coefficient correlation

My psychiatrist says

I derealize that which
Has already been
Defined, nicely and neatly:
Calculated, corrected, graphed and
Understood To Be True.

Five number summary: boxplot,
Scatterplot. Calculate this
Correlation coefficient and
Type it up, and
Print it out, and
Do You Understand now that This
Is Reality?

When days and drinks
Degrade the
Rules of this reality,
I am on the shelves in the pantry:

In a glass jar of wildflower honey,
The kind that tastes like yellow. I am
Suspended so gently, in a
Simmering slow gold; gritty-sweet and

Folded into a flowerpetal
Floating alight in all
The colors of the honeypot;
The copper, the cinnamon, the
Burnt orange, the amber.

Cognitive Dissonance (m)

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jeon jeongguk x reader

rated m 

Word count: 4007 words

written as a birthday present for one little bun 💕🐰

A nasty snicker sounds from behind you and it’s accompanied by a sharp tug at your scalp, and more giggles follow. You’re tempted to turn around and poke the perpetrator’s eyes out with the tip of your ballpoint pen, but considering as how you’re in a lecture theatre with about 200 other students, it just wouldn’t do to make a scene. 

Especially not over Jeon Jeongguk.

He never fails to situate himself in the row behind you at every lecture you share, together with his posse of friends who follow him around everywhere like groupies. He seems to take an almost perverse pleasure in irritating the hell out of you, resorting to the most preschool tendencies of pulling your hair and kicking the back of your chair to catcalling and making lewd jokes at your expense. It’s really a wonder how he managed to get into a top university like this, but your luck at having him as a fellow Psychology major is even more incredible.

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pop quiz

tae tae, s.o.s,” jimin whispers in despair, staring warily at the half sheet of pop quiz sitting before him as if the little piece of paper is just waiting to explode at any given moment.

taehyung continues to scribble on his own paper, adamantly ignoring jimin’s cries for help.

glancing up at the clock hanging above the whiteboard, jimin realizes an entire fifteen minutes have passed, and the only thing he’s written so far is his name on the top right corner.

only forty-five minutes left.

jimin’s eyes wander back to his quiz paper, reading the first question for the umpteenth time, and still not understanding what it means.

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Generating a Correlation Coefficient (Suicides and Pibpercapita)


proc corr data=new;  var suicideper100th incomeperperson;

proc gplot;  plot suicideper100th*incomeperperson;




This results shows according to Pearson correlation coefficients that the association between the variables suicidesper100th and incomeperperson is very week and as the pvalue is higher than 0.05 this association is not statistically significant  which means that maybe these results are due to chance.

Althouth  on plotting a scatter plot,there seems to be a  positive correlation between the number of suicides and the income per person. 

Maths Sucks...

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader 
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by Anon: hello! could you do a Teen Wolf one-shot for me (stiles x reader) where you are failing math and you and stiles really don’t like each other, but the teacher assigns him as your tutor. he comes home and helps you and somehow confesses his feelings for you? Fluff, please. and some kissing would be nice. Thanks! xoxo, GG

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my statistics professor and i just had brain sex during his office hours it was sooooo sensual. he was like oh wow you’re on top of this interquartile range material and i was like *winks* yeah… not used to that are you hunk? and he was like *sweats* n-no… so how about that correlation coefficient and i was like oh daddy just you wait. just you F*cking wait.