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Kenny Omega vs Candice LeRae BOOK IT

Bonded ch. 1|Theo Raeken

This is chapter one. I know that it’s not the best but more things will come. 

Also tell me if you like it and if you wanna be tagged in the next part.

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Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

You gasped. The feeling of your heart crumbling in your chest seemed to be the only sound in the hallway. You sobbed, trying too hard to contain the tears. A loud ring replaced every other sound.

You took a step behind, bumping into a few students. But you didn’t care, at the moment you only cared about what was in front of you.

Theo kissing a girl.

A tear slipped slowly down your face, hitting the ground. You turned around, starting to sob violently.

You pushed through the crowd until you reached the nearest bathroom. You pushed the door and stormed in, squeezing yourself in the small room.

You finally broke down completely, multiple years running down your face.

One things that could be said about you was that you didn’t hate easily, but you hated it. You hated gym. It was stupid in your opinion and being extremely clumsy certainly didn’t help.

You were running two extra minutes because the coach wanted to punish you for being late, again, at his lesson.

You were out of breath, sweaty and tired.

“Watch out!”

You lifted your head suddenly, a lacrosse ball making its way to your face. You opened your eyes wide and dodged successfully the ball.

You smirked to yourself, proud for not being on the ground yet, even if you have been running for a good minute.

All of your pride slowly died, when you tripped over your feet, too distracted.

You closed your eyes and put your arms in front of you, not wanting to hurt your face.

When two strong arms closed around you and lifted you up slightly, preventing you from falling, you were kind of shocked. You lifted your head and looked at the extremely handsome boy in front of you.

“You didn’t need to throw yourself in my arms like this to gain my attention, babygirl,” his voice was very deep, a smirk was plastered on his face.

You felt your cheeks heat up, your eyes looking at everywhere but his eyes.

He lifted you up and out you back on your feet.

“I’m Theo.”


Theo just winked at you and ran away, leaving you with a dry mouth and very confused thoughts.

You lost yourself in your thoughts, remembering the first time you and Theo met. The bell startled you, bringing you back to reality.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

You needed to get out of there.

You got up and grabbed your backpack.

The hallways were almost empty and when you arrived to the main door, no one was there.

You successfully sneaked out and started to walk home.

Walking home without headphones gave you a lot of time to think, especially about Theo.

A little smile formed on your face when you thought about when you discovered that he was a werewolf.

You heard a loud thud in your room and then a deep growl.

You widened your eyes, your heart beat speeding up.


You furrowed your eyebrows.


You turned around and let out a loud scream. His features were completely twisted. He looked like a werewolf, you found yourself thinking.

“Are you a werewolf?”

Theo gritted his fangs and looked at you with pure anger in his eyes.

“I don’t care about how you know about werewolves, you need to help me calm down.”

“Okay, how?”

Theo grabbed you and sat down on the bed, making you sit on his lap.

You blushed a deep red.

“How is this gonna help?”

“I won’t get up if you are sat on me. Now tell me something.”

“Okay. Today I saw the last episode of my favourite t.v. show and it was really amazing and sad. All of my favourite characters died, but I think that they are bringing them back in the next season, at least I hope..”

As you talked you could see Theo’s eyes return to their original colour, his fangs and claws disappearing.

You threw yourself on your bed, more tears coming out of your eyes.

You closed your eyes and hoped to sleep for years.

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Can we have more of the verse where obi wan and Cody bonded during heat, and accidentally bonded all the clones as obis alphas? Maybe with obi wan being injured/sick and then being super caring and protective

There had been a few uncomfortable moments, a few hits and misses.

Obi-Wan had mostly adjusted to being mated to basically an entire army of alphas with the occasional moment of roughness happening with unhappy alphas who had not enjoyed the fact that their mate had been chosen for them by another.

No one had actually hurt him but…

Cody had witnessed some uncomfortable aggressive kisses that had his hackles raising. But Obi-Wan had dealt with it as best he could and slipped away to be the General which had given Cody the opportunity to ‘talk’ with the clone in question.

They couldn’t outright hurt Obi-Wan, not as their omega, but that didn’t mean Cody was going to accept rough behavior.

