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Code Blue (Calum Hood) - Part 2 *

Part 1

Warning: This imagine contains mention of self-harm/suicide, so if that triggers you in any way, please don’t read this.


Calum’s POV; The next morning

Calum couldn’t tell you why he was walking into the hospital – for all he knew, his soulmate lived on the other side of the world – but at least he would know.

He hadn’t gotten any sleep since the night his soulmate’s heart stopped and, to be honest, he wasn’t sure he was going to get any until he found her. He knew she was alive – he could feel it in his finger every time his ring beat in time with her heart – and he just hoped he wouldn’t have to search for very long.

Calum took deep, slow breaths as he approached the front desk, the nurse sitting there looking at him curiously. He was clearly nervous, and she could only assume he knew someone currently admitted there.

“Hi,” he smiled shyly, “This might be a weird question, but… Do you… Do you have anyone here whose heart stopped at 11:42 last night?”

The nurse gave him a confused expression at how oddly specific he was being, but when she looked down at his hands and saw him playing with his ring, she knew why he was asking. She nodded for him to follow her to the side of the desk her computer was on.

“The fourth floor had a code blue last night,” she said softly, essentially letting Calum know that she probably wasn’t supposed to be sharing that information with him. “They were able to bring her back, but she hasn’t woken up yet.”

“C-Can I… Am I allowed to see her?”

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heck. I took it for a spin and got '____ gets a contract to assassinate ____.' and mind you _within two clicks_ I got the same prompt with names reversed, so, as you see fit. (or.... can you do this more in the style of Mr. and Mrs. Smith or something? XD feel free not to tho, I'm honestly bloody awful at following instructions)

You in?

“Affirm,” Cody said, and then pressed a finger to his earpiece until he knew Rex had gotten the signaling beep that indicated he was going on radio silence. Quiet, after all, was of paramount importance when stalking a Jedi, due to all their freaky-deaky-ness, and he had no intention of letting tonight’s target know he was there, waiting, in the hotel room, in the shadow cast by the half-closed bathroom door.

It didn’t take long, which meant their intel, at least, was correct. Palpatine wasn’t the most comforting of clients to have, but he did tend to come up with the goods when it mattered.

Uh,” Rex said, and Cody shook his head minutely to shake himself free of the distraction, even as another part of his brain told him he needed to listen to whatever his lookout had to say. “Uh, Cody. Uh. Man. I’m - shit! You’ll maybe want to pull out -

Fuck that
, Cody thought, and quietly raised his sidearm in the direction of the door just as a card clicked in its lock.

No, seriously, I think you’ll wanna - ”

The mark clocked Cody surprisingly fast - not that he should have been surprised, what with the whole freaky-deaky thing and all - but Cody was still taken off guard by the speed by which the much smaller man silhouetted in the doorway shook off his suspicion and barreled at the bathroom full-tilt, bringing them both down into the bathtub with ferocious energy. It fucking hurt, and it also made Cody stop breathing for a second, because only one person in the world sounded like this in Cody’s ear.

“Stay still or so help me - oh, fuck.”

A tense moment of utter stillness - and then Obi-Wan was up and off of him, flailing for the lightswitch, leaving them crumpled in their various corners and so very, very screwed.

“Oh my god,” Cody said, apropos of everything. His head felt like he’d been dropped on top of a very high mountain range without oxygen.

We’ve got company!” Rex’s shriek sounded like he was at his wit’s end, and was so loud that Obi-Wan had clearly heard it splitting forth from Cody’s ear.

“Later,” Obi-Wan said, packing a whole lot into those few syllables, and then, to Cody’s utter and intense relief, he reached over and hauled them both upright, staggering but whole. “Now, we run.”

