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Theo Raeken - (NSFW - headcanon)

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A = Aftercare

Theo is proud and sometimes cocky after. although he loves to cuddle.

B = Body Part

Theo loves his chest area and biceps, one of the reasons when he works out at the gym he focuses on those mainly. Theo loves your waist/hips, to have your hand’s on your hips 24/7, or have his arms wrapped your waist. he can also easily pull your to him.

C = Cum

When you guys don't use condoms he pulls out and cums on your lower stomach. he does use a wet wash cloth and clean you up when he does that.

D =Dirty Secret

He would love to see how much you would let him do with you in front of the pack ( Scott’s pack ) .

E = Experience

Theo had none, he was usually too busy doing the dread doctors doing. But it didn’t take long for him to learn your body and what it reacts to ;) .

F = Favorite Position

Because even though your on top he has complete control.

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G = Goofy

He can be cocky and joke around sometimes. Usually he’s just trying to show you how much he loves you and to make you cum hard ;) .

H = Hair

He doesn’t really have anything down there he grooms well.

I = Intimacy

Theo is, very in the moment. When it comes to you he’s very inmate, you see a different side of Theo.

J = Jack Off

If you guy’s have to leave each other for a long time then he will to picture’s of you that he take’s when your not looking smiling or not.

K = Kink

Some bondage not all, in front of mirrors, probably more… 

L = Location

He prefers bedroom well anywhere in yours or his place ( NOT parents room ).

M = Motivation

You being seductive, sitting on his lap and sucking/kissing his neck.

N = No

He would never do anything to intentionally hurt you, you the only thing he really cares about.

O = Oral

He love’s the way taste and grab his hair when he give’s you oral, his mouth and fingers are skilled. When you give him oral he cant help but watch.

P = Pace

Theo goes slow till you both are close then it gets rough and fast.

Q = Quickie

Theo likes to tease you and have his time to do so. Quickies aren’t often.

R = Risk

Theo will experiment as long as your ok with it and you both know you safe word.

S = Stamina

Theo depending on how turned on he can go 2-4 rounds.

T = Toy

You both own a box of toys, most are used on you.

U = Unfair

Theo is a constant tease, school, pack meetings, in public.

V = Volume

Theo groan A LOT, moaning when he isn’t groaning.

W = WildCard

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X = X-Ray

Prefect, big but not to big, feels amazing ;)

Y = Yearning

Theo’s is pretty high.


About 30 mins after you, he stroke’s your hair admiring you.


You really should watch The Last Time I Saw Richard if you haven’t already… preferably at night before you go to bed, haha. Jonah and Richard and their circumstance remind me of Trevor and Zach of Poppy Z. Brite’s Drawing Blood, which makes me (a) sad that it hasn’t been made into a movie yet and (b) sad that The Last Time is only a short film, because it’s really fucking good.

[ The Last Time I Saw Richard ]

Incorrect Dragon Ball Z Quotes #40

Vegeta: (turns to Bulma)

Bulma: It doesn’t get any deeper than that. Good news is, nut girl would probably root for you unlike me.

Vegeta: Oh yeah? Well I don’t need the support of some tree hugger.

Bulma: If you have it your way there won’t be any trees left to hug.

Vegeta: Next you’re going to blame the oil companies for global warming.

Bulma: Yes, because they’re to blame!

Vegeta: Oh, cry me a river!

Bulma: If I did you’d pollute it!

Vegeta: You bleeding heart liberal!

Bulma: Establishment puppet!

Vegeta: Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?

Bulma: I’m surprised that someone as smart as you would have to ask! (kisses Vegeta)

Android 18: (turns to 17) Wow, didn’t see that coming.

Bulma: (lets go) I hate you!

Vegeta: I hate you more! (kisses Bulma again)

Android 17: I wonder what they would do if they liked each other.

updated endless scrolling post

in a nutshell: cody sherman’s blog was deleted along with his infinite scrolling script, which most theme makers were using to add infinite scrolling to their themes. any tumblr themes using the cody sherman infinite scrolling script will no longer work.

solution: here is my extremely simple tutorial for how to re-add infinite scrolling to your blog.

issue #1: an endless scrolling advertisement keeps popping up on my blog??
this has been fixed.

issue #2: it’s not working in chrome??
this has also been fixed. it’s been tested to work in chrome, firefox, safari, and IE.

so lets review….