Not as Obi-Wan primary alpha and not as his commander.

The upside of such an arrangement was the fact that the moment something was wrong, Obi-Wan could hardly slip away to deal with it himself.

“I am fine Kix!” The flustered looking Jedi was keeping his cool if only barely, arms crossed over his chest as the medic raised his eyebrows at him.

“Uhu, then you’ll let me take your temperature, wont you?” Kix waved his equipment.

Rex looked at Cody and then both both settled to watch the two argue.

“But I don’t nee-” Obi-Wan’s words were broken off by a heavy coughing fit, the Jedi doubling over while trying to keep his head in the crook of an arm, the force of them wracking his entire body and leaving him faintly trembling by the end.

When the fit showed no signs of abating, Cody had moved and was rubbing the omegas back carefully, looking to Kix in alarm as the medic gave a grim smile of satisfaction. “I thought so. You are sick, you got local lung infection that’s been going around.”

“…I thought I was going to purge it from my systems.” Obi-Wan finally settled on rasping out once the worst of the cough had abated.

“Jedi.” Kix sighed and shook his head, readying a hypospray as Rex pressed a canteen of water into the copper haired mans hands, both captain and commander watching Obi-Wan take trying small sips to ease his now sore throat.

Kix gave him the shot and then nodded. “Okay, you’re on bed rest then, I’ll inform General Skywalk-”

“What, no, there’s to much to do.” Obi-Wan sat up hurriedly, the canteen clenched in his hands. “I can’t just be on bedre-”

Cody grunted then reached out, curling his hand around the nape of Obi-Wan’s neck with the barest pressure, only the threat of it in his hand. “Omega.” He murmured.

Obi-Wan instantly stilled and glanced at him. “I…can’t just rest.” He looked around at them.

Rex placed his hand on his cheek. “Of course you can. General Skywalker and we have it, trust us?” He smiled gently.

Obi-Wan opened his mouth again and stilled when Kix placed his hands on the Jedi’s knees, giving them a little squeeze. “Trust us? Trust your alphas?” He added in tune with the others coaxing.

“…You are all terrible.” Obi-Wan sighed, slumping a bit before nodding.

“And you need an army to take care of you. So who’s really the terrible one here.” Rex grinned before shifting and picking Obi-Wan up bridal style. “Bed rest!”

“His bunk, make it a nest.” Kix hummed, stepping back so Rex could get by with Obi-Wan.

To their surprise Obi-Wan didn’t protest being carried, instead he just settled his head on Rex chest and closed his eyes, giving a weary sigh.

‘He’s more exhausted then he’s admitting.’ Cody felt his eyes narrow before nodding to Kix. “Got it, a nest. Fluids, rest and easy foods?”

“Got it in one commander. Soup is preferable.”

Of course carrying the General across the camp to his tent was not exactly the most subtle of tasks and Cody had to sign ‘later’ several times to vods who wanted to approach and ask what the hell was going on.

It was harder to discourage Skywalker and Tano but a pleading look from Rex happily had Tano grabbing onto Skywalker and stop him.

They got to the tent and carefully got Obi-Wan settled on the bed before getting him out of most of his clothes and then piling on blankets.

“You’ve been hording.” Cody noted.

“Not really. Everyone’s been handing me a blanket since we’ve got here.” Obi-Wan mumbled out while Rex helped him out of his tunics then groaned a bit as he was pushed down and blankets tucked around him.

“We want to take care of you.” Rex shrugged, being guilty of just that.

Just before they could leave, Obi-Wan latched onto Cody’s wrist, looking between them. “I…stay? One of you? I…I sleep better when I’m not alone now…” He swallowed, vulnerable in front of them as he was in front of no one else.

“I’ve got nothing set up.” Rex moved back to the bed. “I can stay.”

“I’ll get a list up on who can stay with you Obi-Wan.” Cody petted him as Rex got himself out of his armor. “So you’re not alone.” He smiled when the other pushed into his hand a bit then settled down again.

“Thank you…”

“Anything for our omega.” Cody hummed then made his way out while Rex stayed in the tent to share Obi-Wan’s nest.

