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prompt #13, #14, #31 (Theo Raeken)

13.“you’re a surviror, it’s written all over your body.” 14.“I will love you unconditionally.” 31.“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt, and there’s a big difference. Requested by @aimee-a-teenwolf

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just a little warning it gets a little smutty so if you don’t like that I’m sorry lol I didn’t intend for it to be until I wrote it out.

"her conditional is terminal.” That was the last thing I heard before I died.

That’s right, I died. But I didn’t stay dead. I was brought back to life by Theo Raeken. He was working with Scott McCall trying to save me when the Dread Doctors killed me. I knew though that Theo had a more sinister plan in mind. I wasn’t as naïve or stupid as Corey, Hayden, Josh, and Tracy. Theo knew that too. Maybe that was why he treated me differently than the other four. He knew I was the stronger than them too. I was a werewolf coyote hybrid. There was always a tension between me and Theo. Almost as if it was a power struggle.

“y/n we need to talk.” Theo said opening his door and gesturing for me to come in his room.

I walked in slowly, keeping my eyes on him.

“yes master?” I said rolling my eyes causing Theo to smirk.

“I am your alpha you know that right?” He asked closing the door and standing in front of it so I was trapped in.

“my alpha? you’re not even a real werewolf. This isn’t even a real pack.” I scoffed.

“yes you’re alpha. You’re not a real werewolf either baby and I’m still stronger.” Theo said coming up to me and grabbing me by the neck, pressing me against the wall.

He let go of my neck and pressed me against the wall with his own body. I was struggling to get out of his grip.

“you drive me crazy, you know that?” Theo said bringing a hand to cup my cheek.

“welcome to my world.” I snapped back.

“I can see that there’s some unresolved tension here baby so lets resolve it right now shall we?”

Theo threw me on his bed and was on top of me within seconds. I didn’t know what I was doing exactly but I kissed him back. I didn’t protest either as Theo reached his hands up under my shirt and pulled it off.

“how does that feel?” Theo asked kissing under my bra and down my stomach.

I let out a moan putting my hands in his hair. I wanted him. I shouldn’t want him but I did. Theo unbuttoned my pants sliding them off.

“are you going to tell me why you’ve been protesting me?” Theo asked kissing along the top of my lace panties.

I was breathing heavily trying to control my moans.

“I don’t want to die again.” I admitted between breaths.

“you’re not going to die baby. You’re a survivor, it’s written all over your body.” Theo said unhooking my bra.

Theo put his lips back on mine kissing me slowly, teasing me. I reached my hands up putting them under his shirt. Theo grabbed my arms pinning them above my head.

“I’m not done talking baby.” Theo said kissing down my jawline to my neck.

I let a little growl growing frustrated at his teasing.

“why are you so angry all the time?” He asked using one of his hand that was pinning my arms down to take off his shirt.

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Theo looked like he was sculpted by gods.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I said struggling to get my arms free.

“we’re not talking about me baby.” Theo said letting go of my hands so they could roam his body.

“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt and there’s a big difference.” I said panting at how turned on I was.

“now why would you be hurt?” Theo asked standing up and taking off his shorts.

“I can’t read your mind but I know you don’t care about us.” I said grabbing his hand and bringing his lips back down to mine.

“that’s where you’re wrong baby. Them I don’t care about, but you, you have something I want.” Theo said taking off my panties now.

“and what’s that?” I asked smirking reaching my hands and slipping them in his boxers.

“you, I want you. I’ve tried to stay away, I’ve tried to fight these feelings but I can’t do it. You drive me crazy because I will love you unconditionally even though you test my patience.” Theo said slipping out of his boxers.

He hovered over me bringing his lips back on to mine. This was the night I lost my virginity to Theo Raeken.

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lol this totally went in a different direction than I thought it was going to. I’m sorry for this lol.

Stronger- Theo imagine- part 2

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Can you do a part two to stronger? Please it’s so good

A/N: I wasn’t intending on doing a part two so I’m sorry if it’s not very good xx enjoy!

