I'm basically in love with Cody Simpson.

A lot of you probably don’t know that, but yes it’s true. On December 11th last year I went to his concert at the Jingle Ball village here in Miami. I was first row but sadly, I didn’t meet him. He released tour dates for another show with Greyson Chance and it said he’d come back to Miami on May 1st! I bought tickets the minute they came out (no, seriously.) A few days after I got my tickets, VIP passes sold out before I could get them. :( My friend on Twitter sent me a direct message later that day telling me she had an extra pass because she runs a full-time Cody Simpson website and wanted to give it to me because I deserved it. I’ve been a die-hard fan since the beginning so I was so freaking excited dksdjaldjslk. I’ve been counting down the days (5!) and I thought nothing would be better!

About half an hour ago I received a phone call from my radio station, Y100. They said “Now, the reason we have your number is because you’ve entered a contest.” At those words I lost it, I almost screamed on the phone! I entered a contest to meet Cody during a live interview at the station and I WON. I don’t know if that call was on the radio or not, but still! I freaked and everyone looked at me like I was insane - two days in a row with Cody! It’s like a box of heaven if that even makes sense. I just wanted to share this with you guys because the only way I could calm down was by sharing it with someone. I just can’t believe it! ajdsldalsjdas.

Part 5 - Nothing Like The First Kiss

Was it really possible that your heart was still racing as you changed into the bathing suit? Alli had given you a red two-piece and some shorts with a tank top. Apparently, both of you were really close in sizes. To your surprise, Cody was already downstairs with his beach trousers and a surf board. “Whoa, we’re going surfing today?” He turned the board which had Cody Simpson written on the back. “We sure are. It’s actually easier than it looks.” You smiled as though approving and added “In that case, I can’t wait!” a short pause passed between the two of you and he said “You look lovely.” before walking alongside you to the limo. You don’t recall ever being so happy with a compliment.
“To the beach please.” Cody said as soon as you were comfortably seated in the limo once more. In about two minutes, the familiar beach air was already dancing into the limo. How great it was to live so close to the beach. Finally thanking the chófer, both of you walk out hand in hand. This seemed to be not a big deal to Cody, but to you it seemed like the world. His hands were in fact soft and carefully slid through the spaces between your fingers. The clouds above temporarily skimmed the blue skies, and the sun shone intensely at the crystal clear water. Your cousin, Dan, was working at the smoothie stand, showcasing his six-pack, and the many footprints you usually see were being swept away by the sand cleaner. “Look!” Cody suddenly called out, pointing to the water. In alarm you almost panic until you see him smile. “The perfect wave is starting!” Leading you by the arm, you ran closer to the beach and watched in amazement as he sought the wave and rode it with such perfection and as though it was no big deal. He got off the board and ran back, the way a lifeguard would. You applauded him as he returned and then he said “Give me a hug” with his arms dripping water and flipping his hair towards you. “No way!” you yelled, running teasingly away from his. Chasing you, and catching up in no time, he managed to wrap his arms around your waist and stop you. Catching your breath, you asked “So are you gonna teach me how to surf?” 
Laughing, and letting go, he heads back to the waves with you, suddenly splashing you with water. “Jerk!” you yelled out with a flirty tone, he replied back with a wink and you got out of the water to take of the clothes on top of your two-piece. When you came back to him he was quiet. “What’s wrong?” you asked. “Nothing at all. Here’s how you get started…”
[Absolutely nothing at all. You look amazing wearing that] Cody thought.
You spent the next hour with him and the surfboard, getting comfortable and finally riding your first wave. You thought about the camera in the bag you brought along, and about how no one would believe you without any proof. “I’ll be back in a second” you tell him finally, running up to where you were seated. You finally you’re your bag, but it wasn’t on the sand. It was next to all your stuff on top of a beautifully set up picnic basket and blanket, with the umbrella you see in magazines and the whole nine yards. You cover your mouth in awe and whisper to yourself “what’s all this?”