‘Guess its time to inform General Skywalker of Obi-Wan’s condition.’ He thought dryly as he approached the beta.

I Want This - Cody Smut

Request:  so u said u’d write request with Zack&Cody, so here’s mine: Cody x reader- Cody’s first time 😏 it’s another smut, i know, but tbh we are all just horny teenagers 😂😘

Warnings: fluffy smut

Notes: Sorry this is so late! First time smuts always take me a while.


My boyfriend, Cody, and I have been together for about a year and a half. We met on the boat, a few years back, and we were in the same grade. Cody and I bonded and became really close before we started dating. Now, being 17, we were both ready to take it to the next step: sex. We talked about it, but weren’t sure when, and whenever we got into our heavy make-out sessions, there would always be something to interrupt us: whether it was a knock on the door, someone bursting in the room or even a phone call that went off at just the right moment. 

It was Game Night at school tonight, and Cody and I both knew that everyone was going to be there, which allowed him and I to be alone with -hopefully- no interruptions. A knock was placed on the door and my heart suddenly began to beat faster and my palms became sweaty.

“Hey, beautiful”, Cody smiled and leaned in to kiss me when I opened the door. I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, closing the door behind me. 

“Are you 100% sure you want to do this?”, Cody asks, still holding my hand and intertwining his fingers in with him. I smile softly and lean in to kiss him again. 

“I’m sure”, I mumble against his lips. We sit on the edge of the bed and continued kissing. Cody then lays me down and hovers over me, moving my hair off my neck, to place kisses on it. I moaned quietly when he bit my neck. We’ve been lucky so far, that no one has interrupted us. Cody suddenly stops and gets off me.

“Everything okay?”, I asked, furrowing my eyebrows and lowkey panicking that something was wrong.

“No, no everything’s fine. I was just going to suggest if you wanted to move up the bed so you’re more comfortable”, he nervously laughed. I nodded and crawled up on the bed, laying my head down on the pillows. Cody hovered back over me again and went back to kissing, biting and sucking my neck, while I continued to moan quietly. Cody straddled me and took his shirt off, sliding a hand up mine. It tickled, so I laughed and pushed his hand away.

“S-stop!”, I laughed, when Cody started to tickle me. He smiled and laughed at me. 

 I reach up and kiss him, which manages to stop him from tickling me. He lifts up my shirt, only breaking the kiss to slide it off me. He leaned down and kissed my collar bones.

“C-can I take this off?”, he asks, motioning to my bra. I nod slowly. He reaches behind my back and struggles to unclasp it.

“Here, let me”, I giggle softly and sit up, unhooking the bra and letting the straps fall down my arms. Cody tossed the bra aside as I laid back down, covering my chests in embarrassment.

“Y/n, you’re beautiful. There’s no need to hide from me”, he whispers, sweeping a piece of hair that has fallen onto my face. “I want to see every inch of you”, he says, then kisses me passionately. Cody broke the kiss to kiss down my neck again, and down to my collar bones. He sucked on them, nibbling slightly, causing me to moan out quietly. Cody moves further down again, and kisses one of my boobs, before taking it in his mouth. He gently bit my nipple, and I bit my lip, attempting to hold in a moan -  which obviously didn’t work. Cody smirked against my skin, before pleasing the other breast. 

Cody placed gentle and soft kisses down my stomach. I laughed, as it tickled. He stops kissing as he reaches the waistband of my sweatpants, untying the string and pulling them down. He kisses up my thighs, skipping my panties. When he reaches the hem of them, he looks up for approval - to which I nod, and Cody slowly pulls them down. I blush and nervously chewed my lip. 

“Are you okay?”, Cody asks, after he tossed my panties aside. I take a deep breath. 

“I’m fine. Just nervous - that’s all”

“We can stop if you want”

“No, no. I’m okay, I promise”, I shake my head and prop myself on my elbows, looking down at him. I smile and so does he, before reaching into his jean pocket and pullout out a condom. Cody unzips his jeans, pulling them off, leaving him in only his boxers. He slips on the condom and I bit my lip in anticipation. 

