cody z

Incorrect Dragon Ball Z Quotes #40

Vegeta: (turns to Bulma)

Bulma: It doesn’t get any deeper than that. Good news is, nut girl would probably root for you unlike me.

Vegeta: Oh yeah? Well I don’t need the support of some tree hugger.

Bulma: If you have it your way there won’t be any trees left to hug.

Vegeta: Next you’re going to blame the oil companies for global warming.

Bulma: Yes, because they’re to blame!

Vegeta: Oh, cry me a river!

Bulma: If I did you’d pollute it!

Vegeta: You bleeding heart liberal!

Bulma: Establishment puppet!

Vegeta: Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?

Bulma: I’m surprised that someone as smart as you would have to ask! (kisses Vegeta)

Android 18: (turns to 17) Wow, didn’t see that coming.

Bulma: (lets go) I hate you!

Vegeta: I hate you more! (kisses Bulma again)

Android 17: I wonder what they would do if they liked each other.

Hope That this inspired you