Dan x Reader - Request: Date At The Emergency Room

REQUEST / PROMPT : dan howell x reader where they go out on a date night and they leave their son with a babysitter. and later in the date the get a call that their child is in the hospital ? (anon message)

Dan x Reader
Date At The Emergency Room

It’s around 6 o'clock right now and I’m getting ready to go out with Dan. We’re going to a restaurant in somewhere in central London, while our lovely son, Cody, is staying home with a babysitter. Usually we’d have Cody go over to Phil’s, but he was busy with his own family life so Dan called over Maddie, a teaching assistant at the daycare near us. Cody wasn’t in daycare yet, but he was nearing school age, four years old. He was cute and bubbly, with slight wave in his lighter hair, and brown big eyes just like his father’s.
“Alright Cody, we’ll be back soon. Be good alright?” I heard Dan say while walking through the hallway, as I smiled softly. The reflection in my mirror of a 6'3 man bending down to a 3 foot little boy is adorable. I heard giggles from Cody with his light brown nearly blonde getting ruffled by his dad’s big giant hand. Dan was an amazing dad and he always wanted to take of everything.

“I ate the mashed potatoes daddy!” He shouted happily to Dan’s laughter.
“Oh did you? Good job!” Dan says enthusiastically as I begin applying the last of my lipgloss and mascara.
Ah, perfect. I get up from the vanity and straighten out my white dress with gold embroidery and head towards the living room. I walk in and Dan’s almost ready in a white textured dress shirt and dress pants, looking good with his hair still in hobbit form, but not its too curly today. He’s watching over little Cody simultaneously eating his carrots looking at a cartoon. Dan hears me approach and turns around, smiling wide. I mouth a “hi” while Dan snakes his hand over my waist, laying his head behind my neck.

Cody then turns around looking at me and exclaims “You look so pretty mommy!” I laugh and thank him.
“Thank you!”
“I agree.” Dan whispers in my ear, making me slightly pink. 
“C'mon then, finish these little carrots before Maddie gets here.” Dan tells Cody looking at the clock which is nearing 6:45PM to when Maddie is coming over. 
Dan was always helpful and authoritative with Cody, but he absolutely adored him. The two are constantly hanging out and they’ve both been accustomed to it ever since Cody was born. Cody and Dan were so close, that I couldn’t imagine anything different. Not to mention, Dan seriously would literally do anything and everything for me and or Cody. He constantly wanted to make it easy for me and I loved him for it, although I do tell him not to do everything for me and relax, but he loves it.

I tell Dan to finish up getting ready and I’ll watch Cody while we wait for Maddie. He agrees and goes up to straighten his hair. The doorbell rings as I put on my heels and Cody runs over in my arms.

“Ahhh.” He sighed laughing falling onto my legs.
“Ooof. Cody I have to open the door.” I pull the little boy up as he continued to happily hum. I open the door to see Maddie, a woman in her early twenties with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.
“Hi there!” She says sweetly looking down at an excited Cody.
“Nice to see you again.” I tell her welcoming her inside.
After talking to her for about five minutes, I see Dan walk downstairs with our coats in hand and ready to go.
“Hey Maddie.” He says nicely as she greets him and he begins to tell her about contacting, details, when we’ll be back, what Cody likes to watch, etcetera. forgetting that I just did that. Dan always wants to be prepared, bless him.
“Dan, it’s fine I just told her earlier.” I reassure him. Maddie and I share a laugh at a slightly embarrassed Dan.
“Oh, well I think we’re good to go now then.” Dan says picking up Cody in a big hug while I kiss his cheek.
“Bye Cody, love you.” The four year old kisses the both of us back and waves goodbye as we say, “Be good!” The door shuts behind us and Dan hands me my cream coat, while putting his black coat on over his formal outfit, and we go into the taxi.

Pre Meal Conversation:
Dan orders a cocktail and I have glass of champagne, as we wait for our food to arrive. 

“I can’t believe Cody’s almost going to be in school already.” Dan says taking a little sip of his beverage. 
I nod, “He’s growing up insanely quick.”
“He’ll nearly be close to Aaron’s age. Phil says age six is really fun, it was with Fay too.” Dan tells me while I float into another mouthful of my drink.
“I seriously love him though. Thank you y/n.” Dan looks at me thankfully as I just smile at him.

