Conrart Weller before Yuri was born Conrad used to be cold hearted parson after Lady Julia died after the war was over Conrad push people away, or treat them so codling, from the pain the woman he really loved and care for her.

After Yuri was born Conrad being to smile again he want to everyone to feel his happiness with the new Demon king had been born he want for everyone happy with no fear pain and sadness for the demon kingdom.

A Helping Hand

Description: Cas x Reader Fluff. Cas finds reader self harming and tries his best to make her feel happy and loved and distract her etc etc
Words: 1,417
Warnings: Self harm
Author’s Note: Courtesy of a very delayed train yesterday, I had some time to write! Definite trigger warning on this, though. Please PLEASE don’t read if it’s going to make things even minutely worse, I’d hate to think my writing had done that. I want you guys to know I’m always here, 100%, for any of you if you need to talk!

Request: Hi :) um could you maybe do an imagine where Cas finds the reader self harming and stops her and tells her how special she is and stuff. It’d be great if you could! Thanks xoxo

Sometimes, things come out of the blue, that’s just how life works. When you least expect something, that is the time it’s guaranteed to hit you. You could be doing anything, anywhere at any time, and that’s why today had hit you harder than ever.

You dealt with ghosts of the past on a day to day basis with the WInchesters, but usually they weren’t ghosts from your own past. It was over now, that was all you kept telling yourself, but there was something there, niggling at the edge of your brain, blaming you and telling you how you should have done more. By the time you got back to the motel, you were desperately trying to bury the thoughts but they were there, stubbornly clinging on.

“Hey guys, any chance I can get my own room tonight?” You said with a mock cheerfulness as you rolled up to the reception with the brothers. They hadn’t noticed how the hunt had effected you and you fully intended to keep it that way. Some time alone was what you needed, and you really were not in the mood for brotherly squabbles and bad jokes. 

“Yeah, sure, was it something he said?” Dean laughed, nodding his head at Sam.

“Nah, just, um, girl problems?” You said. Your voice rose on the end and if the pair of them had noticed that you were lying, they either didn’t care or didn’t want to ask.

“Say no more.” Sam said, giving Dean a glare, before striding up to the desk and sorting out the rooms for the night.

They were pretty good at letting you have your own space, which you were thankful for on days like today. Within 10 minutes you had your bag on the bed and you were shut away in your own little haven. You took a few deep breaths and tried to make yourself relax.

If you hadn’t seen him, maybe it would have been different. He was from a time you though you had drawn a line under, but seeing him in person again had brought reality crashing back. All the times you’d felt the loneliness or felt worthless, every cruel word you’d heard all fighting for attention all at once.

It was that distraction that had nearly let Sam get hurt, and you codling help but think it was your fault.

You felt your heart hammering in your chest and your breathing quicken. Tears pricked at the edge of your vision as you walked through to the sink of grimy en suite and splashed some water on your face.

Snap out of it, Y/N, don’t go back there. You tried to tell yourself the script you’d practised so many times, tried to block the other thoughts. Biting down hard on your lip, you looked up to the ceiling in an effort to stop the tears that were threatening to spill over. One day makes a colossal difference.

You patted your face dry and wandered back to the reached over to your bag, feeling for the blade that you knew was close to the top.

Of course it’s no different this time. Did you really think things had changed? You closed your eyes and took a shaky breath. You felt the sharp edge of the blade with the tip of your finger, begging you for the release.

No one would notice. You’re not better than this. Bringing the blade out, you rolled up your sleeve and hovered over the skin of your arm. You paused, squeezing your stinging eyes shut.

Just do it. No one will care now, just like no one ever cared before. A small sob escaped your throat and with a deep breath, you made the first cut. The sting from the blade overwhelmed your senses for a moment before subsiding and you let out the breath you’d barely been aware you were holding.

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. So now what? You’re a hunter that can’t handle pain? You bit your lip, letting your tears flow fully now. You heard a sound like Cas’ wings but settled on the fact it was probably just the curtains moving around in the breeze. Raising the knife, you moved to a fresh patch of skin and pressed down.