“You ready?”, Cody asks, lining himself up at my wet entrance. I nod and grip his shoulders. He slowly pushes himself in, and my eyes screwed tightly shut, as I winced in pain. A tear rolled down my cheek, and Cody wiped it away. 

“I’m so sorry, baby. We can stop; I can stop, we-”

“Cody! I’ll get used to it, okay. The first time always hurts. I’ll be okay, I promise”, I reassure him. “I want this”. Cody nods and kisses my forehead, intertwining our hands together and pushing himself further in, grunting softly. Once we was fully in, he stayed there, waiting for approval to move. I gave him a nod and he slowly thrusted his hips into me. He grunts with every thrust of his hips - the sound turning me on which helped the pain turn into pleasure as I start moaning quietly. Cody thrusts a little but faster, but keeping the slow pace; both of us enjoying this special moment together. 

“C-Cody”, I whined when I was close. 

“Yes?”, he asked, unsure of why I called his name out. 

“I’m c-close”, I moaned louder with another thrust of his hips.

“M-me too, baby”, Cody moans into the crook of my neck, in which his head rested. I clenched around him;

“Y/n!”, Cody moaned loudly in pleasure, arms losing balance from an overwhelming amount of pleasure. By the noises he was making, he was turning me on so bad that I felt like I could just come undone, right then and there. 

“Oh, Cody! Right there!”, I moan loudly, spilling my juices onto his cock. Cody cums shortly after me, with another loud moan of my name. He pulled out a short while after and disposed the condom, throwing it in the bin right next to my bed. He laid on top of me and we stayed there for a while - his head on my chest, my fingers running through his hair, both of us panting. 

“Thank you”, I whisper.

“For what?”, Cody asks, lifting his head up to look up at me. 

“For making this night really special”, I smile. Cody leaned up and kisses me softly.

Bonded ch. 5

I have to admit it this is going down faster than I expected, and I’m not even sorry about it :’).
Anyway I really love that you guys like this series, keep the feedbacks coming pls.
Also tell me if you wanna be tagged in the next chapters.

Warnings: dead squirrel with their insides out, I’m serious, not joking.

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Originally posted by bonniebird

You opened your eyes, breathing heavily.

Sweat dripping down your face as you walked to the bathroom.

You splashed your face with some fresh water, trying to get rid of the terror that brought your nightmare.

You grabbed the towel and dried your face. Yawning, you returned to your bed and laid down.

You hadn’t been sleeping well those past nights, you always felt like someone was watching you. A feeling of uneasiness stack to you like a second skin and no matter what you did you couldn’t get rid of it.

You sighed and closed your eyes, trying to find some common sense into all of this.

You suddenly shot your eyes open and got up.


You grabbed your shoes and your phone, running out of your house.

You have never liked the woods yet you were now crossing them alone, at night.

It was a pretty stupid move, you lived in beacon hills, if something evil was in town there was a fifty percent chance that it hunted at night in the woods. But you couldn’t walk away, there was something that was drawing you there.

You felt a chill ran down your spine when you saw a pair of shiny eyes in a bush.

“Please, God, I’ll quit cussing if I come out of here alive.”

A stick snapped behind you and you felt your heart sink.

You turned around slowly and sighed in relief.

“Theo, finally I was looking for you.”

Theo growled and took a step back.


You squatted down at his height and looked at him. His eyes glowed and you almost screamed. They weren’t yellow, they were white.

“Theo, it’s me, Y/N. I’m your friend.”

Theo growled again and jumped on you, making you bump your head on the ground.

You hissed in pain.

“Theo,” a tear slipped from your eyes and you lifted your hand slowly caressing his face.

His expression changes when you touched, his eyes flickered back to yellow and his face fell.

He got off you and ran away.

You closed your eyes, still on the ground and opened your arms.

You moved your hand on the ground and felt a sticky fluid running down the tips of your fingers.

You furrowed your eyebrows and turned your head.

At least a hundred squirrels laid on the ground, dead, their insides were around and all over you.

You screamed and covered your mouth, fastly getting on your feet.

With shaky hands you grabbed your phone and brought it to your ear.

You started sobbing by the moment the person answered.

“Scott? I think we have a problem.”

