cody's books

got7 as Suite Life On Deck characters

jackson: zack: the cocky, sexy, and cool guy

jinyoung: cody: all about his books, lowkey hot asf, nerdy, and intelligent

bambam: london: fashionable, not very smart, cute, and rich.

jaebum: mr. moseby: stern, strict, tries to control the kids, and just trying to get by.

yugyeom: marcus little: a dancing king, hippity hop hop, thicc, and cute

youngjae: bailey: really kind, loves animals, cute, and everyone’s favorite.

mark: woody: dislikes school, awkward, looks up to zack, shy, but glows up.


So last night I went to bed brimming with anticipation. 99% funded. It’s kind of an amazing and terrible sensation and a perfectly valid excuse to hit refresh on your browser window repeatedly, if anyone asks. I woke up this morning to excellent news as The Book of Teeth is Funded! Success! Yaaayyy! Thank you all so much! 16 Days still left on the campaign, now onward to slay some stretch goals!

Ari and Dante has ruined everything
  • Me at school: I wonder what Ari would think about this class. Dante would probably love it.
  • Me at a one direction concert: honestly if they were British white boys Harry would 10000% be Dante because he's the type of kid to almost get hit by a car to save a bird.
  • Me listening to Cody Simpson: he's basically soundtracking Ari and Dante's life. I'm Your Friend was made for them.
  • Me going to bed: Ari and Dante probably sleep in the same bed sometimes.
  • Me looking at the sky: tOO MUCH LIGHT POLLUTION
  • Me reading a book: okay but you're not Ari and Dante.
  • Me drinking tea: Ari drank coffee.
  • Me watching birds: theY'RE TEACHING ME ABOUT THE SKY.
  • Me breathing: Ari almost lost his chance to breathe when Dante stupidly tried to stand on the road for a bird.
  • Me as I make this post: I'm in too fucking deep
The Book of Teeth: The Teeth Creatures of Cody Vrosh
A book of weird smiley happiness featuring the Teeth Creatures of illustrator Cody Vrosh.

It’s alive! The Book of Teeth is now live on Kickstarter! Original rewards are one of a kind, pledge early if you want your very own Teeth Creature!