“Y/N? Sam said the hunt-” your head whipped up at the sound of Castiel’s voice, just to the side of you.

“Shit! Cas! A little warning?!” You spluttered out, dropping the knife and ripping down the sleeve of your shirt.

“I didn’t mean to alarm you, it was just… Wait, you’re bleeding. You cut yourself?” His eyes went wide as his eyes flicked from the small specks of blood on your shirt to the blade on the floor.

“It’s nothing.” You snapped, using your hand to quickly wipe at your eyes.

“Is it a spell? Would you like me to heal you?” The angel spoke quickly but firmly.

“It’s not a spell, no. It’s not important, what did you want?”

Cas said nothing, but walked over and crouched in front of you. He peered up into your eyes before looking at your arm, silently asking if he could look.

You pursed your lips and stared back for a moment, before rolling your eyes and yanking your sleeve up angrily. The fabric stung as it separated from the clotting blood, but you ignored it. Castiel placed his hand gently over the area and a soft glow emanated from his palm.

He couldn’t just walk away. Now he feels sorry for you. Pathetic. He pulled his hand back and looked into your face again, brow furrowed.

“Why did you do this?” He said, the glow from his grace slowly fading out of his irises as he spoke.

“Call it coping.” You scoffed.

“Like Dean drinks and Sam shuts himself in research denial.” Cas said, his brow furrowed, you couldn’t tell if he was making a joke or being serious but you let out a short laugh anyway.

“Kind of, I know it’s bad, I… I’m working on it,” you said with a strained smile. “What did you want?”

“I’d like to help you, any way I can.”

“You don’t have to pretend, it’s fine.”

“Of course I’d want to help you, you’re so special and so perfect in your own way. Sam, Dean and I wouldn’t be the same people without you.” He paused to gage your reaction.

“You’re just saying that because you have to.” You mumbled, diverting your eyes.

“Why would I lie? You help countless people, but more importantly, you’re Y/N and we need you. I need you.” He added quietly. “Besides, isn’t saving people what we do?” He said with a small smirk. In one swift motion, he pulled himself up and sat next to you on the bed, a rigid arm awkwardly hovering around your shoulders.

“Um, Cas, what are you doing?”

“I’m comforting you.”

“Relax your arm, doofus.” You laughed, giving him a playful poke and curling into his side a little. He shuffled but quickly got the message and relaxed into it, wrapping you in a tight embrace.

“Are you finished on this hunt?” He said, after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“Um, yeah, why?”

“I’m taking you away for a weekend. That’s what humans do now, right? Get away from everything and distract yourself?” He said in a cheery voice.

“I can’t just leave Sam and-” You were cut off in your sentence by a small blast of wind as Cas disappeared. You looked around, confused, but he returned within a minute looking deadly serious.

“They’re now aware. Dean suggested Las Vegas.”

“What!? Wait. You didn’t tell them about-… No, slow down. Vegas? I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t suit you.” You grinned at the idea. Gabriel or Balthazar in Vegas made sense, but cas? No.

His face softened at the sight of you smiling and he took a breath to speak, but you cut him off.

“How about somewhere more, I don’t know, quiet? Rural? Relaxing?”

“Of course, um…” He squinted his eyes a little, clearly in thought. “I remember hearing Transylvania is nice this time of year.”

“As in Transylvania, Romania? Dracula? Nice get away.” You said with poorly masked scepticism.

“He wasn’t really a vampire, but I think you would like it, it’s quiet and-”

“Whatever! It sounds lovely, Cas,” you interrupted him, with a small smile, “let’s get out of here.”

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40. for jacob?

You frowned down at the piece of paper in your hand and looked back to the covered-in-clues wall of the train hideout. It made no sense. Everything pointed in the wrong direction — maybe it was Starrick trying to shake the assassins off his heels? Or maybe you got everything wrong? Maybe you should go ask Evie to gather more intel with you later, just for sure—

Then Jacob huffed as he landed on the ragged carpet of the moving train and you spun around to greet him — that being completely forgotten when you saw his swollen black eye.