“Just a little favor I asked from a friend.” He startles you saying. [When did he get behind you? ] After letting out a small squeal of surprise, you smile and say “you’re too much. This is extraordinarily perfect!” Kissing him on the cheek, you sit down in front of him, wondering what was in the basket.
To be honest with yourself, you were wondering about every little detail that may come up. [What if you don’t like the sandwiches? What if an awkward silence falls between the two of you? What if you eat like a pig?]
“I wish we could stay longer…” Cody interrupted your train of thoughts. [That’s right; I’m supposed to leave in about an hour.] “Well…” you began. “If all we have is this great weather and view to enjoy together, let’s make the best of it.” He thought about that for seemingly a moment, and moved his hand from the picnic basket to his bag instead. He looked inside and took out a rather expensive looking cell phone. You thought about the twenty dollar deal you got with yours last week and laughed to yourself. “I don’t think it’s the only thing we can enjoy. Just a second babe.” [He just called you babe.]
Cody stood up and stepped aside to dial someone and you didn’t know who.
“Hello?” they had answered.
“Hey it’s Cody. Listen I need a favor…”
“And what may that be?”
“The girl I’m with is incredible, I’m telling you. I know you’re supposed to pick her up in an hour and stuff, but…”
“Cody, rules are rules. We have to pick her up. But if you want to make plans with her otherwise, it’s up to you.”
“Half an hour more?”
There was a small silence on the other line.
“Sure. Bye.”
You asked him who that was, and he told you everything. “So I’ll never see you again?” the thought put memories of people leaving you on replay. Your older brother. Your ex-boyfriend. Your best friend. Twice. [Cody can’t leave.] “Trust me. It’s going to be alright.” He said, finally taking out what was inside the basket. He gave you a bologna sandwich and bottles of water. “Sorry I couldn’t pack much.” He murmured. “That’s fine…” you said, still stuck in the moment. You ate your food in silence, thinking it wasn’t of worth to talk if you’ll never see him again. Noticing your mood wasn’t going to get any better, you sighed halfway through eating and put it down.
“What’s wrong?” he said, when you didn’t finish eating. “I like you. That’s what’s wrong.” Seeing he was puzzled, you crossed your arms and went on. “You’ll probably think I’m some dramatic psycho after this, but I know what it’s like to be left. I get too attached. I barely know you, yet I know all about you. And what I’m about to say is stupid, and you probably don’t know what I’m talking about but I love you.” [She had taken the words right out of my mouth.] His eyes just poured sympathy in for the both of you. You hugged him tightly then, and felt like never letting go. It was almost like leaving your best friend for some other country. That’s how it felt, and your sorry self was about to let go of some tears at the thought. 
You had only let go to wipe them off before he would see and say, “I love-”
“Cody Simpson!” A camera flash had gone off, taking you completely off guard. A mob of what appeared to be paparazzi had assembled with their cameras glued to their faces and their breaths wasted yelling out Cody’s name.
Cody! Cody! Look over here! Cody Simpson!
You couldn’t believe how large the crowd was getting, and they were charging right at you guys. Cody looks at you with that same sympathy stare and tosses his phone to you. “Save your number. I’m so sorry!” You get the phone and freeze. “Cody!” your dried throat managed to call out in fear. He had run, dashed the opposite way of the cameras, and half the crowd split up to chase him. [That’s right, he’s a pop star.] An interviewer approaches you with blinding lights on his camera wondering “Are you Cody Simpson’s girlfriend? What were the two of you doing at the beach together? Is this Hollywood’s new it couple?” You would give anything to pass out right then and there. You stood up as well and ran faster than you ever ran, pleading to everyone in your way. “Leave me alone! Please! Guys, just leave me alone!” Still running, you turn back and once more bump into someone. The guys Cody had been talking too. The taller of the two said “We’re here to take you home. Are you-” he reads off a paper and mispronounces, but nonetheless says, your name. “Yes. Yes! Please just get me out of here!” Without a word, you step into the second limo you’ve been in today to take you home. 
Inside, you found the phone badly scratched and still tightly in your hand. You dial in your number and look outside, only to tear up at the sight of an abandoned picnic on such a perfect, cloudy afternoon. 

