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Ten Characters I would Kiss

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Ten characters I would kiss:

1.) Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)

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2.) Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds)

3.) Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn)

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4.) Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

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5.) Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn)

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6.) Pope Cody (Ben Mendelsohn)

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7.) Jon Snow (Kit Harrington)

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8.) Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)

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9.) Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)

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10.) Payne (Ben Mendelsohn)

Villains & Anti-Heroes, Queens & Kings….go big or go home😉💋💦

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I wanna know who’d y'all would kiss!


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Our Strange Family

I was bored and i wanted to do stuff. So here is a continuation of a previous post I made about Baz and Simon adopting children that you can find here. Let me know what u think! (BTW i can’t wait for xmas and its still so far away but this is gonna be a little xmas-y)


You know? Living at the Snow-Pitch household was one of the best blessings that Cherry and Cody ever got. You never really lived until you saw the love and affection given by Simon and Baz Snow-Pitch. After everything, it was nice to spend days like these in their small apartment in London.

Cody was at the piano, playing Christmas carols that Simon, Cherry, and occasionally Baz would sing along to. Everyone was bundled up in oversized Christmas sweaters with a mug of hot chocolate in their hands. Cherry was leaning against Cody, slowly drifting off into sleep on the piano bench. Simon and Baz copied their position on the couch, Simon feeling the scratchy surface of Baz’s sweater against his cheek. They admired the twins and their many talents. 

The sweaters where Cherry’s doing. Simon was attempting (and failing) to knit some scarves for everyone as the cold weather approached. Cherry begged Simon to teach her and he happily obliged, and soon she was making the family’s winter garments. Sometimes she would paint as well. Beautiful sunsets. Boys with wings. Happy families. Swirls of magic. Each and every picture was neatly framed and hung on the wall, causing Cherry to blush at how overly dramatic her adoptive parents are.

“This isn’t even one of my nicer pieces,” Cherry would protest as Simon paid the cashier for the elegant frame.

“Nonsense. This is one of the best yet! You can really see the love you have for this boy…” Simon said.

“Shut up dad!” But it was true. The portrait was of one of the boys in her grade. He had dark skin like chocolate and beetle black eyes and was the handsomest person she has ever seen. He came over one day to work on a science project (Simon would not stop wiggling his eyebrows at them and Baz practically scared the poor boy with the looks he was throwing). It was true, Cherry had a small crush on him. She asked him if he’d let her sketch him, maybe even paint him, and he happily obliged with his charming smile. Simon and Baz never forgot his face and always remembered his name. Wilson. Wilson Rogers, to be exact. 

Simon always pestered Cherry about Wilson. He always asked for every detail up until the point it was embarrassing. After Baz, Simon turned into a hopeless romantic. Baz approved of Wilson, saying that he was actually a decent guy. And almost, almost as handsome as Simon. They practically burst with joy when he asked Cherry out. 

Not only was Cherry exceptionally amazing, but Cody was amazing in a completely different way. Cody was born with musical talent in his bones. It seemed as if every instrument he touched bended to his will and made the most lovely sounds. He had some previous experience with the piano and blew Simon and Baz away when he messed around with the one on display at a music store. 

They where going to get Baz’s violin repaired because a huge crack appeared on the surface. Simon says it was the children, but they all knew Simon clumsily knocked it over with his wings. Cherry and Cody wandered around the store as Simon and Baz talked to the worker about fixing Baz’s prized possession. Cody found himself drifting over to the pianos. He pressed his fingers to the keys and a sharp note cut the air. Soon, a melody rang out.

He remembered the times he auditioned for talent shows and sat on the stage, a bundle of nerves and anxiety. His hands would shake as he reached for the keys. He looked at the audience. This was one of those days he felt particularly down as his parents looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Cherry flashed him a smile and a thumbs up. It gave him the confidence he needed and he played his piece, forgeting about his parents and the conversations he overheard late at night about them throwing him out and forgeting he ever existed. 

He won first place that night. It was partially due to his sister pushing him to do things he never did before, but also his sheer determination to show his parents that he was worth something. That somebody cared. 

That night, one of the boys in the audience came up to congratulate him. The boy had a large, dopey, yet charming, smile. His brown, chestnut colored eyes lit up like a rainbow and his golden curls sparkled. He maneuvered himself so he was walking beside Cody, standing like they have been buddies for ages. 

“You did amazing out there,” the boy said.

“Oh it was nothing. It was just a small piece I’ve been working on….”

“A small piece? That was beautiful. It had all kinds of different rhythms and tempos and the notes where so fast… It’s really quite impressive,” the boy said with a satisfactory nod. 