“Who gave you that black eye?!” you demanded, slamming the piece of paper on the nearby table and coming closer to codle the careless assassin in a hurry. “Jacob, I swear, you have to be more—“

“Careful.” He replied with humor. “It’s nothing, love.”

“Like hell it’s nothing, Jacob Frye.” You retorted angrily, tracing your fingers over his face carefully and gently. “Tell me. Was it another of your gang fights?” you inquired, guiding him to sit down on the couch to take a closer look at him.

“Why would think that?” Jacob asked, giving you his best shit-eating-grin which made you click your tongue, fetching a bottle of whiskey and a rag from the table.

You rose an eyebrow at him, pairing up with his ironic expression. “Because I know you. Now, take off your shirt.”

“At least it was a good fight.” Jacob commented but followed your orders, getting rid of the blood stained waistcoat and shirt. “You should’ve been there to see it.”

“I honestly think I should’ve been there to keep you from trying to kill yourself.” You joked, sitting in front of him and soaking the rag with the strong drink.

“You hurt my feelings, love.” Jacob hissed as you gently dabbed at the corner of the blackened eye with the cloth.

“I’m sure you’ll live.” You smiled tenderly at him, getting back to work on his bruised face.

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A Zico smut where you're at his house and daring each other do stupid stuff like prank calling U-kwon. Then he decides to dare you to do something dirty to him (you can decide) and then the smut begins. It isn't their first time btw, they're dating

Oh, this might be an interesting one to try writing. Ever since “Tough Cookie”, I’ve known Zico a little better, but let’s not dive into that controversy, shall we, and just focus on the scenario! And back to scenarios, guys! And defiantly more to come!

This is a dating Zico scenario, smutty, and short in length.

Enjoy everyone


It’s A Dare 

The dial tone was all you could hear as you waited for your boyfriends other line to pick up. He was already silently chuckling at you, but you had to hush him once you heard he was connected to one of his fellow members. He even downloaded a texting app and used that number for full effect. He waited for U-Kwon to say his regular greeting before the conversation ensued.

“This is Yu Kwon, who is this?” You had to slap Zico to try and put some logic into him, since he wasn’t saying anything from silently laughing too much, making it awkward and possible might make U-Kwon hang up. He then cleared his throat some before he spoke in a lower register than his voice was already.

“I got the money. Please give me back my daughter. I want her back.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It was that initial reaction you were expecting, but your boyfriend continued to speak in such a low voice that was starting to slightly turn you on, for some reason.

“This was the number I was given to call once I got the cash, isn’t it? It has to be! I saved this number…..” You could even hear the panic noises in Kwon’s voice as he stuttered in the phone

“This can’t be right, you have the wrong person, I swear…….” There was a sound of defeat in his voice, trying to keep himself from bawling to the person that he thought was a stranger.

“What am I going to do now? He still has her! I miss her so much, please help me find her…….” Zico even started having tears coming from his eyes, he was getting into it way too much. You even felt like consoling him, as you went to rub his forearm, as that was his most tender spot to make him instantly feel better, but he gave you a wink that was purposely overdone to show that he was just fine, making you realize his acting skills were more than you remembered them to be, making you laugh some yourself, but you made yourself quiet because the call was still going on.

“I don’t know how to help you man, I really don’t know, I’M SORRY.” The horror in his voice was real, and you almost felt bad for pranking the most innocent member of your boyfriends group, but you knew that Zico would probably tell him when he was going to hang up. Hopefully he would be that nice. He continued.

“I’m going to keep looking, if you can look got her, tell her her father, Woo Ji Ho, is looking for her.” He ended the call in laughter to match yours as you were holding your sides. You weren’t sure why it was so funny, but he was just as amused as you were. You were on the same couch as he was, so amidst the laughter, you ended up knocking foreheads, looking into each other’s eyes. Not like you hadn’t had sexual tension like this before, and plenty of times it lead to what it was alluding to anyways, but in the midst of the casual environment, it seemed odd, almost out of place. But you looked at him with a smirk as you scoffed before you spoke again.

