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(Vixy is the Human, Vixen is The MindGhost) heres the Story of a Girl……. Her name. was Vixy. Vixy was your averege Girl. She was Pretty. She was Bullied. she had friends. she had family. She was Perfect. but……there was one thing…… her parents couldn’t produce another offspring. Vixy wanted a Sister. but when Vixy turned 5. she grew lonely. slowly. Creating a Creature. Called a MindGhost. The Docters say it’s a Medical Codition that happenswhen a Child feels Desprete for Something or Someone. to the point in, Creating something Imaginary….. The Docters have created these Meds, in hopes it would make them go away. but… only keeps them away for a amount of time. Vixy never took her meds……she was Okay with her MindGhost. she even said “It was Like having a twin Sister!” to her parents and her Docters. She grew up with her MindGhost. until her Emotions Kicked in……. She had called Her MindGhost “Vixen” and Vixen only wanted to be Like a real Sister. but……. No one can see her other than Vixy. ……. …… Until Highschool……. —————-To Be Continued———————

i cant believe i havent talked about this on here before but 

another bad thing abt diagnoses and the way psychiatry operates is that it pathologise people on an individual level , also in cases where it is socio-economic coditions or trauma that is behind the problems people are experiencing.

one very sad example is that abused children will often display symptoms of adhd and so will be given a diagnosis and perhaps given treatment instead of getting help to deal with or get out of the abusive situation. a norwegian group found that children would often not tell abt abuse bc of the way our psychiatry for children and youth  (BUP) works. 

bc they are so interested in finding out diagnoses and any behavioural issue that bothers the adults around them, they forget the child’s perspective and to ask why it acts out or if there is something bothering them. the focus is on labelling and treating the child, often just changing the child’s Problem Behaviours instead of finding out what the child wants and needs help with, and as a result the child suffers in silence.

not to mention that BUPs insistence on involving the parents (even when the child doesnt wnat to ) and tendency to believe parents over children is just super helpful for abusive parents who get help from psychs and doctors to convince the child that it is them that there is something wrong with, not the parent or the abuse. and when there are so many adults (Doctors and Psychologists even) saying that, they start to believe it.

Do you think her decision was selfish? 
1) “ Hul, swearing on broadcast…. How could she think of doing that when the camera’s recording lights are on…”

2) “ Sulli is even worse… She laughs so awkwardly, keeps a stone cold face, loses focus on the conversation, fidgets in her seat… It made me, a viewer, so uncomfortable watching her. I will never watch another show with Sulli on it again. ”

3) “For Sulli… It’s just expected for her to half a$$ her choreography.. Nothing new or surprising here.”

4) “Must be easy living her life considering you can lose weight with shots, date around with EXO, and half a$$ your performances on stage ”

5) “ I feel sorry now for hating on Sulli for half a$$ing her stage… Dating Choiza, I can imagine why she’d have no strength to perform on stage… I understand~~~”

6) “I guess it’s because of "that” that her mouth is looking bigger.
Choi Jinri ♥Big Pen–

7) “If all of this is goind down the drain because of Sulli, she is seriously so, so irresponsible

8) She is pregnant! 

Would you smile happily after this?
Sulli is getting hate since last year.
She is tired, sad and broken and even in that codition she requested SM to drop the lawsuit against the girl who made malicious rumors about her. 

I’m sure Luna, Amber, Krystal and Victoria are supporting her. F(amily) is strong. 
We have to be patience.
Our baby is not ok and she needs this break. 

We’ll be there for her, right? :) 

There is nothing really special about this. It’s deadwood on an oak tree. The other day I mentioned that limbs should be pruned off at the branch bark collar with a 3-point cut. So that the hormones will be released and the C.O.D.I.T. process will begin. It’s really evident where that line is on this tree. It’s that line where the normal bark stops and forms a 45 degree angle.

Also, if you’re going to cut an oak at all do it when it is dormant if oak wilt is active in your area.