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More happy au thoughts for Trooper 99 because I love him and want him to be happy even if only in my mind.

- Both Ghost and Torrent Companies (All of Domino squad surviving for reasons) sitting down to listen to one of 99’s stories because he watched so many cadets go through training and has dirt on almost all the bounty hunters that taught them and tells the best stories.

- Hevy being 110% ready to beat the shit right out of anyone for dissing 99 with the rest of Domino squad backing him up and Cody and Rex to boot.

- 99 getting to give Hevy’s medal back to him, but Hevy only gives it back and tells him it was his now because he more than earned it. 99 insists they at least share it because he’s pure and good and wants Hevy to still have it too.

- Domino squad talks to Rex, Rex talks to Cody and Cody talks to Obi-wan and they manage to bend the rules to get 99 a service dog (the equivalent of) when he starts going blind instead of letting him be shipped off to Kamino to be decommissioned.

- At the end of the war (good ending au without order 66) Trooper 99 retires from service with his new rights as a decorated war HERO and known tactician. He goes on to work with animals till he dies peacefully in his sleep surrounded by brothers who loved him.


DEADLY EIGHT @ramblingcoyote

So I was thinking and I am appalled at myself for one aspect that is missing from my aus and posts: I find that there is a disturbing lack of trooper 99 when I love him so so so much so I’m gonna fix that.

Where is the au where 99 survives the attack on Kamino and is a hero and Cody and Rex fight tooth and nail to get him to come with them? They tell their Generals and Obi-wan eventually manages to convince the Kaminoans (with the help of Shaak Ti) to allow him to take on 99.
And they give him a place on the ship where he can apply his real skills and Cody sort of looks after him and all the boys are proud of him and he gets to feel the brotherhood he should’ve and gets to feel wanted and needed.

And au where everyone lives and order 66 doesnt happen, basically the same thing happens but in the end when the clones are given rights and housed and whatnot, 99 lives with Cody and Obi-wan sometimes going over to stay with the Skywalkers because Rex’s crew loves him too. And he gets to be with his brothers and help around the house but always have someone who cares if he’s feeling ok or needs to sit down for a bit. Rex and Cody seem to always be handy with a quilt to put over his lap when he falls asleep sitting somewhere.
And he loves having tea with Kenobi or Padme and playing the star wars equivalent to chess while talking. Its all cute and he’s loved and happy amd everything is good.