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Hi Daniel, I have two questions: 1. You're pretty open about your anxiety regarding unusual social situations. Do you have any strategies for dealing with events where you know you'll be meeting a lot of people, like conventions or meetups? 2. Is there anything people can do to minimize your discomfort when they meet you in these situations? Is there something you wish people would do or would stop doing?


1. There’s really no completely bulletproof way to prepare for meeting a lot of people at conventions; even if you DON’T suffer from anxiety at all, it can be an exhausting and draining experience. You just do whatever you can to reduce stress in anticipation of the event. I did two panels at C2E2 which necessitated meeting a bunch of strangers after, shaking their hands, and trying to engage with them in as meaningful a way as possible in the limited amount of time we had together. In anticipation of the first panel, I took a Lyft to the event and sat in the back seat listening to musicals in my headphones. I do the same thing whenever I go to one of our live podcasts; I never drive, because I don’t want to be stressed about traffic or get frustrated by someone I think is a bad driver (literally anyone on the road who isn’t me). I put headphones in and say verbatim to every Lyft driver “Hey I’m going to be listening to a podcast back here, so if I don’t respond or anything, that’s why. Feel free to play whatever music you want, it won’t bother me.” This ensures that I won’t have to make small-talk with a stranger while on the drive to make small talk with lots of strangers. Even if the driver doesn’t believe that I’m listening to a podcast (I’m not), the message is still clear and delivered fairly inoffensively: I’m not available to chat right now, and it’s me, not you. I listen to musicals specifically because I like them and because they conjure up so many visuals in my imagination that it’s really easy to tune out the rest of the world and get lost in them, whether I’m imagining what the show looks like or imagining being one of the characters, singing and dancing like an asshole. Some people mediate, probably, but this is one of the things I choose to do. In the twenty minutes to an hour before I have to do a convention or live podcast or stand up, I’m free of responsibility and locked into a world that has nothing to do with any of those things.

For the other panel, I took a bike instead of a Lyft to the event. This is also helpful and common for me. Physical activity always makes my brain feel good and always helps me shut down my anxiety for a while. Immediately before any live event in front of people, you can probably see me jumping up and down or doing some high kicks or lunges or just generally pacing around. All of these things calm me down.

The MOST anxiety-reducing tool when it comes to these live events, though, is having my friends there. At this point I have a psychic link with my buddies, so if I’m feeling trapped in an uncomfortable conversation with a well-meaning stranger with questionable ideas on boundaries, all I need to do is make eye contact with Soren or Cody and if they’re free, they’ll come grab me and say some variation of “I’m so sorry to interrupt but I really need to take him away right now” (and I do the same for them). We don’t have a specific code word or hand signal or anything, we’ve just been doing this long enough that we can recognize an uncomfortable situation when we see one. So the short version is, if you know you’re walking into a situation that will be riddled with potentially uncomfortable moments, make sure you OD on things that make you comfortable in advance, and in my case that’s musicals, physical activity and supportive friends.

2. That’s very kind of you to ask! 99 percent of the people we meet at conventions or out in the world are very kind and polite and don’t cause tremendous amounts of anxiety. Chiefly I would just say, like, don’t just grab me? Or any of us? Whenever someone asks to take a picture with me, I will 9 out of 10 times say “I’m going to put my arm right on you now, okay?” I do this because it usually gets a slight laugh (the phrasing is intentionally awkward) and also to put it out there for anyone within earshot that it doesn’t take a lot of time or creativity to a) get consent and b) prepare someone for physical contact.

At C2E2, some giant fucking asshole wordlessly rushed Cody, wrapped an arm around him and took a picture with him and then stomped off like the dumb fucking goon sasquatch that he was. After Comikaze last year, someone grabbed my arm while walking down the street, blocks from the convention, to ask for a picture. Support is always great, and I understand excitement, but it still sucks to be suddenly grabbed. (By the way, I’m totally aware that this experience of sudden, unexpected physical contact that I and my coworkers experience once maybe every 7 months is a near constant occurrence for, like, all women everywhere in all circumstances. If you’re a person who sometimes gets excited and grabs internet comedy writers, stop doing that, but if you’re a man who sometimes gets excited and puts your hand on cute women in the street and at bars and parties and work and parks and stuff, that is a much BIGGER problem. If you’re the kind of person who grabs internet comedy writers AND women strangers out in the world, it would be great if you could stop BOTH of those things, but if you could only stop doing one, definitely make it be the “grabbing women I don’t know” one. That is a way more pressing concern.)

Regardless of all that though, if you meet me or one of us at a convention or whatever, you don’t need to focus TOO much on reducing our discomfort. You’re not walking into my home or climbing into our office; we came to this event because we wanted to perform for you, and part of that involves meeting you to thank you for reading our articles and watching our videos, because we don’t have jobs if you don’t do that. We know what we’re walking into, and we’re doing it on purpose.

