Ianto Jones is the greatest love of Jack Harkness’s life. And I’ve brought you some proofs

Spoilers ahead!!

1) “I want to kill you. To kill you more than anyone else on this entire planet.”  - Jack to Ianto, Outbreak

Seeing that while under the influence of the certain virus one has a strong urge to hurt/kill the one he loves/desires most, it’s safe to say that Jack admits that he loves Ianto more than anyone else.

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Surprise! Coe is still basically a mermaid, just a different kind than before.
I wasn’t trying to keep it secret for any spoiler reason, but because I had no idea how her mermaid-ness would manifest visually. It wasn’t until I had the random inspiration to draw these versions of the characters that I thought “oh yeah I can make them little flippers”. 

I’m still working on how they look, but basically she has these ethereal fins that look more flipper-like when her legs are apart, and look more mermaidish when her legs are together. The fins naturally reform and split as she moves around (and they are hard to draw why do I do this to myself??)


This happens even before Jack finds a way to destroy 456, which means he’s not crying over Steven yet. Here we see Jack who even in a crisis situation like this can’t stop thinking about Ianto. We see him crying, sniffling, and he probably barely even sees the monitors through the tears, but he’s determined to do this. He promised Ianto to find a way, after all. Although, I doubt that Jack has the planet’s future at the front of his mind right then. I think what he does is a simple act of revenge for Ianto’s death.