“It’s my turn now. Dare me something.” You rose back up to sitting up right, waiting for him to respond. He stayed down where you and him meet foreheads for a few more seconds, in a daze or in some type of confusement. You were one of the few who could confuse him so easily, and that was the funny dominance thing between you both. You knew that he was going to take action soon enough, but that was why you chose dare. You knew he was going to ask, and you were willing to take whatever he would try to put you through. He just had to be dominant, his instincts wouldn’t let otherwise be allowed. Luckily for you, that type of thing was your type of thing. So, you were willing to take advantage of it when the opportunity presented itself. He came back up, same as you did, with a now more calm composure than a few seconds before. He crossed a leg over his other one, crossed his arms, and smirked at you. You knew he had something good in store.

“I dare you to give me a lap dance.” Ok, a lot more straightforward than you imagined, but you could still work with it. You started to act nervous, play it up a little for him a little. He saw your act and gave you a sly look.

“It’s a dare, you have to do it.” He even reached for the stereo remote, turning on his music you dared to to dance silly to, but as he scrolled through the tracks, some very sensual music began to blare through them. You looked at him in shock, but with some slight delighted surprise. You got up from the sofa and stood yourself in front of him. You let the music take control from there. You could feel yourself instantly moving to the beat of the wordless tune coming from the speakers, but you were more focused on yourself and not even really paying attention to his reaction. But that’s how you’d get him. You’d try to only get him even more aggravated by seeming innocently ignoring him.

“Aren’t I the focus of this performance? You ought to come here.” He then pointed in the space in front of him that you started with, but gradually made into a bigger space just to aggravate him. You turned your head so you could look him straight in the eyes, gave a half smile at him, and you then walked up right toward him maintaining eye contact. His smirk grew bigger the closer you got, but you didn’t bend over to greet him per how you normally would, but just turned back around and started to dance again, trying to move your ass to the music, but more importantly, trying to tempt him by flaunting it in front of him. You knew that it was a weakness of his, and he would succumb to you soon, and you knew that he had when you heard him moan as you felt his hands grasp your rear end. His clamp on you made you surprised making you lose your balance for a moment, but you keep your momentum and continue to grind to the beat, making yourself seem so composed when you were internally panicking. You could have all the composure in the world yet still feel nervous around him. That was probably also why you were attracted to him, you could be so confident around other males, but he made you weak in the knees in anxiety. It was still a competition, and you always want to try and win for yourself, but he still sometimes ‘won’ in your eyes. It’s what kept the relationship alive a majority of the time, but you knew that more action was about to fall through, you felt yourself falling backwards, but guided at the same time. You could now only feel his lap as your new seat for the next few minutes. You lifted yourself from, but you ended up just letting the music moving back and forth to the music once again as your rear moved its way all around his crotch area, trying to work deep into him, as much as you could. As much effort as you put into it, you still weren’t making as much noise as he was. His grunting noises were only making you more enticed to force yourself into him as much as was physically possible, but that lead you to another idea. Why not show him both sides that he apparently loved so much? You whipped yourself around so now your legs were wrapped around his back, supported by the couch’s cushion. His eyes were wide because you faced him so fast, you yourself was even light-headed, so he looked dazed to go from seeing your back to your front. But, you didn’t let his confusion stop you as you were hopefully that a bit more action would get him back to thinking properly so he can admire what exactly you were dared to do. Your hips began to gyrate even better than your rear end could. Even with your legs and arms wrapped around him, you were still losing to gravity in trying to stay on him. He seemed to either see your struggling or his instincts kicked in and he now couldn’t bare to keep his hands off of you. As this grabbing was much harsher on your rear end, but it made a better feeling than it did before. It made you retract some, but it was also the next move you wanted to do to him anyways. You circled the air behind you, showing off your collarbones that you knew wouldn’t be so free for much longer, but trying to make him come to you first was only going to make you more excited, as per just how you were, and it seemed to be working. The moment you saw his face once more, you knew that he was starting to hold back from trying to attack you. His eyes gave it away, but his lip with forced between his teeth, trying not to make anymore noise. He was failing at this, regardless, but you were taking it in stride. 