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I am pretty sure there should be spin off related to the chimera pack and their background and they are all alive and we’d get to see their families but also their struggles and friendship and relationships and we need this

Last night I had the weirdest Clone Wars dream I’ve ever had: It was basically the episode “Duchess of Mandalore”, but there were no creepy spider droids. Instead Satine and Cody bonded over Mandalorian things and Obi-Wan. They got on like a house on fire. Obi-Wan was sitting at that banquet table between the two of them being salty over his head about the stupid shit he pulls. Obi-wan was praying for a convient sarlacc to swallow him, like: “I’ve obiviously never been married, being a jedi an all, but I’m pretty sure this is what it would be like if my ex-wife and my current wife were ganging up on me.”

Anakin made snarky comments from the sidelines. It was hilarious!

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hello! may i ask for a fc for Nathan Prescott from the videogame Life is Strange? i haven't found anything fitting but you could probably have some other suggestions id love to hear!

I played LIS! According to the game, Prescott is 1995 class, born in Arcadia Bay (Oregon, USA).

fc with brown hair and blue eyes like Prescott:

  • sterling beaumon
  • luke bilyk
  • dylan sprayberry
  • cody christian (part penobscot native american)

fc that vibe as Prescott:

  • rhys matthew bond
  • jacob lofland
Our Strange Family

I was bored and i wanted to do stuff. So here is a continuation of a previous post I made about Baz and Simon adopting children that you can find here. Let me know what u think! (BTW i can’t wait for xmas and its still so far away but this is gonna be a little xmas-y)


You know? Living at the Snow-Pitch household was one of the best blessings that Cherry and Cody ever got. You never really lived until you saw the love and affection given by Simon and Baz Snow-Pitch. After everything, it was nice to spend days like these in their small apartment in London.

Cody was at the piano, playing Christmas carols that Simon, Cherry, and occasionally Baz would sing along to. Everyone was bundled up in oversized Christmas sweaters with a mug of hot chocolate in their hands. Cherry was leaning against Cody, slowly drifting off into sleep on the piano bench. Simon and Baz copied their position on the couch, Simon feeling the scratchy surface of Baz’s sweater against his cheek. They admired the twins and their many talents. 

The sweaters where Cherry’s doing. Simon was attempting (and failing) to knit some scarves for everyone as the cold weather approached. Cherry begged Simon to teach her and he happily obliged, and soon she was making the family’s winter garments. Sometimes she would paint as well. Beautiful sunsets. Boys with wings. Happy families. Swirls of magic. Each and every picture was neatly framed and hung on the wall, causing Cherry to blush at how overly dramatic her adoptive parents are.

“This isn’t even one of my nicer pieces,” Cherry would protest as Simon paid the cashier for the elegant frame.

“Nonsense. This is one of the best yet! You can really see the love you have for this boy…” Simon said.

“Shut up dad!” But it was true. The portrait was of one of the boys in her grade. He had dark skin like chocolate and beetle black eyes and was the handsomest person she has ever seen. He came over one day to work on a science project (Simon would not stop wiggling his eyebrows at them and Baz practically scared the poor boy with the looks he was throwing). It was true, Cherry had a small crush on him. She asked him if he’d let her sketch him, maybe even paint him, and he happily obliged with his charming smile. Simon and Baz never forgot his face and always remembered his name. Wilson. Wilson Rogers, to be exact. 

Simon always pestered Cherry about Wilson. He always asked for every detail up until the point it was embarrassing. After Baz, Simon turned into a hopeless romantic. Baz approved of Wilson, saying that he was actually a decent guy. And almost, almost as handsome as Simon. They practically burst with joy when he asked Cherry out. 

Not only was Cherry exceptionally amazing, but Cody was amazing in a completely different way. Cody was born with musical talent in his bones. It seemed as if every instrument he touched bended to his will and made the most lovely sounds. He had some previous experience with the piano and blew Simon and Baz away when he messed around with the one on display at a music store. 

They where going to get Baz’s violin repaired because a huge crack appeared on the surface. Simon says it was the children, but they all knew Simon clumsily knocked it over with his wings. Cherry and Cody wandered around the store as Simon and Baz talked to the worker about fixing Baz’s prized possession. Cody found himself drifting over to the pianos. He pressed his fingers to the keys and a sharp note cut the air. Soon, a melody rang out.