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Part 4 - The Simpsons

In just a few minutes he knew your mom’s name, your favorite color, and the places you liked to shop. Those fifteen minutes in the limo may have been the best of your life. He teased you several times and so many jokes passed through the both of you, especially after he found out you were extremely ticklish. Still giggling as the limo finally stopped, you asked him “Where are we?” He smiled and started towards your door. “Welcome _______, to my house.” He had paused as though adding dramatic outcome to the scenery. “I get to go to your house? It can’t get better than this.” Marveling at the great two-story building before you, you barely notice that he replied “It definitely can’t…” with a gleam in his eyes as he softly spoke. You accepted his coy invitation to be led in, locking your arm with his. The chófer muttered to himself quietly, “Kids…”
Alli, Cody’s younger sister, was upstairs in her bedroom, Cody’s mom was busy at work in the kitchen, and you were later informed that his dad couldn’t make it this afternoon for lunch. Admiring the serenity of the large household, you instill in yourself a determination to make a great first impression. 
“Hey mom, this is the contest winner, _______, thank you so much for letting me bring her here.” His mom turned around and you quickly picked up on how much she resembled Cody. “It’s fine sweetie.” Her Australian accent was very noticeable in that sentence. “Well you certainly are gorgeous! Take a seat please, will you? Lunch will be ready shortly.” She smiled, showing a row of perfect white teeth. She would later tell you to call her Angie; [you can call me Angie dear.]
Obediently, you head towards the table but realize it’s only set up for the two of you. “Oh miss, aren’t you going to join us?” your voice rose over the sound of running sink water. “Well I’m flattered-” Cody had signaled to her and done so unnoticed “But I have to go water the garden. Enjoy your meal!” Relieved, Cody waved “Awesome hey is Alli home?” Upstairs in her bedroom, she had said. All you could do is think about meeting this talented video maker any second now. “I’ve always wanted to meet Alli!” Cody pulled out your chair and you sat as he responded “Today is your lucky day then.” Sitting down himself he bellowed “Alli! Come down here, there’s someone I’d like you to meet!” Looking towards the stairs, you begin to hear trotting footsteps and add “I bet she’s a sweetheart!” Alli stood before you the next moment, her blonde her falling perfectly and slightly below her shoulders as her younger brother, Tom, shyly peeked from behind her legs to meet you.
“Who is this? Already a girlfriend Cody?” she said in a mocking tone, smiling at you in greeting. Tom fidgeted a little, just like Cody had before he cleared his throat and responded. “Alli, this is _______, ______, this is Alli. But you knew that.” He laughed a little bit as both of you suddenly exclaimed, “Pleased to meet you!” at the same time. Joining in the laughter, Cody says “Nice! What are you doing upstairs?” 
“I’m on the computer, don’t worry about me. I have to get back to Tom anyw- where’d he go?” Alli turns to see Tom clumsily running upstairs and chases him, apologizing. Humorously, Cody calls out “Have fun!” Still thinking about how wonderful the day was turning out you say “You know she’s even prettier in person?” and Cody jokingly crosses his arms saying “You didn’t say that about me.” Finally his frown cracks and both of you begin laughing all over again. The laughter passes and regaining breath, Cody continues, “…I think we better serve-”
“Yeah, let’s-”
“Oh no. I’ll do that for you.” Cody stands up to see what his mom’s cooked up for you guys. “Hope you like spaghetti!” he calls out from the kitchen. Smiling to yourself, idiotically thinking up a future with him, you respond “I love spaghetti!” He returns with both plates carried delicately in hand, placing one before you carefully. He went into the refrigerator to replace the juice boxes before you for some soft drinks. “Careful, it’s hot.” He quickly says when he sits down, noticing you were about to take a bite.
You put your fork down and extend your arms towards him saying “We forgot to pray.” Before he could question you, he joined his hands with yours as you closed your eyes and began to pray. “Dear heavenly Father, we thank You for this great meal prepared for us today. We ask that You bless the hands that made it, and all those that are less fortunate to be able to eat tonight in Your name.” You open one eye to look at Cody, and a second after, he did the same. At once, you both say “Amen.” You couldn’t help but realize how strange your body reacted to his touch.
After a few moments of silence as you concentrated on the gourmet meal before you, Cody began to talk. “So I bet you have a boyfriend back in school, right?” Looking at his eyes as he waited for a reply, you snapped back into reality and answered…truthfully. “No, actually. I’ve been single for about a year now.” He seemed to be satisfied with your response when he added “Yeah, me too. It’s pretty hard to believe you of all people are single though.” He winked at you when he noticed you had blushed and gone quiet. “So what’s her name?” you tried to sound as casual as possible. “What do you mean?” 
“Well, your ex-girlfriend I mean.”
“Oh… the last time we talked was back in Australia. Brooke I think it was.” [Did he really only think it was Brooke?]
“Oh. Well I guess it’d be nice to meet her some day.” You flashed him a polite smile and he changes the subject, noticing both of you are almost done with your early lunch. “So where is it you want to go?” Both of you begin finishing up the last few bites before you stand up. “It’s up to the pop-star!” you laughed. He took your plate back into the kitchen and continued the conversation. “I’d go anywhere as long as you’re there.” Giving in, you nervously begin to mention the beach just five minutes from his house. “Sounds perfect to me!” he stated. Uncertain if you should say the next few words, you almost stutter as you began. “You’re perfect to me…” Wiping his hands on a towel, he comes back to you and the dress that he enjoyed every minute you wore it. “I could argue with that but, I’d rather do this.”
Again your body reacts strangely, yet wonderfully, to the way he neared you and held your arms. Looking at each other for another moment, you finally took hold of his arms as well and closed your eyes. The loneliness you felt escaped into the kiss, and though it wasn’t anything spectacular, you already knew you wouldn’t forget it. Departing in a gasp, you look at him for answers. [Why was he so beautiful?]
“Wow, umm…”
“Yeah… To the beach?”
He had smiled in a way you felt so comfortable with and you returned the smile. “I guess so.” He instructed you to go up to Alli’s room, first door on your left, and borrow a bathing suit. As you run upstairs, Cody falls back down on his chair and starts to think. [Is it really possible to fall in love with a fan? I mean she probably has pictures of me in her room, no. Snap out of it Cody! But that kiss…]
Halfway up the steps, you begin to pay attention to your mess of thoughts. [Can I really fall in love with some famous singer? He’s probably kissed so many girls like that. Snap out of it! Oh man that kiss…]

