo. It’s also got an amazingly gritty and realistic feel, and the tension in here is amped up by the starkly black and white use of toner. 

Panels are well balanced, and even though this is a pretty deep and complex story, the natural flow of the panels allows for the reader to become invested in the story, without too much text or cluttering to detract from the experience. All in all the style really suits the story, and it is an incredible looking manga by all means.

Plot: The story here is complex, interesting, a little twisted, and absolutely amazing. For a short series, a lot is packed in here, and the character development is absolutely astounding. You will get emotionally invested in the well being of these characters because they are likeable despite their flaws, and everything about their psyche is revealed to us as the reader, with no punches being held back.

Ceolacanth astounds in it’s realism, yet symbolism, especially the main character of Hisano, who on the outside would look much like any other “cool chic” shoujo manga lead, but who completely surprises upon further development and analysis.


- No romance in the tags, once again, but then again, I would never recommend a title without at least a little bit of romance, right? And this has more than just a little. It’s strongly implied, and I absolutely love their interactions.

By the way, when I say strongly implied romance, it means, romance is not the main focus of the manga, nor do they outright say they are developing a relationship, but most people would see their interactions as being of a romantic nature. So don’t despair romance junkies! It is in here, and it is in plenty.

-This is from the same mangaka as the previously recommended C-Blossom Case 729. So if you liked the cool yet relatable heroine there, as well as the art style, the action, and the uniqueness of the plot relative to most shoujo manga, it’s a pretty safe bet to say you will like this as well.