Now tentatively known as Coe  (pronounced however you want: Koi, Koh, or like Koh-ee). I wanted to change her name, but it’s hard to find something that fits her, so I settled on this for now.

«Perché tu sei stata innamorata?»
«Credo di sì.»
«Parlami dell'amore.»
Dapprima Sarah non disse nulla. “Non posso,» sospirò infine «non può essere descritto.»
«Fa soffrire?»
«Ne vale la pena?»
—  Jonathan Coe

GW2 Fashion Week

Day 4: Against my own system of introducing them after their age! He’s my fifth character, Elementalist/Tempest Elemancer Shaan


  • Head: Mind of Koda
  • Shoulders: Genius Epaulets
  • Chest: Leystone Vestments
  • Arms: Feathered Gloves
  • Legs: Inquest Breeches
  • Feet: Seer Boots
  • Back: hidden

Weapons: Peacemaker’s Dagger and Tempest’s Warhorn (mystic coins are too expensive <.< so no Northwind yet…), Machined Staff for events like Tequatl

Dyes: Iron, Red, Scarlet, Blue Shade, Midnight Ice

Shaan was born as the child of an Inquest member, but not some Inquest member, he is Kudu’s son (who knows what this guy does when he’s not busy with annoying Zojja…). So…naturally he was raised after thier beliefs but also was tought by his mother, who was held captive within the lab, what a great place Rata Sum is.

After a fatal mistake during one of her experiments she was forced to do, an elemental explosion was set free and killed her and most other researchers taking part. Not Shaan though, who as an elementalist was able to somehow protect himself. But he absorbed the elemental essence of air and became indeed half elemental through this…which explains his purple hair, his eyes and the scar on his face. All in all he is partially the reason for Kudu’s crazy research…

Now when somebody touches him they get a faint electric shock which is kinda fun for him.

Shaan is more of a silent, observing and calculating person.

I wanted to make him look a bit insane…apparently failed tho…somebody (yes, you, @ralesk) called him cute. xD