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Códice Tuna | on Tumblr (Germany/Mexico)

Códice Tuna, “The Indian-fig Codex” in Spanish, is the name of the international art collective founded by Sinuhé David and Borayin Larios in 2008. It reads itself like a pre-hispanic codex where the word and image coexist to tell a story. Influenced by popular art and kitsch, as well as mysticism and surrealism, Códice Tuna decided to give form to their vision of the world through art. To share their critical vision and to provoke reflexion, Códice Tuna uses different techiniques and media such as street art through stencils, stickers, t-shirts and other accessories. Please visit Códice Tuna’s website, Flickr or follow their Tumblr for more work and inspiration.

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