A Conversation During Dinner:
“I seriously like the aesthetic of white buildings, like the ones in Brighton homes. But London just calls to me…” I say with my mind on a ramble of pretty exterior.
“Well duh. London is like the place for sleek, modern, cool aesthetics. Yet, it still sort of has that old historic feel.” Dan agrees. 
“But like which one is is better?” I wonder while taking a bite from my pasta. 
“I don’t know…” Dan says deep in thought just like me, but a bit more focused on his steak and shrimp meal.

It’s now 8:30, and we’ve have finished with our meal and there’s a small lingering piece of my desert but Dan’s is gone. The night was really nice, and it was a good meal. Conversations ranged from media management to color schemes and of course, the occasional sarcasm that came with Dan. With the last sip of our alcoholic beverages being finished awhile ago, it nearly being 9PM we head out hand in hand. Both of our coats were on warmly in the brisk fall of England with Dan arm draped around mine, while the two of us walked together relaxingly.
Our taxi wasn’t coming for another couple minutes so we wandered around in the streetlight of London.
“This is so nice. Thank you for being incredible.” I tell Dan smiling into those deep brown eyes looking over at me. 
“Of course. I love you y/n.” Dan says kissing my forehead but before I can say anything in return, his phone begins to ring. 

“Hello?” I heard a female voice on the other line, as Dan kept rapidly saying yes. 
What is it? They both sounded alarmed and Dan anxious. What is going on? 
“Oh my— okay yes, we’ll be there ASAP.” Dan’s now pulled away from our embrace and looks startled before hanging up. “Dan what was that about?” I ask him worriedly, he mutters sadly “Cody.” 
I see the grimace on his face and confusion begins to rush through my veins.
“Cody? What about Cody? Oh my- is he okay? Dan!” I say panicking.
“That was Maddie, Cody’s at the hospital we need to get there now.” Dan said trying to draw the tone of his voice to tenseness from worry. 
Right now, I didn’t have time to react and be scared and worry, there was going to be enough time for that later. I just needed to think fast and concisely,
“What happened?” I asked sounding a bit more scared than I wanted.
“He fell and some hot water fell onto him, causing burns. They’re currently checking to see what they can do.” Dan said while the taxi car pulled up to us on the road. He opened the door quickly for me and we both jumped in.

As Dan was telling the driver the change of address, I was having a mild freak out. Cody, is he alright? I wonder if he’s crying right now, but how did he even manage to fall? Was he alone with the doctors? Will he be able to recover? Was it his arm, leg or both? Did he know we were on our way? These thoughts swirled around my head, and I felt Dan put a tight grip on my hand placed in between the seat of the car. I’m guessing he heard me muttering to myself somewhat, since he whispered “I don’t know.” responding to my many questions. 
“y/n?” Dan said quietly with his hand still tight on mine. 
I just looked up at him sadly, “Hm?” 
“What if he’s not okay?” Dan asked with worry now splashed over his face. His curls were now starting to show, I’m guessing because of humidity of his nerves. 
“I don’t know Dan.” I told him truthfully, with both of us trying hard to hold in panic as we both sat there heading to the emergency room. 

We had about 10 minutes left in the 15 minute journey from the restaurant to here. Dan suddenly stiffened up, cleared his throat and took his hands into my lap intertwined with his.
“y/n. Cody is a strong and smart kid, he’ll be alright. Whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you both. We can’t worry right now, it won’t do any good.” Dan said to me looking into my eyes insistently. I nodded and leaning into his shoulder as he held me. “I know.” I said solemnly.
“I’m scared too, but we have to believe in him.” Dan whispered in my ear after moving a piece of hair away.