Checkmate. You had won this one. 

You felt yourself being enveloped into him, more than before, and you felt him trying to move his hands at an accelerated rate, making runs all over your body, feeling up your back, down your hips, groping whatever he could to make sure he was touching the beautiful goddess he saw you as. You were still in charge, making him more thrusts at him as he tried to tame you, knowing that it would probably end in a dispute later, but for right now that meant nothing. You just had to have to have each other right now. You went for his neck, codling yourself in the area above his collarbone. Your teeth were fierce, embodying what he was wanting to do to you, claiming his skin in mouthfuls at a time. You could feel his hand creep under your shirt, tugging at the hooks on your bra strap. If this were normal, he would have it off by now, but maybe he liked having you take the rains more often, so you reached your hands to remove it. You pushed down his hand so it wasn’t in the way as you were able to remove your bra much faster than he ever could. His grin was glaring you down, knowing that the next step was come just as quick as the removal of your brasserie. You felt being pulled forward, getting on top of him, feeling him now ready for you. His shirt was off in a flash, and you could his member just itching to get the rest off now. You couldn’t hold back from his buckle, maneuvering the metal to just have it hid in the wad of his pants seconds later. He couldn’t hold back from ripping from you either as your shorts landed close to his upon the floor. Your hands couldn’t stay off of him, tracing around him, waiting for him to finish preparing for you so you could have him inside of you. His boxers were off when you looked down, seeing that he was happy and almost ready for you. You grabbed that happiness and stroked it at various speeds, trying to see what would make him scream the most. Of course, your fastest made him react the most, so even though you knew you’d have a sore arm later, you knew he would make it all seem better in a few more minutes. He tossed his head back some, and with the bottom half of his face still in slight sight, you could see his lip was bitten hard, almost as hard as was right now. You reached for his chin with your other hand, bringing him up to make eye contact. You gave him a slight smirk, knowing that he was vulnerable because of you. You knew that he couldn’t stand for that, so he had you underneath him in a flash, and you knew that the sore arm would be worth what he would do to try and outdo you. You would get the most out of it anyways, right? So what was there to complain about? At the end of it all, he would be just as satisfied as you would be, so there was nothing really wrong with it, in that regard. It was that give and take that made your relationship the best you ever had before. 

You were brought back to reality as you felt his teeth begin to nibble on your neck, making you squirm but quickly submit to him, for he could make you just as easily weak as you could to him. Your hair was pushed away from your face as you adjusted yourself because you knew he would be entering you soon. He was big on eye contact during the actual sex, so he would try and make sure that he could see you from the very beginning and hopefully to the very end. He raised himself up, and you spread your legs out a little more to indicate you were done waiting on him and to just get to it now. His look was skeptical, but he knew he would have to deal with complaining later if he didn’t obey you. 

You had him once again. 

He was fast to get inside of you, and all you could do to was to try and not react at all. You couldn’t let him think he had the upper hand, because his first thrust would always get you. He pushed through another time, making you feel like he was trying to poke a hole through you. You used your hands to almost life him off of you, expressing  a grimace of obvious pain, trying to make him feel bad and start going slower. 

You had him once more. 