He remembered the times he auditioned for talent shows and sat on the stage, a bundle of nerves and anxiety. His hands would shake as he reached for the keys. He looked at the audience. This was one of those days he felt particularly down as his parents looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Cherry flashed him a smile and a thumbs up. It gave him the confidence he needed and he played his piece, forgeting about his parents and the conversations he overheard late at night about them throwing him out and forgeting he ever existed. 

He won first place that night. It was partially due to his sister pushing him to do things he never did before, but also his sheer determination to show his parents that he was worth something. That somebody cared. 

That night, one of the boys in the audience came up to congratulate him. The boy had a large, dopey, yet charming, smile. His brown, chestnut colored eyes lit up like a rainbow and his golden curls sparkled. He maneuvered himself so he was walking beside Cody, standing like they have been buddies for ages. 

“You did amazing out there,” the boy said.

“Oh it was nothing. It was just a small piece I’ve been working on….”

“A small piece? That was beautiful. It had all kinds of different rhythms and tempos and the notes where so fast… It’s really quite impressive,” the boy said with a satisfactory nod. 

“You sound as if you play…” Cody says, trailing off.

“Oh no. I’d never even thought about trying the piano. Although you make me want to. No, I play the cello,” the boy said with that grin. Something about this boy seemed so friendly and welcoming. Cody liked it.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never met someone who took up a string instrument.”

“Not many people do,” he said with a shrug. “Although, I’m not very good, mind you. I sound like a dying cat.”

“I don’t believe a word of that,” Cody said, eyeing his long slender fingers. They where the fingers of a musician, much like his own. 

“Maybe I should play for you one time, then?” the boy said. 

“Maybe we could play together some time. I heard that the cello sounds lovely with the piano,” Cody says, challenging him. 

“You’re on!” The boy turned to leave, but before he could, Cody grabbed his arm.

“I never caught your name. What was it?” 

“John,” the boy said with a smile, and then left. The boy, it turns out, did not go to his school. Cody never saw John again and he never got to hear him play cello. That turned out to be the least of his worries when his parents kicked him and Cherry out. They found their way to an orphanage. Then, Simon and Baz came in and changed his life forever. 

When he got to school, the first person he saw when he walked into the room was John. John. John was there, his long legs spread out in front of him, a cup of coffee on his desk. Cody wondered if John forgot about that night as he stared into his eyes. Then, John winked at him.

Cody got what John promised. He heard John play. His fingers danced across the strings just like Baz’s do on the violin. Except this time the pitch was lower and the strokes less graceful. John tapped his foot, not really to the beat of the song, but more of to the beat of his own racing heart. 

Cody fell in love with the cello. He loved the deep tones and the fingers that danced across strings. He loved watching the bow glide across them and soon every string instrument reminded him of Baz and John. Soon the desire overwhelmed him. He asked John if he could teach him how to play cello in exchange for piano lessons. John happily obliged, seeing how he didn’t have to ask Cody first.

So they taught each other the basics, going over where to put your fingers on the cello’s neck and what hand did what on the piano. They both formed a strong bond together. A bond that Cody hoped ran a little deeper than friendship. 

It happened when John was at the Snow-Pitch household, having a sleepover there. Baz kept looking between the two, a knowing smirk spreading across his lips. He knew the expressions on the boys faces. They where much like his own when he was hopelessly in love with Simon. The two boys where in love, yet too blind to see it. It’s like when you look at a painting. If you’re too close, you don’t see the beauty shining through. But when you step back, you see a masterpiece. This is what Baz saw. 

Baz pulled John back after dinner and did the most embarrassing dad thing ever. He encouraged him. 

“You two need to stop fooling around,” Baz said bluntly.

“Um… Sorry?” John said.

“I see it in your eyes. You love him, don’t you.”

“I’m sorry what–”

“Don’t play that game. You like Cody and he likes you. Stop avoiding it.” A look of shock passes over John’s face, and then a look of fear. 