After what felt like the longest car journey ever, we finally arrived. Dan already paid the driver about 2 minutes before our arrival not caring and having him keep the change, as we rushed in running with our coats catching wind. 
“Hello.” The kind, yet tired nurse greeted Dan and I. 
“Here for Cody Howell. We’re his parents.” Dan said focused not even bothering to to say hi, I don’t blame him though. 
“Alright, let me see.” The lady began typing and gesturing at the both of us to have a seat. 
There wasn’t a lot of people here, a middle aged woman on one side, an early twenties punk with his little sister and an old man, also a 3 member family that was 2 siblings and their father.

Dan and I looked for Maddie and then saw her come out of the restroom as we speedily walked towards her. 
“Maddie!” Dan shouted and Maddie looked up. 
“Oh you’re here!” Maddie says walking closer to us from the women’s restroom.
“What happened?” I asked her worriedly.
“Right so, Cody stood up on the couch and wanted to jump down. He wasn’t jumping at all previously, but just wanted one jump to the floor. Before I could stop him, he went for it.” 
I gulped hard, and Dan quickly muttered, “Then what else?” 
“His feet were so little that somehow it managed to touch the hinges holding the couch down which made him trip and hit the table. There was hot water on the edge which fell onto him, near his shoulder. I am so sorry.” Maddie finished and I felt sick. My poor little baby. What was happening with him right now? 
“When did you guys get here?” Dan asked. 
“About 30 minutes ago, I called you when we were arriving. You’ve been waiting for about 5 minutes. Again I am so sorry. I didn’t know he was going to jump right then, I should’ve stopped– ”

Before Maddie could finish or Dan or I could intervene, the nurse called us over. “Excuse me? You were wanting details on Cody Howell correct?” She asked the two of us, as we quickly modded walking back over to her station. 
“He is going to be alright, the burns aren’t too bad and they are mild. He will have two separate bandaging as one is worse than the other. The doctor will be out shortly to bring you in and you can ask him your questions.” The nurse saying one worse than the other made my stomach churn.
A 5'10 older man in a white lab coat with stethoscope wrapped around his collar and clipboard and hand suddenly walked in.

“Hello, I am Dr. Holden. Mr. and Mrs. Howell, why don’t you come and follow me to see your son?” He sounded somewhat nice, which calmed me down as if he was more grim, something worse would be to come. We all headed towards the door to the rooms, and I looked at Maddie wondering if she’d be allowed in, but the doctor shook his head, “Family only at this time.”
“It’s okay Maddie, you can go home now.” Dan said. 
“Are you sure?” We all nodded our heads.
“Alright. Okay, good night y/n and Dan. Again I apologize.” Maddie began waking out to leave while the two of us followed the doctor.

Dan and I walked into the curtain covered room to see our little boy, half sniffled and snuggled up. He looked kind of confused, sleepy and dazed but his face seemed kind of glad to see familiar faces. Cody’s eyes were drooping, his right arm bandaged up above and his hair was a cute mess. I missed him so much, I never was more relieved to see the little guy, other than his actual birth.

“Hi Cody!” I ran over to the big bed they placed him on where he was sitting upright. 
“Buddy! Hello.” Dan said kissing his head and playing with the little waves in his hair. “Mommy, daddy.” Cody says yet I can’t tell if he wants to be scared or excited as he’s confused, but his eyes still brighten up. While I hold his little body securely in my arms, Dan begins talking to the doctor.
“So Doctor, what’s his state right now?” Dan asked while I grasped Cody tightly. 
“Okay, so he is going to be fine. The hot water caused a slight first degree burn just below his shoulder towards the middle center. But the rest of the top is barely even a degree burn. So the 1st degree is wrapped up in cloth, but the rest is just 
bandaged lightly. Two different creams will be needed for the two different levels burn. But Cody is going to be okay.” The doctor told us reassuringly. My heart skipped a beat and I saw relief rushed through Dan. 
“I will be back with the soothing and healing preparation. The healing process should have no complications nor scaring. Maximum healing will take would be 3 weeks, usually it’s 1 to 2. I’ll have my nurse bring the papers to sign him out also. Right now, you guys have some alone time for now while we get everything together.” The doctor then walked out and left the room.