“You sound as if you play…” Cody says, trailing off.

“Oh no. I’d never even thought about trying the piano. Although you make me want to. No, I play the cello,” the boy said with that grin. Something about this boy seemed so friendly and welcoming. Cody liked it.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never met someone who took up a string instrument.”

“Not many people do,” he said with a shrug. “Although, I’m not very good, mind you. I sound like a dying cat.”

“I don’t believe a word of that,” Cody said, eyeing his long slender fingers. They where the fingers of a musician, much like his own. 

“Maybe I should play for you one time, then?” the boy said. 

“Maybe we could play together some time. I heard that the cello sounds lovely with the piano,” Cody says, challenging him. 

“You’re on!” The boy turned to leave, but before he could, Cody grabbed his arm.

“I never caught your name. What was it?” 

“John,” the boy said with a smile, and then left. The boy, it turns out, did not go to his school. Cody never saw John again and he never got to hear him play cello. That turned out to be the least of his worries when his parents kicked him and Cherry out. They found their way to an orphanage. Then, Simon and Baz came in and changed his life forever. 

When he got to school, the first person he saw when he walked into the room was John. John. John was there, his long legs spread out in front of him, a cup of coffee on his desk. Cody wondered if John forgot about that night as he stared into his eyes. Then, John winked at him.

Cody got what John promised. He heard John play. His fingers danced across the strings just like Baz’s do on the violin. Except this time the pitch was lower and the strokes less graceful. John tapped his foot, not really to the beat of the song, but more of to the beat of his own racing heart. 

Cody fell in love with the cello. He loved the deep tones and the fingers that danced across strings. He loved watching the bow glide across them and soon every string instrument reminded him of Baz and John. Soon the desire overwhelmed him. He asked John if he could teach him how to play cello in exchange for piano lessons. John happily obliged, seeing how he didn’t have to ask Cody first.

So they taught each other the basics, going over where to put your fingers on the cello’s neck and what hand did what on the piano. They both formed a strong bond together. A bond that Cody hoped ran a little deeper than friendship. 

It happened when John was at the Snow-Pitch household, having a sleepover there. Baz kept looking between the two, a knowing smirk spreading across his lips. He knew the expressions on the boys faces. They where much like his own when he was hopelessly in love with Simon. The two boys where in love, yet too blind to see it. It’s like when you look at a painting. If you’re too close, you don’t see the beauty shining through. But when you step back, you see a masterpiece. This is what Baz saw. 

Baz pulled John back after dinner and did the most embarrassing dad thing ever. He encouraged him. 

“You two need to stop fooling around,” Baz said bluntly.

“Um… Sorry?” John said.

“I see it in your eyes. You love him, don’t you.”

“I’m sorry what–”

“Don’t play that game. You like Cody and he likes you. Stop avoiding it.” A look of shock passes over John’s face, and then a look of fear. 

“Y-y-y-y-you aren’t going to h-h-h-hurt me a-a-are you?” he says. Baz seemed like the dad that would slap anyone who admitted they had a crush on one of his kids. Instead he just laughed. 

“No. I want you to do it. Make him happy for once.” And Baz smiled one of his (no-longer-so-rare) smiles. The boy looked relieved and went to join his friend. 5 minutes into talking about feelings, and John pecked Cody on the lips, causing Cherry to spaz with joy for her brother. That’s how Cody fell in love. Falling through Minuets. 

For once, both of them felt like they where accepted more than they ever where before. Technically speaking, it was less about Simon and Baz accepting them and them accepting Simon and Baz. They never knew magic existed and now their adoptive parents are/where wizards and one is half dragon, the other is a vampire. A pretty hard thing to get used to, full of a lot of questions and demonstrations, but soon they all came to love their strange family. 

Simon loved hearing Baz and Cody play duets together with smiles on their faces. Baz watched Simon and Cherry get artistic and create beautiful pictures all over the house. They even painted the stars in Simon and Baz’s room. Are a really good representation of them too. It felt as if Baz was there again that night him and SImon saw the stars with magic. Maybe that was Simon’s intention when Baz got home from work on his birthday too see their room covered in blue, black, and white paint, colors coating both Simon and Cherry’s hands. He grinned just looking back at his blushing husband trying to stammer out an explanation. Baz ended up just kissing him, which made Simon melt.

Now, Simon clutched the fabric of Baz’s sweater tight and looked at the teens in front of them. 

“I’m glad we got to do this together,” Simon says.


“Raise children.”

“We’ve hardly raised them. We’ve only been with them for two years.”

“Yet it seems like they’ve grown so much.”