Part 3 - Getting Started

Again he prepares his guitar and the song ‘Perfect’ played, flawless were the notes and tempo. Suddenly realizing this was the chance of a lifetime, you smile back before returning the wink. All with the beat of the band slowly beginning, he stands up and gets the crowd to sway their arms somehow. Almost as though practiced, he walks towards you in time to sing the line “I would do anything to be with you.” Making eye contact, you notice the true and striking beauty he possessed. Either your imagination was acting up again, or Cody seemed to blush slightly. He turned back immediately to the audience, singing. Finally, the instrumental break you usually dance to all alone in your room starts to flood from the speakers. Taking your hand, he whispers “Don’t ever change.” The connection you felt with him was unreal, as though you’ve known Cody ever since you were infants.
As the music comes back, he’s still holding your hand and you’re taking in the great feeling of being a part of something so great. Waving and smiling uncontrollably as the applause grew; Cody hugged you and waited until the very last note the drum would hit to say “Perfect Girl.” You could tell how greatly obsessed these girls were with him when they proved you wrong after thinking [they can’t scream any louder than this.]
Backstage, the adrenaline still pumped through your veins but slowly discontinued. A hand reached for your shoulder and you nearly jumped. “How did everything go?” He was holding a clipboard, had a microphone headset and faced you as though in a hurry with his foot already a step back. [Stage manager] you thought. “Yeah, it went perfect.” You tried not to laugh at your own little joke. “Great. Cody’s show ends in about an hour. You can wait right over there. Sound good?” You notice he pointed at the room you were just by and nodded, unsure whether to ask the next question.”Yeah, sounds good. Listen, do you know if Cody has a girlfriend?” He faces you completely now and turns of the sound coming from his walkie-talkie. “I don’t really specialize in that kind of stuff, but by the way he was looking at you on stage just now, I would’ve bet a thousand dollars that you were her.” He leaves you to go back to work and you’re wonder-struck at the thought. He thought it was me. 
There was a note in the room just for you attached to a yellow sun-dress that seemed just the right size.
“Try this on and make sure it fits, wear it on your day with Cody.”
Nervously, you put on the dress, never trying on something that seemed so expensive. A colorful array of sandals sized 5-9 were right under them along with another note. Reading it and following the instructions, you pick out a silver pair, size 7. Cody was standing right outside, fresh out of the concert about an hour later. “Well the cheering has finally died down. Awesome show! Hey, I only had a few microphone problems but we’ll work on it tomorrow.” You hear him talk to the stage manager. “Yeah, of course. Have fun with your girlfriend today.” You stiffen as you wait for Cody’s reply. “She’s not my girlfriend.” [Was that a stutter you heard?] The thought of that was all that Cody could think of at the moment before you walked out. He was shaking away the thought when he first saw you in that dress. “Y-You look amazing!” [It was a stutter] you thought, flattered by the thought and too shy to respond immediately. “Well, they told me to wear it. Thank you by the way.” He smiles in response, “I guess it’s meant for our da- uh, time we get to… spend together.” It took a lot of willpower not to giggle at his bewilderment. “That sounds just about right, now go ahead and change! I can’t wait to see what the Cody Simpson has in store for me.” He turns to leave and you wait a while to make sure you he was gone. You squealed to yourself and jumped almost endlessly in joy before fixing yourself up again and taking a deep breath. Cody comes back inside, and in less than a minute you find yourself in the limo once more.
“Wow Cody, you look stunning.” And you meant every word. He had sat next to you once more wearing black corduroy pants and a rolled up long-sleeve that matched your dress. “Thanks but trust me, you look better.” That accent of his always gets to you. “So where are we going exactly?” you curiously asked, keeping the conversation lively.
He looked at you for a moment before answering. “That part is a surprise. I kind of wanted to ask you something first.” Did your heart just stop beating? You re-positioned your hands and wondered “What is it?”
“I don’t know… I mean…”
“Go on, tell me.”
“What if I sound stupid?”
“I still want to hear it.”
“I think it’s too sudden. I barely know you.”
“Alright, well if you don’t want to-”
“Fine, I’ll tell you.”
You smile at the fact he gave in and sit back once more. “But, what if you think I’m weird?” You sigh in playful frustration and say “Alright, I’ll go first. I think you’re really talented… and cute. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet right now. Do you think I’m weird?” He loved the confidence shining through your words and looked at the chófer before looking at you again. “I guess not.” You relaxed once more. “Then?” He began. “I was going to say that I think you are beautiful. I may not know you yet, but the way you talk to me makes me feel as though I know your life story.” He was looking down as he said those words, but you remained silent as though expecting more. He continued by saying “…And I can’t wait for today to get started.”
When he finally looked up, you gave him a hug, [what an amazing huger he was], and almost felt like never letting go. “I can’t wait for our date either.” Stunned that one of you finally mentioned the word ‘date’, he grinned in relief of finally letting it out. Living for the instant, you took his hand. Almost as though agreeing with your actions, he squeezed it softly.
“Oh I knew this would happen.” The chófer finally spoke up. Each of you chuckled as Cody casually put his arm around you, and the ride had begun.