Dan and I cuddled up on opposite sides next to our adorable yet confused and also slightly injured son. 
“You hear that, you’re going to be all good!” Dan said trying to the cheer up the now sleepy little boy. 
“Uh huh.” He mumbled falling in between the arms of both of us. Dan and I shared each other a look and also a chuckle.
“Does it hurt Cody?” I asked carefully examining the bandaged up burn on his little arm.
“When I fell–yeah. It burned me so I started crying but Maddie put ice–and gave me cold water.” My heart wanted to wanted break in pieces when he said he cried because it hurt so much. Dan instantly saw me looking sad, so he shot me a solicitous look before pulling us all in closer.
“But does it hurt now?” Dan asked with care.
“Kind of but the lady put something cool on it. So now, it doesn’t hurt that much unless I touch or hit..” Cody said about to drift away, trying to fight back his yawn. It was getting to be near 10PM now, so it makes sense. “It’s better though..” He muttered curling up to Dan.

“Well you can go to sleep right now. Daddy will carry you out back to home okay?” Dan asked softly trying not to laugh. 
“Ohh–okay. Good night. Daddy, mommy?” 
Cody said putting his head back into the pillow.
“Yes?” We both answered.
“I love you. Good night.” Cody said before yawning, shutting his eyes and letting his perfect little self rest.
“We love you too.” Dan and I told him kissing each side of his squishy cheeks. Cody instantly fell asleep and Dan I were sitting right in between him.

“Dan. I was really scared earlier. Thank you for being there.” I told Dan as grabbed hold on my hand.
“y/n, of course. You were there for me too, knowing I had you reminded me that I couldn’t freak out. That we had to be brave for Cody. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to this little guy.” Dan said slightly choking up, me as well.
“I love you guys so much. Favorite boys.” I told Dan as his lips touched mine.
“I love you y/n.” Dan whispered in between our kiss. Just when Dan finished saying my name, Cody snarled a big snore growl that made us pull away laughing, while trying hard not to wake up our snoring son below us. 
“Yes, I love you too Cody.” Dan said shaking head trying his hardest not to burst out in laughter. This was it, this was my perfect family and I am so lucky to have have it.

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[commander-cullywully. tumblr. com/post/134151183017/otp-question-meme] can you do all of this to CodyWan? We already know some answers from your fics, but may be when you'll have nothing to do)

  1. Who is the most affectionate?
    Obi-Wan, though neither of them are very demonstrative in public. Cody’s very happy to be on the receiving end of Obi-Wan’s tendency to cling.

  2. Big spoon/Little spoon?
    Big = Cody, little = Obi

  3. Most common argument?
    In canon, I am very much in agreement with the “Will you just WEAR ARMOR FOR FUCK’S SAKE” thing that Cody definitely has going on.

  4. Favorite non-sexual activity?
    Modern-day AU: cooking at home. Canon era: joint meditation or quiet moments when they’re wrapping up their administrative work for the battalion on their way back from the front.

  5. Who is most likely to carry the other?
    Cody has probably developed a surefire technique for throwing his general over his shoulder and hightailing it the fuck out of the latest battlefield explosion. The times when Obi-Wan is still conscious are actually kind of fun. When he’s not conscious, not so much.

  6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
    For Cody, Obi-Wan’s build, because the difference between them is distinct enough that it’s noticeable and perfect for cuddling purposes; for Obi-Wan, Cody’s hair, because it’s perfect for getting his hands into it.

  7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
    Their professional relationship becoming purely professional; whereas beforehand it had been gently teasing (on Obi-Wan’s part) or accommodating (on Cody’s), now that they actually have a romantic outlet it means there’s a stricter barrier between work and play.

  8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
    None. Obi-Wan has too much respect for Cody’s name, and Cody too much respect for Obi-Wan’s rank. (That being said, in my modern AU fics I have a tendency for Cody to call Obi-Wan ‘babe’ and you will pry that from my cold dead hands.)