“Yeah. I’m glad though. There is nobody I’d rather have a family with,” Baz says, kissing Simon on the lips. They become more passionate with each passing moment. Cherry looks back at them.

“Ew dads. Can you try not to be so romantic?” Simon giggles.

“I thought you liked romance. With all those movies you watch.”

“Yeah, but you’re my parents. It’s weird.” 

“Whatever. I thought it was exactly like that vampire movie you watched.”


“What? I’m just saying I have my own handsome vampire.” And Simon kisses Baz again. They’re all happy. There is nothing else they could’ve asked for. 

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You can't leave Twinssuns of there!? What happened next!

His back is burning and its only the chains around his wrists that is keeping him up, strength long ago having left him between the whip ‘kissing’ his back and the choking Ventress has subjected him to.

But the fact that he can’t keep himself on his feet is adding so much strain to his lungs, arms and shoulders that his breath comes in wheezing waves. Yet Ben persists, has given her no answers to her questions as she lurked around him, switching between the whip that burns his back and the choke hold of the Force.

She’s going to change tactic soon, Ben knows it as he rests his head against his arm for a few moment, feeling the scratch of a growing beard against his skin.

He wants to shave it. He knows Cody likes it when he’s smooth faced and to be honest Ben does not want a beard.

Force his mind is swimming with the pain and he looks at Ventress when she stops in front of him, a smirk on her face. “Well little pretty Jedi?” She leered.

“…I’m on Rattatak, aren’t I?” He rasped in return, lips quirking when she jerked to in surprise. “Ah. Good to know.” He closed his eyes then gave a cry when she backhanded him, taken by surprise.

His face exploded with pain, healing bruises giving it all an extra edge.

“How do you even do that.” She hissed, grabbing him by the chin to jerk his face into position, glaring at him. “You don’t have the Force, its not precognition or a Force vision!”

Ben stared at her quietly for a few moments.

And then he opened his mouth again. “There’s going to come a time when you fail. But when you fail, Sidious will discard you and your master will have no choice. You get abandoned again… and you will look for revenge… and that will be your last act along with the nightsisters.”

The two stared at each other, Ventress pale eyes slowly growing wider and wider for each word before narrowing.

Ben knew the outcome before she dropped his chin, the matching bloom of pain crossing his other cheek and he could taste blood in his mouth.

“Liar.” She hissed, fear coating her words.

Swallowing iron and saliva, Ben wondered how pretty he’d be by the end of this. He hoped Cody wouldn’t mind the scars…


“Rattatak?” Anakin frowned at the brown and red planet they were approaching before looking at their informant on the holo disk. “You’re sure.”

“Yes master Jedi. Asajj Ventress was positively gleeful in her report, Yan Dooku gave your brother over to her to…encourage any secrets he knew to be voiced.” The robed creature offered though Anakin was pretty sure it was a human of some kind. The voice modulator and hood however kept any defining features from being exposed. “If my guess is correct, you will find him in castle Ventress.”

“She has a castle…great.” Anakin groaned.

“Its her main base of operation. The people of Rattatak worship her for building it ontop the rubble of war. Be careful master Jedi.” The holo cut out and Anakin gritted his teeth before looking over at Jocasta and Qui-Gon, both master’s having followed the conversation quietly. “Now what?”

“No we get down to the planet and search for Ben.” Qui-Gon rumbled.

“Can you feel him?” Jocasta questioned quietly.

Anakin’s leg gave a little jump and then he focused back on the planet. “I feel pain.” He offered darkly.

“…We’ll take a shuttle down, whatever else, we need to be discreet and not alert Ventress to our presence until we know where Ben is and can extract him.” Qui-Gon rumbled. “It means only a small team.”

He could feel more then he saw the vods tense up around them, knowing that the word small team meant that not everyone could go rescue Ben.

And the vods did so adore Ben.

“Sirs…” Captain Rex started slowly.

“I’m sorry Rex but only a small team. This will be a stealth mission, a direct assault will not save Knight Skywalker.” Qui-Gon continued. “We have a shuttle in the bay that is of a smuggler variety that will bring us down. It means we will have to go in disguise.” A reluctant smile quirked Qui-Gon’s lips. “Been a while since I pretended to be a smuggler.”

“I’ll be captain.” Jocasta said firmly and went to get ready while Qui-Gon turned to Anakin.

“A small team, make your pick wisely Anakin.. The shuttle takes an eight man crew. We need one spot for Ben, so four troopers.”

Anakin nodded sharply and turned back to Rex.

“Cody and Snow would kill me if I didn’t go. And we should bring Kix.” The captain offered.