He had a sheepish smile on him now, trying to be more gentle. You wouldn’t speak of it again, because he would start gentle, but he would then escalate into maximum overdrive, and at least then you could handle it. His pace started out slow as per your request, and it got you thinking that maybe it would be nice to have it like that all the time. But then you remembered that ‘going slow’ was never really your thing, and you sure weren’t about to try as he quickly started thrusting faster. It made you remember that you always want to have it fast paced or it would be too boring for you. You felt him going hard as he reached his top speed, moving you back and forth on the couch. The fabric felt good against your bare back, as you clutched it between your fingers to hold you in place. He was getting at you so far you had moans flowing from your mouth now. He made you like this eventually, but this quickly, it was a surprise for you. He was getting rougher now, making your walls feel as if they would deteriorate, but his aim got much better as the seconds went on, making the experience much better now than it was before. You felt yourself being forced back and forth again, but he was just rocking you too hard. His face was beginning to relax some, as he was just getting into his own rhythm. You were now feeling more comfortable, releasing the couch below you to reach above you, around his neck. Your hands started there, but they found their way reaching down his back even more. He had just then hit a sweet spot of yours, and your nails found themselves in his back. You saw him slightly flinch, but it was something he loved, so it went quickly into a lip bite. You pressed even deeper into his skin until he moaned out in real pain. It was just another teasing tactic, make him climax even faster.His hands were now in their final position: right next to your sides. You could feel his slight increase in speed to help him finish in a blazing heat, which would benefit you as well, so you didn’t stop him from trying to slow down. You found yourself coming close yourself, and your arms left his back and plopped next to his hands, overcoming with the sensations coming from him, making him know it by saying his name a few times, with staggered breathing in between. You could hear the syllables of your name coming from him, but as he was doing the more work between the both of you, you could forgive him. For now. You then felt it, the overflow of pleasure coming from him and you at the same time. Your back arched, his face was up to the ceiling; it was over now. After a few more seconds, he removed himself from you and kneeled himself up. He looked down at you, and he just seemed so satisfied. Not with his own performance, but the fact that you were below him.That he could do this with you, essentially, whenever he wanted; With who he really cared about. And you looked up and thought the same. This was what relationships were really about; being able to do as you please with each other and it not be awkward. That was the true beauty in relationships, and you had that. He adjusted himself so he was sitting how one would normally sit on a sofa as he picked up his clothes. You sat yourself up, and he held his bra out to you. You smiled smugly and put it on, but struggled with the back clasps. He gestured for you to turn around. He then had his hands on the fabric and linked them carefully. You couldn’t get a stupid smile off your face. After rough sex, he can still be a gentleman; Another reason to love him. You then reached for the rest of your garments and had them back on in minutes. He had his on quicker, but granted he was always fast, after all. He then got up and went for his cell phone. He then had a number dialed quickly. Since the room was quiet, you could hear i was your favorite Chinese place he was calling. He looked over at you and asked

“Do you want your usual?” You looked up at him and scoffed at him with a snarky response.

“I dare you to order it extra spicy for me.” So, of course he showed you a half smile as he ordered your normal with the spiciest you could get at the place. That ass. Regardless, you dare him, so of course he had too. He then proceeded to order his usual and hang up. He sat next to you, holding you over by the shoulder. He looked down at you.

“Maybe we ought to do truths sometime.” You saw the perfect opportunity to add a cute comment, so of course you responded

“Ok. Truth: That was the best sex we’ve had in a while.


So I have comeback, and I’m not exactly proud of this one, but at least this is something for all you BBC’s out there. I hope it’s enough for ya! If you haven’t already, follow for more content. So, now I got this one out of the way and I got some clarification for the next one, I’m finally getting back into the swing of this things, so let’s hope it can get back to the way it was before, since I know you guys are eager to see me providing more content, I hope. Until the next post, I hope you have a good day anon!

WINTER SNOW-- Gruvia Drabble

Winter Snow

Check out my Drabble Fic on! 

              “Here you go, Gray-sama.” Juvia walks into the main room of their home, holding two steaming cups of hot chocolate.

               Gray glances up from the black marks that marred his hand, startled by how close she was. It didn’t seem to matter how long they remained together, he wasn’t going to get used to having her around at every turn with anything he could possibly need. It was overwhelming, to be honest. Juvia asked for nothing in return but his company, and he knew he’d been pretty bad at that lately. She smiles warmly and motions with the mug in his direction until he takes it.

               “Thanks Juvia.”

               She turns and collects herself on the sofa beside him, keeping an unusually respectable distance. He raises an eyebrow in her direction, waiting for her to cause some sort of uproar that would put them back where he was used to being, in the comfortable sense of having an excuse to push her away. It happened less and less, and Gray wasn’t sure he wanted it to be that way at all.

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This Means War. Part Six.

