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5SOS: You cheat on him tweet

So it’s a tweet of a boy that you cheated with and your bf sees it. Does it make any sens? 


@someoneidkwho: What is happening right now? @[Y/T/N] and @BrooksBeau are kissing right now. What?

@Michael5SOS: The moment when your girlfriend is kissing with another Aussie dude. Freaking awesome!


@JaiBrooks1: @Luke_Brooks and @[Y/T/N] are having fun. I think maybe a little too much.

@Luke5SOS: Yeah whatever just kiss with every guy that haves a name Luke! 


@dylanobrien: @ColtonLHaynes and @[Y/T/N] playing truth or dare.

@ashton5sos:@dylanobrien @coltonlhaynes. @[Y/T/N] truth for Colton: how was it kissing my girlfriend?


@allisimpson: Fun at the beach with Cody & [Y/N]

@Calum5sos: @allisimpson you meant : Fun with the bitch ?