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Breadheads (2012)
Directed by Cody Walzel

This was a submission from codywalzel which shows a vertical slice/preview of an animation he’s working on for his senior project. I really like the style of this and I can’t wait to see the finished project.

To see more work surrounding his short check out Cody’s personal Tumblr here.


Artist Name: Cody Walzel


My friend codywalzel commented on how we could probably go to like some isolated middle American town I’ve never been to before and we’d still find people there like “Oh hello my old best friend Kelly!” and I thought about that the other day when I had a very pleasant conversation with some stranger who had their car window rolled down at a red light for the duration of the time we waited for the light to change.

Hey, I mentioned some storyboard resources a while back in this post:

There are many books on boarding, none of them good.

That might be a little unfair, but I personally didn’t get much out of any of them. There has yet to be for storyboarding what Richard William’s book is for animation technique in my opinion.  

This blog by a Disney Story Artist however, is great. He covers a lot of topics related to visual storytelling, but you can filter and find the ones that pertain most specifically to storyboarding fundamentals.