 Cody Simpson lounged in the back of a dimly lit nightclub, slowly
sipping a drink while others danced in the center of the room. This
club was pretty good at keeping celeb’s out of the public eye, so it
was nice being able to relax. Suddenly a figure sat across from Cody,
looking closer it was Justin Bieber. “At least I was able to enjoy some
of my night” Cody thought to himself finishing his drink. “Cody hey,
mind if I take a seat?, ” Justin said laughing as he had already sat down. “Nice table you got here, lights nice and low, far away from everyone” Justin said looking around as Cody remained silent.”Yeah it’s great” Cody responded trying to sound polite. Now Cody didn’t hate Justin, it’s just he found him to be too full of himself and frankly it was annoying. “Got any plans tonight? or riding solo?” Justin asked, tapping his fingers on the table. “Just doing my own thing, if you don’t mind” Cody said hoping Justin would take the hint. “Cool, think I might hang for a bit” Justin said, Cody rolled his eyes knowing
Justin wouldn’t leave easily. A few minutes passed of awkward conversation and that’s when Cody got the idea. “Maybe a little “accident” may persuade him to leave” Cody thought slipping off his shoes, revealing black ankle socks. Cody had to had to be careful, if he gave to much away too fast Justin may catch on. Cody stretched his legs out until they gently touched the tips of Justin’s tan work boots. “So far so good” Cody thought as Justin didn’t seem to notice, Cody began slowly rubbing his feet on on Justin’s boots and ankles. “So Justin what brings you out tonight?” Cody asked hoping to distract him, “I..uh just wanted some time out ya know” Justin said not sure what to make of Cody rubbing his feet. Cody then began
sliding his socked feet up Justin’s legs, stopping to caress his legs then moving on. “Must be hard getting out, big stars like us always doing something” Cody continued as he emphasized certain words to make his point, “Yeah…yeah I know what you mean” Justin said still trying to maintain himself as Cody moved further up his legs.
Cody grinned to himself,  “This is too easy” he thought. “Sometimes I just wanna get out and stretch my legs, just kick off my shoes and relax, how about you Justin?” Cody asked coyly, Justin’s breathing had increased and he was shifting in his chair “Yeah…same” Justin said now losing his composure,Cody moved up fully and began playing with Justin’s crotch. His feet rubbing and pressing on Justin’s ever hardening cock, Justin
laughed slightly but Cody figured it was to cover up his moans. Cody
could feel a prominent bulge in Justin’s pants as his socked feet kept
working him over. “You ok Justin?, you look a little flush” Cody asked
sarcastically, “Yeah man..just kinda warm” Justin answered still trying to
play along. Suddenly two guys walked over to the table, “I knew it you are Justin Bieber!, sorry to bug you like this but can we have a picture?” the guy asked hopefully. “Yeah Justin that’s be cool of you” Cody said still rubbing Justin’s ever prominent bulge. Justin smiled slightly and said “Sure” he went to stand up but Cody’s feet kept him in place. “Well what if they came on either side of you?” Cody suggested, Justin groaned to himself as the two guys went on either side of him and took a few pictures, all the while Cody never stopped moving his feet. “Wow thanks a ton” the guy said leaving with his friend, “I’m going to get you for this” Justin said lowly, Cody simply grinned. Justin felt his orgasm draw closer, he desperately wanted to grab Cody’s feet to increase the speed but if he were to put his hands on Cody’s feet someone may take it that he’s jacking off, so his hands had to stay above the table. The music picked up and more people rushed to dance,
the loud song covering up Justin’s increasing moans, “Co..Cody I’m cumming” Justin whimpered as he felt his balls churn out shot after shot of cum into his boxer briefs. Cody felt Justin’s cock throb on his
soles and it was satisfying, he wished he could have seen it but at
least this will get him out of here. “Man Cody, you made me cum so much
it’s running down my thigh” Justin panted feeling
his cum overflow from his boxer briefs and slide down his leg. Cody moved to pull his legs back but Justin grabbed them, “Woah, gonna go without a thank you?” Justin grinned deviantly. “I..uh” Cody mumbled as Justin disappeared under the table in a flash. “This may have backfired” Cody thought to himself as he felt Justin massaging his feet.
Now that Justin was under the table, Cody couldn’t
leave even if he wanted to. Justin peeled off Cody’s socks and began licking his soles, his large tonuge rolling over the soles and sucking on his toes, causing Cody to squirm in his seat. As Justin drenched Cody’s soles with his tongue, he toed off his own boots, revealing black socks as well and moved them to Cody’s crotch. “Wait..stop” Cody said but Justin’s feet moved along his bulge without hesitation. Between Justin licking his feet and giving him a footjob he wasn’t going to last long. “Yeah let’s see how you like it” Justin thought to himself as he felt Cody push his feet closer to Justin’s face. Cody was trying his best to suppress his moans but all of this was just too hot, his cock was leaking like crazy. Justin worked like a pro, his
tongue working over Cody’s soles and his feet bringing him closer to orgasm. “Why is he so good at this?” Cody thought as he felt his cock throb and knew he was cumming, He felt his cum fill his briefs, coating his own cock in hot cum.
“Today was a bad day to wear black” Cody thought knowing his black briefs would be drenched white. Justin smiled widely as he got up on his side of the table as if nothing happened. “Sorry dropped my napkin” Justin said to a panting Cody. “Well it’s been fun Cody but I gotta run, hope to see ya later” Justin said winking and leaving the club. Cody bent over to put his socks back on and noticed that they weren’t his, they were Justin’s. After sliding Justin’s socks on and leaving the club in a hurry, he returned home. Later that night he got a text, Cody unlocked his phone to see a picture of Justin  wearing his socks and they were covered in cum, a message followed saying “Such a big mess, not sure how long they will stay black”. Cody laughed and sent a message back saying “Really? I recall you lending me a pair of white socks too”

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