I was there that night
I can remeber everything of that amazing night.
When he came on stage everybody was screaming  i stood there looking at him and started to cry. I’ve really been there since the beginning  and im proud to say that i’ve saw him grow up in this amazing artist . Seeing him thay night meant so much for me to finally seeing him for the fisrt time . i heard that beautifull voice  . No words can explain how i felt that night i sang with every song  i cried the whole concert off happiness when it was over i was so proud and happy  i ran over  to my mom and started to cry more . Mom looked at me and said whats wrong i told her : mom do you know how long i’ve been waiting to see him how much i love him he change me he made me happy with his music  when i was sad he is my idol and im proud to say that .. mom i really love him and i have no words for it how much he really means to me .. but the hard part is he doens’t know i exsit . Mom looked at m and said he will
Cody gives me hope and love and happiness