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Clone Wars Headcanons
  • Kix has a knack for musicality; while he can’t write music, he’s good with tunes and learning quickly. 
  • Jesse is a fast learner in general, it’s what helped him make ARC trooper when he went for training.
  • While Jesse was naturally an okay shot, after  he met Fives, he trained a lot more and asked about what else would make him a good ARC candidate. Fives was happy to oblige. 
  • Jesse can write pretty well (piggybacking off Rae and Spica’s headcanon) and so he and Kix co-wrote one song together. Both often sang it to remind one of the other.
  • Cody and Rex take care of each other. They both work too hard and if one hasn’t gotten sleep, they’ll often force the other to go to bed.
  • Waxer and Boil make the best team to introduce the shinies to the 212th. They often play their good cop/bad cop dynamic to their advantage.
  • Rex is one of the least photogenic clones. He can’t maintain a relaxed posture and always looks dumb. However, he looks good in any candids, inexplicably.
  • Obi-Wan is the opposite. He looks good in most photos, but almost all candids of him turn out stupid-looking, to the delight of the 212th and Anakin.
  • Barriss and Anakin were the biggest shits to each other possible while training. Barriss learned form number 12 faster than Anakin? Practice it in front of him, constantly. Anakin learned a foot technique before Barriss? He constantly uses it, even when it’s impractical to do so. 
  • Kit Fisto appreciates his friendship with Plo Koon. Plo gives good advice and calms Kit. Plo appreciates it too; he likes how vibrant Kit is and how it gets him to come out of his shell. 
  • Cody will talk the ear off of anyone he knows well.
  • Cody has found Obi-Wan’s lost lightsaber so many times that Obi-Wan taught him how to use it. In return, Cody helped Obi-Wan become a better marksman (hence how he was so good in The Box)
  • Cody can also dance well.
  • Aayla and Bly have done a tango class together for when they had to go undercover.
  • Because Bly and Aayla are so close in age and a male/female pair, they get the most undercover assignments as a fake couple.
  • The two think it’s the funniest thing ever and have come up with a fake backstory and what they want to name their children. 
  • One time, Ahsoka got the bright idea to look up fanfic about herself on the Holonet. She passed the funnier ones onto Rex and Anakin, who proceeded to look themselves up. They were all horrified, but Rex and Anakin sent a message to Obi-Wan and Cody to do the same. 
  • The Wolfpack and Plo almost adopted a dog together until the Jedi Council caught wind of the idea. 
  • Had Droidbait not died, he probably would have been really good at improvisation, someone who grasps the situation differently and uses it to his advantage.

werkthatasdfl  asked:

Give me some HAPPY GOOD WHOLESOME codex


  • Rex loves to cuddle
    • So does Cody btw
  • Cody often pulls Rex into his arms when they’re alone, and sway gently like they’re dancing to slow music.
    • Rex is always embarrassed by it, but he loves it.
  • Rex once surprised Cody by waiting in his private quarters. Completely naked.
    • Cody walked in with Obi Wan, discussing reports.
    • Rex was so embarrassed he almost cried.
    • Obi Wan cried from laughter, though he tried so hard not to.
    • Cody spent that night comforting Rex and telling him he really appreciated that Rex was trying to surprise him.
  • Cody played the guitar to Rex once.
  • Rex has played the Mandalorian flute for Cody’s birthday before.
    • Rex has also given Cody a lap dance for his birthday.
    • it was in the middle of a bar
    • they got their drinks for free the whole night.
    • if only because people kept buying them for them
  • Cody likes to grab Rex’s butt.
    • Rex is really glad for the armor when Cody tries to grab it during co-opt campaigns.
    • it’s because his butt is ticklish.
  • Rex’s neck is also ticklish.
    • So Cody likes to kiss it.
  • Cody’s sides are ticklish.
    • Rex kisses his sides in bed as pay back.
  • Once Cody was changing during a campaign in front of some other clones, and they noticed all the love-bites Rex left him.
    • Wooley offered a salve to clear them, not knowing what they were from.
    • Boil and Waxer kept laughing at him.
  • Fives and Echo have walked in on them
  • Dogma did as well.
    • Multiple times.
    • he cried every time and ran away.
    • Tup yells at Fives and Hardcase every time because they’re the ones who keep sending Dogma to walk in on Cody and Rex.
  • Rex cockblocks Fives and Hardcase at every opportunity now.
    • Cody doesn’t merely because he doesn’t work with them as often.
  • Cody asked Rex to marry him right before This Happened