  9. Who worries the most?
    Cody, but only because Obi-Wan has strenuously made sure he doesn’t worry about anything too much - he wouldn’t be able to function otherwise.

  10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
    Obi-Wan remembers what Cody likes; Cody is easy-going enough that he doesn’t really realize he has a routine until Obi points it out to him. 

  11. Who tops?

  12. Who initiates kisses?
    A fairly even split, I think.

  13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
    Obi-Wan, on the battlefield, because it’s the quickest way to get Cody out of the path of a blaster bolt.

  14. Who kisses the hardest?
    Cody because he knows Obi-Wan can take it, or will match him.

  15. Who wakes up first?
    Cody, because his body clock will never ever get deprogrammed.

  16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
    Obi-Wan, Creature of the Quilt Lagoon. Extracting him is a chore.

  17. Who says I love you first?
    Cody, not expecting (or perhaps even needing) a reply.

  18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
    I’m not sure I can see either of them doing this - though they would definitely be able to put layers of meaning into their GAR communiques without anyone else noticing. 

  19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
    Given their company, it’s not so much a matter of telling people as it is every little nosy shit in their lives (i.e. everyone) poking and prodding and being suspicious of their happiness until they figure it out. *G*

  20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
    Rex et al will not shut up about it. Cody is very glad he has had the most rigorous anti-interrogation training the Kaminoans can devise. The Jedi, for the most part, don’t quite understand it, but trust Obi-Wan to make his own decisions.

  21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
    Obi-Wan is very touchy-feely when tipsy. Things kind of go from there. (Oh man what if they were like that scene between Gaby and Ilya in Man from U.N.C.L.E. ahhHHHH)

  22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
    Either of them; they’re both dedicated to a certain idea of process and enjoyment of a task which makes them pretty good at following recipes or keeping a home.

  23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
    Obi-Wan, but with that combination smirk-twinkle-giggle thing he’s got going on they somehow work. Or at least, Cody appreciates them.

  24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
    Cody, actually, says them into Obi-Wan’s ear. Because he’s got the better poker face, and it’s high entertainment to watch Obi-Wan try (and fail) to not crack.

  25. Who needs more assurance?
    Obi-Wan. After a while, Cody starts to realize that he’s the only one whose platitudes Obi-Wan seems to actually believe.

  26. What would be their theme song?
    Because @swdomesticverse actually made me write a fic featuring it - John Legend’s ‘All of Me.’ *G*

  27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
    Either/both; Cody judiciously modifies his more filthy barrack songs and Obi-Wan has a surprising talent for lullabies.

  28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
    Be patient. They’ve been through enough in the war to drum them out of habit and to accept, if not embrace, spontaneity. They’ll take their next meeting as and when they can. 

  29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart
    ….headcanon? Have you seen their canon? Well, okay, here’s one that I’m actually in the middle of writing: the chip doesn’t just enforce obedience, it represses memory. It takes until Cody finds his way to a back-alley surgeon to even remember what it was he and Obi-Wan were to each other. 

  30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it
    I.e. basically everything I ever write? *s* Cody finds his way to Tatooine. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what shape he’s in when he gets there: Tatooine, as it turns out, is a place where anyone can rediscover personhood, and he does. He refuses to have it any other way.
In My Head (Luke Hemmings) - Part 2 *

Part 1

Warnings: Self-harm scars


Two days later

Gathering the information he’d heard from your thoughts while you were reading the things around the hospital room throughout the last couple days, he caught a break when you read your patient chart to yourself. You had completely thought that Luke was asleep, but he wasn’t. In fact, he was just waking up. When he realized you’d read the hospital name to yourself, Luke made extra sure not to think about the things he was reading when he Googled the name on his phone. He had the exact address in a matter of minutes and he knew that what he was about to do would be considered crazy, but he did it anyway.

He bought a ticket for the first flight out of Sydney.

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