“…We need Kix.” Anakin agreed quietly.


They really did need Kix.

Ben was pale s a ghost, every freckle on his face standing out as he hung limp in the chains that held his hands over his head. Anakin hurried to his brother, taking in the blood that coated Ben’s tunic and down his leggings. “Ben…” He whispered cupping the others bloody chin and tapping his cheek to try and wake him.

No reaction except for shallow breathing.

Kix, who had gone around the back, hissed sharply at the bloody mess that was the Jedi’s back. “I don’t think I can treat that here. We need to get him up to the Resolute.” He pulled out several bandages. “Best I can do is give him a shot of antibiotics and painkillers and steam the bleeding with bandages for now.” He set to work, hands working quickly as the rest of the group kept an eye on the hallway in case guards or Ventress came to check.

“Come on Ben…please.” Anakin whispered.

Still no reaction.

It would not be the first time Anakin had carried Ben but never this injured. He looked to Rex to have the man help him get the other Jedi lose from the chains, capturing Ben against his body. Jocasta took a moment to stroke the redheads cheek before they were off, moving quietly through the halls of Ventress domain.

Of course no plan can go exactly as planned.

“Well well well, I knew there were rats on the planet, I had no idea they were in my walls.” Ventress smirked at them from the end of the hall, flanked by magna guards. “And isn’t it Skywalker the older duo. Perhaps I can add your eye this time to my collection of your brothers teeth?” She swished her blades.

Anakin’s blood boiled at the implication.

“Anakin…stay with Ben.” Qui-Gon said quietly, pulling his own lightsaber of the belt of his smuggler disguise. “Hello sister padawan.”

“Qui-Gon Jinn…well then this is going to be fun.” She laughed only to yelp when Jocasta pounced, Ben’s master lightsaber meeting the sith’s furiously.

Jocasta Nu was not a happy Jedi.

sailorcrazypinklady  asked:

Ok, so TwinSuns Ben is taken, NOW WHAT?!? How does Anakin take this, do the reporters get wind of "the bruised little Jedi being kiddnapped" how does Madam Nu take it? And Cody? I need answeres!!!! So many answeres!!

Pressing into Padme’s hand, Anakin couldn’t resist the smile lurking on his lips when she teased his hair and tickled behind his ear. “I should go back to the temple.” He mused. “Ben must be missing me by now.” He hummed.

Padme gave a soft laugh. “I think he knows where you are dear.” She teased lightly. “Beside, while you’re here, you could call your mother and bring back some news to Ben from here.” She gestured with her free hand to the comms.

“Well you got a point there loveliest of ladies.” Anakin grinned up at her before he reached up to stroke her face, musing. “…Ben is going to leave the Order when the war is done.” He sighed, watching her.

“Because of Cody, yes you mentioned that.” She hummed.

“Yes well…I’m wondering…if I should do the same.” He stared at her. “I don’t need to be a Jedi. I need you.” He confided.

“Do you?” She challenged gently, smiling down at him. “Anakin…I adore you but you need to think about something like this seriously. Its not like we’re married.” She teased a fingertip over his nose. “No Anakin.” She pressed a finger to his lips when he tried to speak. “Please, I know that Ben has set his path but you need to consider it properly. Ben can see the future, Ben is strong and willful and wonderful. And he can make his life as he wants and find ways to help and if he comes to Naboo with Commander Cody then he’ll be welcomed just like his mother was. But you need to consider if the husband of a Senator is what you want out of life.” She whispered before leaning down and kissing him softly on the forehead.

The dark clothed Jedi might have responded to that if his comm had not chosen that moment to ping out and call for attention, Anakin sitting up with a sigh to answer it even as he churned over the words Padme had given him.

“Skywalker here.” He answered.

“Anakin! Ben is gone.” Jocasta voice came back, a flurry of other voices in the background of where she was. “Someones taken him.”

Ice layered itself into his stomach at her voice and the clear worry in her tone.

Ben was gone.


Quietly watching the man pace, Ben ignored the darkness behind him as Ventress was only there as a guard, watching in what Ben would guess was a mix of amusement and curiosity.

“My master wants you dead.” Dooku finally settled on, the Sith stopping in front of the Jedi to cup his chin and tilt his face up. “You’re a liability to his plans.” He drawled.

Ben blinked at the former master of Qui-Gon and padawan to Yoda.

The count growled a bit and let go. “Yet you are Jocasta’s padawan. She’s an old friend.” He went back to pacing.

Ben tilted his head again before shifting, settling his cuffed hands in his lap. “Master used to speak of you rather fondly.”

Dooku gave a deep snort and continued pacing.

