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Brother, this is our long goodbye.
we walked till the Sun turned cold,
stood on that black dawn 
and sent a million boys back home.
now I know,
we’re forgotten, not forgiven
and when I say your name,
I say our long goodbye.

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34 with Chris? You're a great writer!

thank you! sorry for the delay x


34. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”

You and Chris had been friends for a while, but your friendship quickly switched from just talking about classes to flirting. You two were always constantly flirting in the hallways, which had led up to many people including your closest friends to think that you two were dating. The thing was that you weren’t, even though you wished you were.

It had started out as a little joke between you and Chris, but as time went on you realized that you were in fact falling for him. You were ashamed to admit it but you liked having his attention. You liked when he flirted with you, you always felt like you had butterflies in your stomach when talking to him. There was no denying that he was unbelievably hot and his personality was great. Underneath that ’bad boy who constantly hooks up with girls’ act was a sweet guy who just wanted to hang out with friends.

Chris didn’t seem to notice how nervous you’d get around him or how you’d start blushing when he came closer. You were pretty sure he was either blind or really dumb. It was hard for you to see him with other girls, which you felt really bad for since he wasn’t yours and your jealousy was ridiculous, but gosh did you wish that you could be one of those girls.

You had done everything humanly possible to stop you from falling for him, constantly telling yourself it was a little crush and it’ll pass sooner or later. You had given it time, only to notice your feelings had grown stronger. It was all so frustrating to you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him or stop talking to him.

That was how you had ended up at his place, sitting on the couch watching a movie. It was one of those little things you always did together, trashing on a movie and eating popcorn until early hours of the morning.

Chris had the privilege to pick the movie this time, since last time you had decided. It took him a good ten minutes to pick, but when he was done he sat next to you flashing a little smile making your heart skip a beat.

The movie wasn’t really your thing and you had a hard time to concentrate on it when all you could do was stare at Chris, watch his expression change as the movie went on. Your gaze was quickly fixated on his lips, which by the way looked extra soft and plump today.

You shook your head as you tried to get your head clear, turning your attention back to the television only to lose interest once again. All you could think of was how his lips would feel against yours.

“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” you blurted out. This immediately caught Chris’ attention, his eyes drilling into yours. He looked confused and slightly shocked.

You felt sick in your stomach. This is it, this is how your friendship with him ended. You felt stupid.

”Wait, fuck, I didn’t mean it like that I just-” you were in the middle of your rushed explanation, when a soft pair of lips interrupted you. You relaxed a bit, shyly kissing back before you pulled away.

”What just happened?” You asked, your eyes wide.
”I like you so just shut up for a moment.” Chris said before once again kissing you. This time you felt a lot more relaxed, your lips molding together perfectly. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach had disappeared, now the only thing you could feel was happiness.

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How about the reactions of the republic ie senators Anakin and 212th when confederates stop fighting bc its obi wan! And then their stories of what he did as a padawan come out, even more glad it was obi wan as chancellor.

Senator Mandai is pleased, very pleased. Not so much for the numerous congratulations she’s received so far for her “ingenious” move to install Chancellor Kenobi. No, she is not pleased for her own sake.

Ten separatist worlds asking to rejoin the Republic.

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The Wolf and The Witch (P1)

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Word Count: 2148
Warning: FILTHY SMUT. IT’S LITERALLY JUST SMUT GALORE. Safe sex is a must kids!

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