Real talk tho, majority of us fangirling/ fanboying over all these celebs and stuff and wanting to give them all the love in the word are single, I hope that you find someone that feels the same about you or that you feel that way about.

Or maybe you get that 1 in a million chance to actually treat that celeb like the king/ queen that you have always believed them to be


Cody Christian AU: You convince him to answer boyfriend tag questions 

You’re staying at his family’s place for over the weekend and you just come across those questions randomly, thinking that it might be fun to go over them with him. So you end up sitting together in his parents living room, discussing the questions and talking about a lot of things that happened in your relationship. 

Holy shit I didn’t think I’d make another Cody AU even longer than those I already posted, but oh well. Here I am. I hope you enjoy this one still, even if it’s been a while. :) 

“100 ways to crush your soul”

Kinda felt the need to do this again. Feel free to reblog✨🌸

  1. “ She’s not yours. “
  2. “ It wasn’t meant to go this far. I swear. “
  3. “ Please, not now.”
  4. “ You were ready to leave me for her. “
  5. “ There is no us, there never was. “
  6. “ Why didn’t you tell me? “
  7. “ If lies keep spewing from those lips then i’ m walking out that door. “
  8. “ Shut up. “
  9. “ Are you ever going to listen? “
  10. “ Don’t leave me. Don’t you dare leave me. “
  11. “ You know for a fucking fact that wasn’t supposed to happen. “
  12. “ Sort yourself out first. “
  13. “ Shhh. I know. “
  14. “ Tell me a story. “
  15. “ Leave. Before we wake up regretting what we’ve done. “
  16. “ All he ever did was use you. Why can’t you see that? “
  17. “ You think this will make me stay? “
  18. “ You thought this was real? “
  19. “ My mum asked about you again. “
  20. “ Alcohol’s the only constant in my life. “
  21. “ Sirf tum hi ho “
  22. “ He already knows. “
  23. “ I was doing fine. Really, and then you waltz back in like you didn’t break my heart. “
  24. “ You’re married!! “
  25. “ You deserve so much better. “
  26. “ He’s a fuckboy and he’s never going to treat you better than this. “
  27. “ H-how long? “
  28. “ We need to understand that we did love each other but that wasn’t enough. “
  29. “ I’m Sorry. “
  30. “ You left. What did you expect me to do? “
  31. “ You still wear my hoodie? “
  32. “ I’m too sober for this bullshit. “
  33. “ How did you imagine our future together? “
  34. “ That was supposed to be me, not him. “
  35. “ I didn’t have a choice. “
  36. “ Compromise. “
  37. “ His finger was right on the trigger but he wasn’t fast enough. “
  38. “ Tu hali iyk zaalim hai “
  39. “ Leave him and marry me. “
  40. “ It’s okay if you have to go. “
  41. “ I needed closure. “
  42. “ Always and forever. “
  43. “ The last thing i said was for him to never come back. “
  44. “ You always cared more about her than you ever did about me. “
  45. “ You had a kid and decided to walk out. You don’t get to call the shots round here. “
  46. “ Kasam se mein tuki mardal sa. “
  47. “ I screwed up. “
  48. “ I fell for you. “
  49. “ You changed. “
  50. “ They’re your best friend before anything else. “
  51. “ Daddy, how did you and mommy fall in love? “
  52. “ I‘m never going to be good enough for you, am i? “
  53. “ He already boarded the plane. We’re too late. “
  54. “ Do you two still talk? “
  55. “ That look in his eyes. That was enough to tell me he didn’t feel the same anymore. “
  56. “ Who the hell abandons someone they ‘love’? “
  57. “ The moment you saw me as a bet was the moment you fucked up. “
  58. “ Meet me upstairs in 10. “
  59. “ One more chance. “
  60. “ It doesn’t have to be that way. Come with me. “
  61. “ W- er, we’re gonna get you out. “
  62. “ I don’t love you. “
  63. “ Let it all out babe, just let it all out. “
  64. “ We need to talk. “
  65. “ Do you treat all your hookups like this? “
  66. “ You were my everything. “
  67. “ It was my fault. I know it was my fault. “
  68. “ I thought things were good but how delusional was i? “
  69. “ Why now? “
  70. “ You’re never seeing either of us again. “
  71. “ Trust you? You don’t know the meaning of the word. “
  72. “ You made me feel loved and wanted and for that, I’ll always love you.”
  73. “ Hamisha sab meri galti hai. “
  74. “ Please don’t forget me. “
  75. “ We got away with it. “
  76. “ She’s lost without you. “
  77. “ Don’t you get it? I’m in love with you and it scares the hell out of me. “
  78. “ I want to be alone. “
  79. “ D-did i ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are? “
  80. “ Mein tumse pyar karti ho “
  81. “ Why’ve you always gotta send me mixed signals. “
  82. “ The world was too cruel for us. “
  83. “ Of course he’s yours! Who else was there? “
  84. “ Step out that door and i swear we’re done. “
  85. “ What right did you have keeping it from me?  “
  86. “ Running seems to be all you’re good at. “
  87. “ What the fuck is it that’s so funny? “
  88. “ She always burned so brightly. “
  89. “ It’s not your fault. “
  90. “ Meri baat sunleh “
  91. “ I-i left my stuff here. “
  92.  “ We aren’t even in the same book, let alone the same page. “
  93. “ I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not with you. “
  94. “ Your hair still looks so good. “
  95. “ Waste the day and spend the night. “
  96. “ You’re rich and waste your money on that nasty shit. “
  97. “ You say this is what you want but your eyes ares telling me a different story. “
  98. “ Murder was apart of the agenda for today. “
  99. “ What if i just break his nose a lil’? “
  100. “ Hury up, before we regret it. “

-meeting him when he was a douche

-but he was so flirty with you

-you friends had to constantly remind you he was evil

-and you had to push away your feelings until he turned good and sort of joined the pack

-once that happened you could actually go on a date with him

-he’s such a cutie when he really likes some one

-after that you were inseperable

-like, that boy is obsessive, but its okay because if you’d want to date this boi, im assuming you’re a little obsessive too (god knows i am)

-the first time he kissed you, he’d be the guy who put one hand in your hair to draw your face to his while his other went to the small of your back to pull your body in

-great kisser

-look at those lips

-he likes dates where you drive around in his truck and talk about things

-for some reason he loves driving in the rain and blasting music and singing with you

-he can actually be such a softy

-cuddling with beautifully muscular guys is the best (10/10 can confirm)

-he would carry you everywhere, like just chase you and throw you over his shoulder as you laugh and grab at his back

-the pack would hate the PDA

-but fuck that, you and Theo are heavy PDA (unless you’re super against it)

-lots of chasing and playing around

-he’s a hickie guy, he’s possesive

-he’s the guy that takes you to the fair, wins you a teddy bear, kisses you at the top of the ferris wheel and walks around with his arm around your shoulders, pressing kisses to your temple

-stealing his jackets sometimes because they smell like him

-sometimes having to defend him and his progress to people

-working out with him, even if its just being on his back while he does squats or letting him bench press you


-he’s definitely a Princess guy

-did i mention carrying though? piggy backs to the max

-like going on a classy date where you wear heals and they hurt your feet so he carries you home

-being so proud of him and his progress to being nicer to people