“…If Sidious wants me dead, I should already be dead. But you haven’t, so you have reserves and I’m not sure why though I’d rather not leave the Galaxy yet.” Ben finally settled on, watching the count freeze at the uttered name and Ventress tense up behind him.

“…And there’s that uncanny knowledge.” Dooku murmured, facing Ben again while rubbing his chin, a motion so familiar to Ben because Qui-Gon did it too.

Shrugging a bit, Ben looked down at his white and silver hand, focusing on the joints of it since Anakin had fixed his hand with such care. “…I’d rather you not take my hand if you please, Anakin worked hard on it and its not really any stronger then the rest of my body, more durable but not stronger. I rather prefer having two hands.”

Dooku gave a deep growl. “And once again. Its not visions, you are cut off from the Force.”

The collar around Ben’s neck itched at that but Ben showed none of his discomfort on his face despite bruises along his back aching from when Ventress slammed him to the wall.

“I’m sure you could always martyr me, I’d rather you didn’t. Even if my death would grant the Order a boon with the public.” The redhead continued quietly. “I have things to live for you see.” He smiled slightly.

“A boo-”

“After the last war reel segment, my face got plastered all over the Republic.” Ben gave a little shrug. “Apparently seeing Jedi be broken was a case for…sympathy. That we’re just as human as the public.”

The count stared at him for a while before yellow eyes narrowed and he looked behind Ben. “As a Jedi knight…he’s bound to have information…I want you to find out what he knows Ventress…and if you can discover the knowledge to his skill there will be a reward for you.” He drawled.

Ben felt ice itch along his spine even as Ventress gave an amused little clucking with her tongue. “Of course Master.”

Her hand closed around the back of his neck, her grip tight.


Mid sentence, Anakin froze as his blue eyes went glassy, pain itching down his spine to his left knee, only a phantom of an emotion.

“Anakin?” A broad hand closed around his shoulder and the knight shook himself before looking around the room, Qui-Gon’s brows furrowed as he looked at his former padawan.

“I…for a moment there I…” The blond shook himself. “I could have sworn…”

The pain repeated, this time lacing down his spine to his right knee. “Fuck…” He hissed. “Ben?” He whispered. “I think I can feel Ben…I think he’s in pain.”

“Twins amazing bonds can have, always bonded and close you two have been but never without the ability to communicate in time of need like now.” Yoda pointed out sagely, staring at him. “Pain you say?”

“Its like phantom brush, down my spine like a-” His words froze. “…Like whip…its like when I was whipped when I was younger.” He whispered, hearing his own horror at the implication.

Qui-Gon’s hand tightened on his shoulder.

“Sirs! I have the surveillance of the alley!” Commander Fox marched into the council room, his breath heavy and Anakin could spot an orange and purple painted trooper outside the room. ‘Cody and Snow.’ Anakin’s mind supplied even as the phantom brush of pain licked his spine again. The orange painted Commander seemed to be unable to keep still, shifting from foot to foot even as Fox booted up the vid for them to see.

Ben entering the alley, face curious, open in the holo,

And then…

“Ventress.” Anakin hissed as Ben was pinned to the wall after being blocked in.

“Which means the Separatists have him.” Mace finished grimly what everyone know what was thinking. Jocasta’s lips pinched tightly together.

“…We will have to tell the Senate.”

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Hi Cody, that's very nice of you to do, I was looking at your drawings and they're amazing!! i was wondering if you could draw jon and ygritte looking at each other when they are at the top of the wall. Maybe with purple as a main color idk, but you can choose what you think it suits better. and if it's too hard, can be an ygritte drawing, it could be from the "don't ever betray me" scene (s03e06). Thank you for doing this, I'm glad I found your blog.

Ah, this is so sweet, thank you! And I’m sorry you had to wait so long – I drew Jon and Ygritte and the lines looked fine, but as soon as I coloured Jon in he looked like Snape?? And I couldn’t really fix it? So I just have Ygritte here lmao:

This mix was a request ( “A playlist of songs to celebrate the end of the school year and to get ready for summer?” Hope you guys enjoy!

Listen Here: Free At Last.


This Wild Life // Vacationer

Latch // Disclosure, Sam Smith

Animal // Miike Snow

No Ceiling // Cody Simpson

Unextrodinary Man // Animal Heart

D-D-Dance // The Royal Concept

Take Me Home // Cash Cash, Bebe Rexha

Sea Salt // Sun Culture

A-Punk // Vampire Weekend

Empty Streets // Ghost Beach

Summer In Your Eyes // Kites And Komets

We All Want The Same Thing // Rixton