“Y-y-y-y-you aren’t going to h-h-h-hurt me a-a-are you?” he says. Baz seemed like the dad that would slap anyone who admitted they had a crush on one of his kids. Instead he just laughed. 

“No. I want you to do it. Make him happy for once.” And Baz smiled one of his (no-longer-so-rare) smiles. The boy looked relieved and went to join his friend. 5 minutes into talking about feelings, and John pecked Cody on the lips, causing Cherry to spaz with joy for her brother. That’s how Cody fell in love. Falling through Minuets. 

For once, both of them felt like they where accepted more than they ever where before. Technically speaking, it was less about Simon and Baz accepting them and them accepting Simon and Baz. They never knew magic existed and now their adoptive parents are/where wizards and one is half dragon, the other is a vampire. A pretty hard thing to get used to, full of a lot of questions and demonstrations, but soon they all came to love their strange family. 

Simon loved hearing Baz and Cody play duets together with smiles on their faces. Baz watched Simon and Cherry get artistic and create beautiful pictures all over the house. They even painted the stars in Simon and Baz’s room. Are a really good representation of them too. It felt as if Baz was there again that night him and SImon saw the stars with magic. Maybe that was Simon’s intention when Baz got home from work on his birthday too see their room covered in blue, black, and white paint, colors coating both Simon and Cherry’s hands. He grinned just looking back at his blushing husband trying to stammer out an explanation. Baz ended up just kissing him, which made Simon melt.

Now, Simon clutched the fabric of Baz’s sweater tight and looked at the teens in front of them. 

“I’m glad we got to do this together,” Simon says.


“Raise children.”

“We’ve hardly raised them. We’ve only been with them for two years.”

“Yet it seems like they’ve grown so much.”

“Yeah. I’m glad though. There is nobody I’d rather have a family with,” Baz says, kissing Simon on the lips. They become more passionate with each passing moment. Cherry looks back at them.

“Ew dads. Can you try not to be so romantic?” Simon giggles.

“I thought you liked romance. With all those movies you watch.”

“Yeah, but you’re my parents. It’s weird.” 

“Whatever. I thought it was exactly like that vampire movie you watched.”


“What? I’m just saying I have my own handsome vampire.” And Simon kisses Baz again. They’re all happy. There is nothing else they could’ve asked for. 

Bly abruptly catches a nasty flu and is out for a long while, and all the other CPD officers have to take a turn being the liaison at Lucas High for a day or two. I touched on this concept with Fives a while back, but think of the others as well! Rex! Anakin! Cody! That Tera Sinube guy that I just decided is a veteran investigator because he is! Shaaki Ti? K-Krell… D: 

But yeah like… Fives would be amazing and all the students would love him. Anakin too, and he’d also find excuses to pester Obi-Wan throughout the day. Cody would tidy Bly’s office and take Obi-Wan out to lunch, to the delight of every student who hears about it, which is to say all of them. Rex would half-jokingly ask Tup if he wants to be dropped off (so he doesn’t have to walk into school with his “dad”) but Tup completely doesn’t get the reference and is just like “What? No?? I don’t mind walking from the parking lot, I’m not that lazy…” And Rex is like “THIS KID.“

Secretly, Ms. Secura and Officer Bly have started seeing each other. Well, “secretly.” The students and upper administration are clueless, but I know several high school teachers and they gossip worse than the teens, I tell ya what. Aayla doesn’t know Bly is out the first day, so when she slips into his office, locks the door, and makes a flirty comment, she is wholly unprepared for Bly’s chair to spin around and reveal Cody. He calmly informs her that she has the wrong Fett, and politely mentions that the door really should be kept open for safety reasons. She tries to bail and runs smack into Obi-Wan, who cheekily assures her that he will take care of today’s liaison office canoodling. On this tangent, Wookiepedia informs me that Bly kinda hates the shit out of Quinlan Vos. I’m still not 100% sure how Quin and Aayla know each other in this ‘verse, but they do. Quin is also Obi-Wan’s friend and ex, and Cody isn’t super fond of him. So now I kinda really want Bly and Cody cousin-bonding by having a few too many beers and trashing him like petty teenagers. :’D