cody love

danny fenton, casper high’s resident space nerd, who’s never seen without his jacket and wears the same five shirts and jeans in rotation, always has a water bottle + gum with him, has been hanging out w/ the same two kids since second grade, and sometimes is seen diving around empty corners, and for all anyone knows has never brushed his hair a day in his life


“what if she just went for a walk?” Brett suggested.

“no body just ‘goes for a walk’ in Beacon Hills dumb ass.” Liam stated, looking around.

Brett sighed, “why did you call me to help find her?”

“because, as much as i hate to admit it, you care about her just as much as i do.” Liam answered.

“or more.” 

Liam scoffed, “pfff. dont make me laugh, i was being nice by saying you’re even level with me.”