Other MMFD Fanfics by me- HERE

This Means War

Set the summer after their first year of college is over. 
The gang get into a pranking war.


• Part One • Part Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five


This Means War. Part Six.


This was awkward.

Here we are.

All six of us.

Karim and my Mum had just left, after buying us all a round of drinks when she had informed Chop of everything that had happened from his car meddling.

Well everyone else had a pint, while I got stuck with bloody apple-tizer. Bullshit.

Another time pills have interfered with me being able to drink.

As soon as they had left we just Sat at our usual table, in complete silence.

“Who’s getting the round then?” Archie finally broke the silence.

“I will” Chop stood.

“No” we all shouted.

None of us trusted him not to do anything.

We bloody knew him.

That was reason enough.

“Fine, come to the bar with me, Chlo’ ” Why did he single her out?

“Archie too” Protection. Smart, taking back-up with her.

“Bloody hell” I shook my head.

This really was either going to end us or never going to end.

“You alright girl?” Finn asked as Izzy laughed a little. Is she up to something now too?

I just nodded and smiled at my boyfriend before glancing up at the bar, were our friends all had their backs to each other.

When the three of them finally sat back down at the table Chloe winked at me. Oh god. What has she done?

It did not take long to work out what.

Chop had barely taken one gulp of his pint before he spat it out.

Spraying it over the table and all of us sat around it. Marvelous.

I think some even went to my teeny tiny bottle of bloody apple-bloody-tizer. Good, maybe I could get an actual pint now.

“Fucking hell”

“What was that?” He demanded. What?

Chloe gave it away when she started to laugh though. Fucking hell

“What did you do?” he stood up and was pointing at her.

“You ruined my car!” she shouted, while trying not to smile.

“I’m going to fix it, ain’t I!” he shouted back.

The entire pub was now watching our table as though its was bloody Coronation Street.



“Not soon enough!” she stood up “Do you know how mental my parents went?” it was true.

If they hadn’t of still been codling her after what had happened last year, she would of been grounded for, well ever probably.

She was so lucky.

Well not with what had happened to her car, but because her parents had not killed her over it.

“It wasn’t meant to be that..” he struggled to speak.

Violent?” Archie finished for him.

It was true.

Chop admitted, while Mum was still here that the airbag was never meant to pretty much explode, like it had. ‘Must of connected a wire wrong by accident’ was his excuse. He was meant to be a bloody mechanic.

I am not a hundred percent buying it, but, what could I do?

“You broke my girlfriends nose!” Finn shouted. Oh god. Here we go again.

Yep, everyone is definatley starring now.

“I didn’t mean to!” he pouted “and you’ve given me black eyes, probably” They did look a little swollen.

“Well you did”

“Look, I tried to apologise earlier” He looked at me with regret “I never meant for anyone to break their bloody nose!”

“It still happened though Chop” Chloe muttered as she sat back down.

She was lucky that she hadn’t been the one to get the brunt of the airbag. She would of strung him up by his balls on that wooden fence outside.

“What did you put in my drink?” He went back to what had just happened.

“Tabasco sauce” Jesus “Its was on the bar” she told him with a shrug.

“Bloody hell” he shook his head.

Archie snorted.

Now what?

“I might of put vinegar in it too” Oh my god. Bloody brilliant.

Chop actually laughed.

We all looked at each other, and it wasn’t until Archie had some of his own drink, that he had been holding when Chop spat his out. Saving it from the spit, and germs, that we realised why.

Chop had also put something into everyone else’s drinks, but he had used salt.

“Even mine?” Izzy pouted at her boyfriend.

“Had to make it fair”

“Bloody hell” I muttered.

“Why salt?” Finn pushed his glass away from the edge of the table with a disgusted look.

“Cause everything else would of been seen in Rae’s”

“You’re a dick” Finn shook his head.

“You had me arrested!” he was back to shouting.

“It wasn’t real” I laughed.

“Yeah, well” he huffed “My neighbors’ don’t know that do they? They’re going to think I’m a freaking criminal”

“If the shoe fits” Archie chuckled.

