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Theo Raeken is one of the best characters on Teen Wolf.

Cody puts so much effort into playing him and he tried so many times to explain Theo, but people are like “he killed Scott” “he destroyed sciles” “he hit Lydia” and I want to say that just because you dislike the character’s personality, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one.

Cody Christian did a great job representing Theo and he received hate, because some people don’t get the difference between the character and the actor himself.

Look, I get why some people hate him, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying what he has done was good, because it wasn’t. But you should understand that Theo as a character is so well thought, has an awesome storyline and the actor played the role in a stunning way and it felt realistic. He brought the character to life and we can see his development, I think it’s one of the best developments ever.

So, please, instead of spread hate and talk shit about the character, try to think about it. Cody expressed in an incredible way what Theo felt. His lust for power, his hate, his desire for revenge. And finally his fear, his regret, his loneliness. How much he changed and how much he wants to help the pack, how much he wants redemption.

I feel like Theo Raeken is the best character on the show. But, you know, that’s just my opinion.


teen wolf appreciation week - day 1/7

favorite character - theo raeken

~Master and Commander~

Clone Appreciation Day! I had a number of pieces I was considering finishing up just for today (and I will hopefully have two more posted by the end of the day), but this one was at the top of my list because hello one of my many Star Wars OTPs and also because 6/6 and who doesn’t want some tears with your fluff? The amount of love and loyalty between these two forever slays me

I tried a new approach to rendering on this one, and I quite like how it came out, so I’m definitely gonna keep playing with this method

Yes, I appreciate Cody serving for my country to protect me. But you can not tell me I need to respect someone who talks about his killings proudly like it’s a sport, killing puppies, saying PTSD is a joke, transphobic and racist comments. Get the fuck outta here with that “respect” shit. Also don’t tell me his game is good either. All he does is compete, there’s no social aspect there.. BYE

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‘Remember me, Rex?’

i made myself sad drawing this

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Suddenly have a need for fic of Qui-Gon and his clones, idk

Short, but hopefully sweet? Warning, lots of swearing.

             “A-And then…and then he fucking JUMPED INTO THE PIT!” Rex scrubs his hand over his face and then drops his face into his folded arms, his other hand still clamped firmly around his bottle. Next to him, Cody scoffs, sways slightly, and counters, “General Kenobae literally stood in front of a canon. An ion canon. That was about to FIRE. Beat fucking that.”

             Rex lets loose a string of drunken curses, and downs the rest of his drink, tapping the now empty bottle, signalling for another. “Fuckin’ Jedi.”

             “Well,” Cody shoots Wolffe what would, on any other, more sober occasion, be a sly look, “I’m not. Yet. But―”

             “Shut the fuck right up,” Wolffe growls. He looks haggard and even more pissed off than usual, which is saying something. “I swear. That stupid fucking man has no self―…self―…self-preservation instinct at all! Oh no, Wolffe, he says. I’m fine, he fucking says, while fucking BLEEDING from his side and none of us can find Med or remember where exactly Kel Dor hearts are located!!”

             Rex and Cody both pat their elder bother’s shoulders sympathetically. On Rex’s other side, someone coughs, and they all turn to see a forth clone, haggard and hollowed eyed.

             “You all can stop fucking complaining,” he growls, dropping down into the empty seat next to Rex and looking to the bar-tender. “Absolute strongest you’ve got.” He turns his attention back to the others and demands, “Did you know General Jinn TAUGHT General Kenobi?”

             There is a long pause, as the three all stare at Sinker, Rex and Cody with dawning looks of horror and comprehension.

             “Oh no,” Rex breathes.

             “Fuck,” Cody swears.

             Sinker just nods, and downs the glance the bartender gives him. “Fucking got sold into slavery. On purpose. Without telling us. For two months,” he growls. “And then, he comes back with three kids, four adults, and a cat the size a small mountain, all of whom still haven’t stopped following him around.”

             He downs his second drink.

             The others stare.

             Wolffe breaks the silence. “You poor fucker.”

             Cody and Rex nod in somber agreement. Sinker just groans again, and slumps against the counter.