Part 2 - Perfect

“Did you sleep well babe?” without missing a beat you turn from the window and wonder out loud “I’m sorry, what?” He noticed your bewilderment and laughed under his breath “I said ‘does she need a hearing aid?’ and I was talking with the chófer by the way.” You sank back in your seat right next to Cody and felt as though the awkwardness radiated from only you. As their conversation died down, you asked “So, are we there yet?” As though on cue, the limo slowed to a stop and Cody unlocked his door for the both of you. “Now we are.” He took your hand while politely helping you out of the limo. As you walked down the parking lot, a lot of questions passed between the two of you, and the chófer followed quietly and closely behind. Two large double doors finally stood before you and you stopped, unsure. “Just one second.” Cody instructed, and then whispered something to the chófer before going inside.
Cody knew exactly where he was going. Down the second hallway to left he located his manager’s office and walked in undoubtedly nervous. “So the girl you chose for the contest…” he began hesitantly. “What’s wrong with her?” Mr. Williams asked, leaning towards Cody from his mahogany brown desk. “Nothing at all.” Was all he answered. Seeing his confused response, he added “In the sense that she couldn’t be more perfect. As soon as she got into the limo, she fell asleep- or fainted- on my shoulder,” Will sat back listening, taking interest in what Cody was saying. “She’s beautiful but that’s all I know. Something about the way we connected although there was silence between us was just… strange. But I liked it.” Will looked away as he laughed and finally said “I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s just a crush though.” Cody looked at him as though expecting more and he continued, “Okay. She won the contest. You get to take her on stage and woo the girl. Go for it.”
Sighing, he took what his manager had said into consideration and thanked him. As he stepped out to see you waiting for him outside, it’s almost as though he’s forgotten everything he’s rehearsed. Turning towards the main stage, however, he shakes it off and begins to prepare for the show.
Outside, you had time to ask the chófer one question. “So, any idea how they chose the winners? I’m super excited!” Telling you quickly that it was at random, he put up his finger for a second and answered his phone. In barely a minute he comes back to you. “The show’s about to begin. I’m going to take you backstage; everything you need to know will be answered there.” He hurriedly leads the way backstage and the amount of cheering was unbelievable. A deep voice echoes through the speakers of the indoor venue and announces Cody Simpson to the stage. You felt butterflies fluttering by frantically in your stomach. Almost as though you felt the warm smile on his face, you hear him through the microphone thanking everyone. “Hello Miami! Thank you so much for being here!” His accent was killing you backstage. In a few seconds after setting up the stool, his fingers strummed a recognizable tune on his guitar. You sing along subconsciously and with a smile that could never fade on your face. The song ends in no time and you wonder why must time fly when you’re having fun?
Cody takes the microphone after a breath and says “Glad you liked it! What a great crowd! This next song is for someone special, and I believe she’s here this morning. Would you come out here _______?” Your heart almost flipped over at the sound of your name. What was it I needed to know again? You walk out after a moment of silence, and the crowd cheers, sending an excited chill down your spine. He gestures towards the stool next to his and winks. “You’re perfect.” The amount of whistles then was unbelievable.