Words: 1676

part one is here

“How am I going to do that?” you questioned. You had no clue where to begin even if you’d adapted to this new world remarkably fast.

“That’s what we’re going to figure out.” Theo mused. “First things first, you’re going to have to learn how the hide the wings.” He walked over so he was opposite you.  

“I don’t know how” you blushed. He smiled at you, his fingers reaching out to touch the feathers. Subconsciously you tensed your back, the wings fluttering in response to the contact. With admiration, Theo turned his attention back to your rosy cheeks.

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The Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd N’ Eddy, Destiny’s Child, Miley Lilly and Oliver, Raven Chelsea and Eddy, Zack Cody and Woody, Me Myself and I, pancakes bacon and eggs, Alex Justin and Max, Cory Topanga and Shawn, Sabrina Zelda and Hilda, Harry Hermione and Ron, Will Coco and Edwardo, Mickey Goofy and Donald, Riley Maya and Farkle, Pearl Amethyst and Garnet, and The Kanker Sisters are superior trios to Kim, Kendall, and Kylie.

I can't be friends either (Liam Dunbar) PART ONE

“I can’t be friends because I want to be so much more than that.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. Liam had admitted he loved me and what did I do? I panicked and ran. I had been avoiding Liam trying to wrap my head around what was happening. Did I love Liam? I know I cared about him a lot. I was only sixteen, I didn’t even know what love really meant yet. The boys had lacrosse practice today. I had to go because Stiles was my brother and also my ride home. I sucked in a sharp breath knowing Liam would be there and I would have to face him eventually.

“why do you reek of anxiety?” I heard a voice say from behind me.

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Brett Talbot stood behind me in all of his arrogant glory.

“why are you here again?” I sassed back.

“coach asked me see how good you guys are this year, maybe we can beat you.” He said smirking and throwing an arm around my shoulder.

I quickly shrugged him off.

“you know normally Talbot I’d have the patience for your stupidity but not today.”

Brett laughed rolling his eyes.

“let me guess relationship drama?”

“I’m not in a relationship Brett.” I said looking down at my shoes.

“really? I thought you and Dunbar seemed pretty cozy together.” Brett said shrugging his shoulders.

“well we aren’t!” I snapped maybe a little too harshly.

“dang girl chill i’m sorry my mistake.” He said raising his hands defensively.

“he uh told me he loved me.”

I had no idea why I was telling Brett Talbot of all people my problems.

“don’t you love him back?” Brett asked suddenly sounding like a concerned friend.

“I don’t know.” I said dramatically throwing my head back.

We walked up the bleachers and sat down. I saw Liam coming out from the locker room dragging behind Scott and Stiles. He looked up meeting my eyes. He saw Brett sitting with me and immediately looked away.

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 I could see the hurt in his eyes and it killed me knowing I was causing it.

“well this is awkward. Hey Brett.” Mason said taking the other seat beside me.

“Brett invited himself to sit here.” I said looking back down to Liam, but he wouldn’t look at me.

I guess I don’t blame him. The more I thought about it, I realized I did like Liam in that way but I was scared. scared to love him and be hurt, scared to lose him, scared that he’d get tired of me after a while, just scared.

“earth to y/n!” Brett screamed in my ear.

“what!” I hissed back at him.

“somebody is flirting with your boy.” Brett said pointing down to the field.

I looked down seeing Hayden Romero. She had been giving Liam looks since she transferred here. She was beautiful and she played sports. She would be a better fit for Liam than me.

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“okay Brett that doesn’t mean anything.” I said rolling my eyes.

“sure looks like something to me, and hey on the plus side if you don’t like him he can always go for Hayden.” Brett said with a look that I wanted to smack right off his pretty boy face.

“you know what I don’t have time for this today.” I huffed skipping down the bleachers.

I walked in to the school sitting down in front of my locker. What was I feeling right now? Was it jealousy? I heard a thump coming from down the hall interrupting my thoughts. I walked down slowly taking a look at my surroundings. When you’ve been dealing with the supernatural you can never be too cautious. It was just Tracy Stewart standing at her locker. I noticed she was breathing heavily.

