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How he kisses you preference

a/n: I haven’t done a preference in a while so I decided to do this, I might start doing some individual blurbs i’m not sure yet, please send in your ideas because i’m always in need of help.  These are not specific people I just picked out a bunch of random people I tend to do my imagines on ;))

How he kisses you

Shawn: Since he is so tall he has to squat, Shawn wraps his arms around your shoulders and gives you a warm kisses, which allows you to melt into him.

Dylan: One hand he places on you hip and the other he places my the side of your face and delicately rubs his thumb on your cheek, his kisses are light, short and sweet.

Ethan: Ethan mostly kisses your cheeks, since he is not very keen on PDA, when he leans his head on your shoulder he always seeks to chance to peck your cheek.

Grayson: Grayson is extremely clingy, but his kisses are always passionate, he would grab your waist and pull you close.

Cameron: Unexpectadly. He tends to kiss you when you least expect it since he thinks your so beautiful he can’t help himself.

Nick: He is really chill when he kisses you, he’ll look at you and gently with his graceful fingers turn your face and place a kiss on your lips with his cool lips.

Cody: He loves to kiss you when you smile, whenever you’re happy he can not resist kissing you becuase he is blessed with you everyday and he needs to cherish them moments.

anonymous asked:

Besides Robbie, who else do you think is cute or handsome?

Buckle up, it’s a wild ride we’re about to go on.

Dylan O’Brien

Tyler Posey

Jared Gilmore

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Grant Gustin

Cody Christian

Mateus Ward (we’re actually friends kind of)

Connor McDonough

Skyler Gisondo

Nick Robinson

But we all know Robbie is the cutest.

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