Part 1 - Introduction.

Anything written [between brackets] is a Character’s thoughts.

I think I still love you - Part 1.
Note: I wrote this very simply a very long time ago & this is the revised editing.

Sitting back in French class you start to remember your middle school days. How nerve-wrecking the day went when you didn’t finish your homework assignment, and when everyone taller than you in this world was someone to be afraid of. A thin finger taps your desk twice, and you look up to meet Ms. Bellamont’s dead stare. “Peut-tu me dire la response de question quatre?” Sitting up, you scan the board for number four, squinting as she picks up your pencil. Realizing your throat’s gone dry; you swallow and answer “J’aime chanter” in an unsteady French accent. With a hard slam, she lands your pencil on your desk and nods “Next time pay attention.” You didn’t need a translator to figure out what that meant.

Part 1.

“You really should get a boyfriend.” Jessica said, finally noticing how you’re the only one to arrive alone to all the parties. “What do you mean? I’m married to Cody, remember?” You were the only one laughing then, and she sighed, barely smiling. “Very funny,” she began “But when are you going to give that up?” You notice her intentions at conversing were not to bring you down so you stop fidgeting with your locker and turn to her “It was just a joke, I-” You stop suddenly, feeling your phone vibrate. Finally lightening the mood, she laughs to herself knowing it was just a Facebook notification or something. “Stop it, I got a direct message!” You push her playfully as the bell rings and you begin to read.
Dear _______, Congratulations! You-
Your phone softly bumps into someone’s chest. Why, this is a tall somebody in fact. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” The last part of your sentence barely escaped your mouth. At that instant you had tripped, no fallen, from the reality you knew. The same blonde you have spotted all over magazine covers at your favorite store stood before you. The very same blonde whose voice you fall asleep to was right before you. That very same blonde whose- Your thoughts were sidetracked an eventually faded into a sort of dazed feeling. “I’m guessing you’re _______?” He said casually, gifting you with the best hug of your entire life. Cody Simpson just hugged you. You looked around to see if it was just you that noticed what was going on, but everyone had already wandered into class, leaving you unsure of the fact that you were awake and it was noon. “How do you know my name? How come you’re at my school? Why are you so cute?” you wished you took back the last question, but then again, this could be a dream. Instead of your face flushing a deep red like you would in reality, you smile at the fact he just smiled at something you said. 
“I’ll explain everything in the car, promise. I’ve got you an excuse from class and everything, the limo’s outside.” He escorts you outside, and you realize your imagination was very creative. Finally in the limo your head created to look beautiful, you checked your phone which felt too real for a dream and continued reading the message.
Have won a full day with Cody Simpson, including a free entry for his private show and an escort from Cody himself!
At last you yawn, and everything faded for what seemed like a second. Looking down as your eyes fluttered open once more, you found everything seemed to be back to normal. Your orange belt matched your shoes like they did every morning, and your white polo from every other day told you, once more, this was just a dream. But, why exactly were you positioned with your head on a strangers shoulder and in a vehicle you’ve never seen before? You gasp and sit up suddenly as though in French class all over again. You look up at the face you recognized from M Magazine and your eyes widen slowly, and almost as though madly when you realize everything you just dreamed up, was in fact your reality.