Once we had all settled down Chop actually giggled, again. What this time?

The rest of us, including Izzy, were looking at him, waiting.

“It was good though”

“Huh?” Did I just say that out loud?

“Fake arresting me, it was a good one”

“That was my idea” Chloe smiled, widely at him. Hang on, it was Mum who put most of it together.

Rolling my eyes at my best mate I turned to Finn “Wanna go back to mine?”

“Hell yes” he smiled. Oh man.

“Come on Izz, Lets go, I want some Chips” No one else would want to go with them, and I am guessing he knew that. Fear of the prank.

Not waiting for his girlfriend to answer him, Chop simply walked away, towards the doors.

She waited until he had actually walked through the open door before grabbing me and whispering “He’s afraid of clowns

“You what?”

“You can use that, for next time and now I’m apart of it” he looked kind of excited.

Again. “Huh?”

She didn’t say anything to explain and ran to join Chop.

Did Izzy just tell me that Chop was afraid of clowns?

Bloody hell.

“What was that about?” Chloe asked.



The next afternoon the gang, with the except of Chop. Who was apparently at a job interview at a garage or something, was at Archie’s house.

We were laying around in his back garden. It was kind of peaceful being able to hang out without worrying about pranks and tricks. Bloody Chop.

Archie was trying to teach Chloe how to play the guitar and failing miserably.

I felt sorry for the instrument.

You could tell he was getting a bit frustrated with her but was keeping his cool. He was a good friend.

After a while she got bored though and joined me and Izzy at the table while the guys went inside.

“Do you reckon they’re up to summet” Izzy asked sniffing “Bloody hayfever” she muttered.

“Prank?” I asked. When she shrugged I added “Nah, well I hope not”

“I’ve been thinking” Careful “That the three of us should have a girls day, shopping and hanging out, no boys”

“Shopping?” Is she joking?

“Yes, and before you say no I think you should really go”

“And why’s that Chlo’ ?”

“Well, its been a year since you met Finn soon”


“So?” She leant forwards and whispered “You should get some dead sexy underwear and heels, seduce him”

“Excuse me?” Heels? She is mental!

“Look Chlo’, I’m the kind of girl who misses her mouth when trying to eat. Do you honestly think that I am co-ordinated enough to wear heels during sex?”

Izzy laughed. Oi.

“I have enough of a hard enough time walking in a straight line with them on!”

“You won’t be walking though Rae”

“I would fall, break my neck and die naked on the bedroom floor”

“At least you would have sexy shoes on”

“Jesus Chlo!”

“What? You would!”


“And sexy underwear too” Izzy added.

“You’re both mental” I guess they’re in good company then.

“If she still has it on” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.



God, imagine me in nothing but heels. Good god.

Well, actually Finn might….

A scream, enturly too girly came from the house.

“What was that?”

Fucking hell. What now?

We quickly got up and rushed into the house through the patio doors.

“Finn?” I shouted as we moved towards the front of the house.

“Is it on me, oh my god how many are there?” Archie?

What the bloody hell is going on?

“Shut up Arch!”

“Don’t tell me to…ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Opening the hallway door we finally saw the pair.

Pair of complete idiots.

Archie was crouching on top of the side table, by the front door and Finn was hanging off the banister rail. His feet where a good two foot of the ground.

“What you doing?” Chloe asked from besides me.

“Oh no” Finn muttered before shouting “Is one crawling on me?” his voice squeaked a little at the end. 

“One what?”

Spiders” Archie whispered.

What the hell?

He was pointing at a medium brown box on the rug in front of him.

“Spiders?” I squinted my eyes and sure enough, there was, more than  possible to count, largish spiders, like those ones you get in the house when its raining and you leave a window open, scuttling out of the box.

Wait. Were they scared of spiders? Finn?

Chlo’ and Izzy who had been standing next to me let out small screeches, before running off, back towards the garden. 

Hold the fucking phone.

Am I the only one not scared of spiders?

Bloody hell.

“Don’t jus stand there Rae” Archie groaned “Do something!”