- all the houseguests and even some family members can see something is there and have commented on it numerous times (even without any knowledge of how the outside world views their relationship) even julie chen called it a SHOWMANCE
- zach only looks at frankie when hes speaking to a room full of people (and usually only asks frankie questions or cares about his response)
- zach constantly asks frankie about his life and family, the others too, but mostly frankie
- zachs extremely curious about gay sex and the gay lifestyle, often asking frankie numerous questions about it. hell even bring up gay sex randomly in conversations, stunning some of the hgs around him
- zach cried for frankie when he found out his grandfather died (but did not cry for derrick)
- zachs friend bet BEFORE zach went on the show that hed hook up with frankie
- zachs own mom isnt sure if hes bi or not and even admitted she wasnt sure of their relationship and what it meant
- zach followed frankie around the house and often asked where he was or what he was doing
- the “when there are no cameras around, i know how you feel” (frankie has to feel like theres some vibe coming from zach in order to say that- he often had conversations with others saying he felt zach was curious or would come out)
- zach accidently refers to he and frankie as a couple randomly (like when frankie brought up all stars and zach said ‘couples edition?’)
- pre interview he denied having had a boyfriend but didnt react strangely to the question, even said hed flirt with anyone in the game, girls and guys
- hasnt had a gf since he was 16 and stories hes told in the house often make it seem like hes disinterested in women
- zach uses love and in love interchangeably with frankie (and only frankie)
- zach thinks gay sex sounds exciting
- z often asked for frankies approval and opinions concerning almost everything he did in the house (from what he wore to what he said to who he talked to etc)
- z asked frankie if it made him gay for being in love with a gay man
- zach often say things he thinks only frankie will hear/quiet enough for only frankies ears
- zach literally waited up all night for frankie so they could go to bed
- did numerous things for frankie like, did dishes with him, got him water, made him a sandwich etc that he never did for anyone else in the house
- the numerous 'if i were gay comments’
- z 'jokingly’ told vic he was bi, said he was 47% gay, said hed make out with guys etc etc on numerous occasions
- told frankie he liked when frankie tried turning him gay
- let frankie kiss numerous parts of his body including his neck, his cheek, his head, his knee, his chest, his nipple, his hands etc… let frankie grope him (including rubbing his ass and inside his front pocket) let frankie cuddle with him, let frankie hold his hand, let frankie imitate sex with him and grind on him (sometimes zach even initiated these instances)
- after sleeping in bed with frankie, woke up with a boner and apparently had a wet dream
- told frankie they could talk when 'cams arent around’
- once z just sat in the hoh and stared at frankies photos for like 5 minutes
- when he found out frankie was going against him in the game he cried, threw a fit, complained to everyone, refused to talk to the dr, yelled at frankie, and slept all day (clear signs of heartbreak) also, he never reacted this way to anyone elses betrayal.
-claims he hates cuddling and refused to cuddle with any of the girls but cuddled with frankie
- zach massaged him to sleep numerous times, often waiting til the lights were off so no one could see. (claimed it helped him fall asleep) and even stroked frankies arm for ten minutes one night.
- both f and z said numerous times they were each others best friends in the house and z said frankie was the closest person to him.
-zach imitated frankie on numerous occasions (similar clothing, hair, way of speaking etc) which shows how much he admired him
- called frankie his “boyfriend” on the show
- constantly complimented frankie, saying frankie was the funniest, smartest person hes EVER met in his life
- constantly told everyone how much he loved frankie and never talked bad about him (until he was hurt) wheres as, he talked crap about almost everyone else constantly
- told frankie EVERY single thing about his game and even had a final 2 del with him that was formed on like, day 2
- literally after 2 minutes of frankie being gone zach said he missed him
- they told each other how that they loved each other constantly and hugged and kissed more times the. you can even count
- z told frankie numerous times hed marry him/have sex with him, frankie told jeff he wanted to marry zach and would be with zach if zach came out.
- z told cody and britt on day 2 that he wanted to fuck frankie, christine also claimed that zach constantly said he wanted to have sex with frankie
- zach said it felt like frankie cheated on him and referred to frankie as his 'gf’ and 'wife’ numerous times
- frankie admitted to the cams he was in love with zach and then later basically admitted that same thing to jeff (saying his heart only beat for zach and zach was his rock)
- z uses a lot of dirty language around frankie only, even when they were in a fight (for ex telling frankie that frankie fucked him, that he should just get on his knees and suck frankies dick etc)
- frankie admitted to being unhappy in the house without zach, he held onto a pillow that smelled like zach and slept constantly,… his face lit up after hearing zachs holla
- frankie told zach and other interviewers that the person he wanted to see the most in jury was zach and was even gonna wear his 'team zach’ shirt
- frankie numerous times said zach reminded him of his ex and compared him to the other guys in the house (stating that zach was his type and he was attracted to zach more than the others)
- they wore each others clothes on numerous occasions and often matched
- they talked about moving in together (again z claimed hed turn gay) and trips they wanted to take together and meeting each others families etc etc….


how exactly are zankie fans delusional?

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