“tracy? are you okay?” I asked getting closer to her.

She turned around her eyes changing color and blood covering her face.

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“I guess not.” I said slowly backing away from her.

Tracy growled before totally morphing into a kanima. I started sprinting down the hall but it didn’t really matter. Tracy climbed the lockers and was running beside me. She jumped off blocking my path causing me to run into her. I fell backwards hitting my head off the floor. I could feel blood trickle from where I hit my head. Tracy leaned close to me raising her claws. I could see the venom dripping. I grabbed her arm trying to fight her off. She was about to swipe her claws at me when I heard a roar. Tracy was tackled off of me by Brett and Liam.

“guys don’t let her scratch you!” I screamed looking at the boys struggling with the kanima girl.

“why?” Brett screamed back.

Suddenly Tracy scratched Liam causing him to go down paralyzed.

“That’s why.” I said trying to get up.

I stumbled unsteady. Brett was struggling with Tracy. Tracy was about to scratch Brett when Scott came in roaring his alpha roar. Tracy stopped, looking at Scott before running off. I managed to get up and stumbled my way over to Liam.

“what is this? what happened? why can’t I move?” Liam said freaking out.

“hey it’s okay you’ll be fine in a few hours it’s kanima venom it paralyzes people.” I said running my hand through his hair, not that he felt it anyways.

Brett and Scott picked Liam up setting him in Stiles jeep.

“it was Tracy Stewart.” I told Scott looking at Liam’s handsome face.

“alright Brett and I are going to try and find Tracy, you stay here with Liam.” Scott said running off with Brett.

There was an awkward silence. I felt something drip on my shoulder. I realized I was still bleeding from where I hit my head.

“hey you should sit down.” Liam said noticing as well. 

I crawled in the back seat beside him.

“grab my hand, let me try to heal you.” Liam said looking at me with worried eyes.

“you need to focus on healing yourself, don’t worry about me Liam.” I said giving him a small smile.

“I can’t not worry about you, in fact that’s all I do. when you left practice I got worried. Why did you leave by the way?”

I was hoping he wouldn’t ask. Should I tell him that I was jealous? I could just lie and tell him that Brett was annoying me, which wasn’t totally a lie. I didn’t realize I had been quiet for a little until Liam spoke again.

“what’s wrong y/n? you can tell me.”

“I guess I might have a been a little jealous of Hayden flirting with you.” I sighed deciding to tell him the truth.

“why would you be jealous?” Liam said laughing a little bit.

“I guess I can’t be friends either.” I said looking him in the eyes and smiling.

He was smiling widely at this point.

“I swear as soon as I can move i’m going to give you the biggest hug.” Liam said laughing.

“tell me can you feel this?”

I leaned in and placed my lips on his. There was explosions as soon as my lips touched his. He kissed me back as if his life depended on it.

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I pulled away out of breathe.

“well I guess we aren’t friends anymore.” Liam said resting his forehead against mine.

“good because I want to be so much more than that.” I said kissing him again.

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The X Files/ COPS

That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

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Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana

Everybody Loves Raymond/The King of Queens

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it was kind of odd, being in the chimera pack. the dynamic was… off to say the least.

you were a bad ass were jaguar, but certain pack members (Tracy and Theo) coddled you like you were a flower.

“i just dont get it.” you sighed, sitting next to Corey, “its like they think i cant handle myself or something.”

“no. they’re just in love with you.” Corey stated absentmindedly. then he froze, slowly looking at you, “forget i said that. god. Theo is going to kill me… if Tracy doesnt get to me first.”


requested by anon <3

it was specified to be for a bi girl but i think it can be read by pan people as well. i dunno. im going to add some sexuality terms to the tags and maybe it will help people navigate.

hope i get more like this in the future! love you guys <3 <3 <3

I am pretty sure there should be spin off related to the chimera pack and their background and they are all alive and we’d get to see their families but also their struggles and friendship and relationships and we need this