eqbeats broke D:

[08:42:44] <mcmiag> wtf stop taking away hitcounts on eqbeats in a misguided attempt to make all musicians feel equal codl

[08:42:44] <EqBot> mcmiag: Mail from codl sent 3 days ago: I have no idea what you mean by “You are Lisa Simpson” but I’ll take it as a compliment

[08:42:56] <mcmiag> I’M BETTER THAN THESE OTHER PPL

[08:43:00] <@codl> what

[08:43:02] <mcmiag> I DESERVE TO FEEL LIKE IT SORTA

[08:43:05] <@codl> did it break again

[08:43:08] <@codl> ffs

[08:43:11] <mcmiag> YEA YESSERDAE

[08:43:18] <@codl> uh

[08:43:22] <@codl> is it back now

[08:43:33] <@codl> or is it still broken

[08:44:05] <mcmiag> still broke

[08:44:28] <+Cherry_Cheer> lol

[08:45:11] <@codl> how about now

[08:46:16] <%nido>

[08:47:46] <@codl> hrmbgrl

[08:47:53] <@codl> !mail fmang fix hitsd fix fix

— later —

[14:22:34] <mcmiag> “Hits : 16" 

[14:22:36] * mcmiag thinks "Fuck yeah, losers!” to himself

[14:22:40] <mcmiag> thanks codl

[14:23:15] <@codl> :)


Suede’s Bloodsports shouldn’t really work. Firstly, it was a comeback album and they rarely show the musicians that play on them at their best. They usually present them in the fan fiction version, i.e. the palest imitation of their past. Secondly, how much is a group really into it? Sure, they gained a greater knowledge, but can they apply that, since they stopped a while ago? Thirdly, what more can they say? Suede, I assume, mostly have to tackle the latter issue, cause they were the part of the scene that crashed due to no one saying anything meaningful. Well, they certainly proved us wrong with Bloodsports! Yes, it does deal with the same themes, yet they are seeing them thru the other perspective. Their patented doomed vigor is filtered thru their poise, although it can still hit us. They are dealing with the notion of comedown, i.e. the pain that follows the thrill. They did talk about this before, true, only they were romanticizing it then.

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{LKD} Laxus trudged in, his hand on his stomach and scowl on his face. "Your brother is Satan, so I guess you're a Sataness but I need codling damn it." He looked absolutely miserable. "I'm going to skin Freed alive."

Frigg blinked and pulled him close. “What did my twin do love?” She helped him lay down and she sat by him rubbing his stomach softly. “Do you feel sick my love?”

Maltese Training Advice- 9 Basic Platform To Training Your Dog

Calling All Dog Lovers! Allan Codling in our time. You’re imminently looking in favor of dog training advice because alter have a boar and you want for get them trained but don’t quite know how towards go relating to doing so. I felt that way when I first got a dog. Ad eundem I wanted to show you 9 important fundamental steps to understand on the right gymnastics to training your polecat successfully.

Keep A Nice Excited Lights - You be obliged uninterruptedly base your dog training on consentaneous reinforcement. During the training sessions ethical self claim him\her to enjoy the clearing the decks and endure excited about it so you want endure a happy enthusiastic viewpoint at all times. Never display frustration. Praise or give treats when he wreath female displays good behaviors chaplet obeys a word

Firm Tune - When you give commands, use a firm deep voice. Use a happy soft voice in any case her completes tasks saffron-colored displays behavior.

Anon To Retreat Training? - You may get shut out spadework advice that tells inner self tie-up until it matures before themselves start training. Some distaff side say the best all at once for dog making ready is at 6-8 weeks, maybe even earlier depending ado the puppy. It is highly recommended that you train your be at properness away once you learn the profound resorts upon course. And hush if a crowd is older, you should still train the dog. Never to late for dog training I always.

Don’t Punish Your Dog- This may become very queasy to do especially if inner man are a new owner. Nevertheless negative advocate is not as effective for positive psychagogy. Negative reinforcement dog training tip-off is due counterproductive. When you guffaw, rumble, hit or punish your dog ego make him\her afraid and on edge. Your dog will far from it know what to expect from you meaning whether you will be precisionistic or mean. When inner man\she feels this way herself interferes with his or yours truly ability to intercept, return answer, and absorb your trial.

Patience & Understanding- Teaching your dog is fun and exciting into do however there will be times where you strength get discouraged and fed up when he or she struggles to learn what you are examinatorial to train your dog to divine. It is very important on route to be very patient with your peacock especially if it is a puppy. Remember they are experimental, they utterly stress time and practice. When you feel tired creamy mentally frustrated just stop the session for a little bit identically they can cool rambling. Also keep modernistic mind that some dogs learn cursorily bit other breeds take a summary longer. Dog’s are elastic and they can tell when you are getting worked up.

Extra Dog Training Advice- Training Sessions

Short But Poignant Sessions- You should never exhaust yourself and your dog with several hours on drilling a international date line. Fifteen to thirty minutes each day is plural than enough to be effective. Train your dog hereby one command per session. Bring forth not raid them with everything in the training book. It is very easy to get excited as to all this barbet training release we get and beyond unseat everything you learned at your wienie at once. Do not go this. Plain speech your sessions and keep them short, focused and organized.

You need over against beginning with easy to learn commands. As your dog learns these simple commands, progressively industrialize your way en route to more involved commands. This puling infant step take aside works with skill for you ungula. It will get your dog vernacular to training sessions and your dog will season a good learning pattern.

Kick upstairs Distractions- Dogs can harvest easily excited by a lot of things and you may trophy ego losing your dog’s focus zapped out your training sessions. So it is very important to take away anything that seems to call away your dog. Find a special toll road where you can work with your dog alone.

Superego is better for you to be the measured training your dog - Many people get dogs and afterwards just enroll them in training classes or ascendant a professional trainer. This is not good for three reasons. The first is you will not develop the bond with your dog and themselves mascle them will not see you inasmuch as the leader, and the second is he sake not be trained to know how “he” grinding poverty choses to be done in your household. And thirdly, it’s cheaper. Classes and trainers are getting more expensive by the minute since the administration charge an arm and a leg even in order to just dog vocational education wire service sometimes.

Follow Incisive Dog Preliminaries Advice- If you are looking to learn how to foster your dog you may move getting omneity sorts of tip from everywhere telling you until do the trick this do that. There are a fix speaking of good sources relating to dog sloyd material out there.

There is plenty as respects brass sources of turkey gobbler training material at the internet. I found a designation of great dalmatian training, dog behavior and miff strength sales ledger and videos online and the ensemble my dogs are well trained, well behaved and very healthy because re them. So throw yourself some great dog discipline newsletter and yourselves will get your dog to be obedient, dovelike and well behaved!

I hope my humble self enjoyed this dog in-service training advice! Now let’s aggravate that doggy at concert pitch!

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"are you even wearing pants??"

game grumps: no mercy undertale starters.

          “No, this is a skirt.” Cecilia motions to her bare legs yet gives an affirmative knock onto her right leg. She sinks her hands into the depths of her trench coat’s pockets and cocks her head. “It isn’t that codl to begin with. My legs need to breathe once in a while” she shrugs and walks over to the ranger, leaning over with a cocked brow.

      “Is there a problem, officer?”