cody x sierra


Okay, you know what? Today is terrible. I hate today. You know why? Because you’re not bugging me, invading my personal space, touching my things, smelling my hair. All annoying. But you know what? You do it all with a certain enthusiasm that I’ve gotten used to. But what I’m not used to is all this crying and moping. I want things back the way they were before. 

imo one of the best things about coderra’s relationship is that as sierra’s obsession with cody progressed so did his dislike for her 

at the beginning of the season he mostly just thought she was weird but as the show went on her actions grew more and more invasive and cody became more and more repulsed by her until they finally peaked and she started backing off

only THEN did they make steps towards an actual healthy friendship - cody didn’t give her the time of day until she started treating him like a normal human being and as time passed they steadily became more understanding of each other until cody literally was comfortable enough in the relationship to be able to refer to sierra as his “best friend" 

she genuinely cares about him and when she stopped idolizing him so much and invading his personal space he was able to see her as the true friend that she truly was and in turn he started to genuinely care about her - he even lost his chance at being in the final two because he was completely distracted by the thought of her being hurt 

they became friends when they took the time to figure each other out and idk i just think that’s a really nice message!!!! you can’t be disrespectful of someone’s boundaries and expect them to just fall in love with you or get used to it - people aren’t going to like you until you show them respect