codex x fawkes


Just a grade A moment between Codex and Fawkes

So, my blog kind of gonna become a major Codex x Fawkes blog, since this ship doesn’t have much tumblr support. Therefore, I have one more reason to learn how to make gifs on photoshop.

But most importantly we need a ship name different from Cawkes. Nowadays you have to put #Team Cawkes, because apparently Cawkes is related to porn. Every time I search for it a see penises's pictures

#And they aren’t Wil Wheaton penis’s pictures #Getting inside Felicia Day #That was gross #Sorry

We need another ship name. Zaboo, you’re useless!!! (Inserts gif I don’t have the skills to make from S04e03 in which Zaboo says he is Team Cawkes shipper)

Fawkes himself gave us some ideas in the one-shot comic-book The Guild: Fawkes