Codex Files, Issue #17

**Warning. This Comic will be using naughty words and have grown up, perhaps NSFW content at times.**

And the first introspective for a character that isn’t Archimedes! And finally we find out why the comic is called the Codex Files. Only took me 17 issues to get here… >_>

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Cast of Characters

So my post on non-magic medicine in Thedas has gotten popular. And I’ve been seeing some posts wondering about magical healing lately. So I decided to make a post about magical healing. Then decided I should make a series and later adress blood magic and necromancy because apparently I can’t do anything small. BUT this is not about that. This is about Magical Healing. Which I have said already…. Multiple times… MOVING ON!

The first place to look is the abilities and healing mechanics in the games themselves

The first thing to understand is that the ability to heal besides minor wounds in Dragon Age does not come from the mage themselves but from the spirits they coax over from the fade aid them.

I mean let’s be real here. All Anders would have to do is go running around on the other side shirtless.

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A look at lore in the Chant of Light - AKA WHY THE HECK has no one been looking at this shit!!!

As a source for lore about the nature about the dragon age world I think the chant of light is all but ignored. Part of me understands this of course. Humans were the late comers. They are plain. They do not seem to have anything special in Thedas other than their ego.

But there is no reason to try to learn everything that can be learned from every other culture and leave humans out.


World of Thedas II talks about the origin of the chant, which is huge. That the chant we have in our hands is translated from the Ciriane (ancient orlesian) that it was written in by Justinia I

Furthermore though she is credited with writing it  modern study revels the chant has a variety of inconstant styles and repetitions as well as contractions. indicating multiple different authors

It is now believed that Justinia was actually describing a much older oral tradition.

What I find most interesting of all is that there are Tevinter legal documents from as far back as -182 that make reference to “The Slave Dirge” which was apparently sung during uprisings

This means that a version of the Chant of Light was being sung by Tevinter slaves (mostly elves) before Andraste ever reached them.

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Confession:  It bothers me in DA:I that you can only get the codex entries for the assorted wildlife by killing them. My general rule for the DA games (and also Skyrim) is that I don’t kill things unless they pose a genuine threat to me or someone else, so I can’t bring myself to attack the fennecs, snoufleurs, druffalos, and other peaceful creatures.

Throwing out a lot of Lore Ideas

This post is me just throwing out Ideas I want to start by making that clear.

I’m not set on ANY OF THIS. But they popped into my head and seemed sufficiently un crazy enough to share.

and they are Ideas that I have not seen much of before. if at all.

I don’t have them all linked yet. But I feel like I should start throwing them out there to see what people think.

This elven writing found in the Arbor Wilds is so old as to be incomprehensible.

There are whispers from the Well of Sorrows. It’s impossible to understand the entire text, but certain parts suddenly reveal a shadow of their original meaning.

“In this place we prepare to hunt the pillars of the earth. Their workers scurry, witless, soulless. This death will be a mercy. We will make the earth blossom with their passing.”

For one moment there is a vivid image of two overlapping spheres; unknown flowers bloom inside their centers. Then it fades.

Guys…. This is not talking about dwarves… This is talking about DARKSPAWN

Soulless witless things that prevent the earth from blossoming? DARKSPAWN

But that’s ridiculous right? It’s not like the Black City is actually underground….

Varric voice: Well Shit

And that my friends is just the tip of the massive lore iceberg for today.

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Teen Makes Stellar Discovery of Previously Unknown Maya City

William Gadoury, a 15 year-old Canadian from Quebec, has revolutionized the academic world by using ingenious reasoning to discover a previously unknown Maya city. Based on his own theory - that the Maya chose the location of their cities following constellations, he realized that there must be another undiscovered city in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Satellite images of the area have confirmed his hypothesis.

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Anaphora of Mary (Mass book), St. Michael standing on the Devil, Walters Manuscript W.829, fol. 36r by Walters Art Museum
Via Flickr:
This mass book, containing one of about twenty anaphoras of the Church, was made for Wäldä Mädḫǝn between 1929 and 1942 (that is, when Yoḥannǝs or John was Patriarch of Alexandris, 1928-1942, and Qerǝlos or Cyril was the metropolitan of Ethiopia, 1929-1950). It was written by the scribe Wändǝmmu Gashaw (whose baptismal name was Gäbra Maryam) of Däbrä Libanos monastery, just north of Addis Ababba, Ethiopia. Written in Gǝ‛ǝz, the traditional liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the manuscript contains the Anaphora of Mary ascribed to Cyriacus, bishop of the city of Bahnasa, in Upper Egypt. There is a richly colored image of the Virgin and Child on the blank folio before the text, and the manuscript ends with a depiction of St. Michael conquering the Devil. Both illuminations were painted on reused text pages, which were added much later to give value to the manuscript. The late date of this work is a testimony to the remarkable continuation of the medieval manuscript tradition into the modern era in Ethiopia.

Brotherhood of Steel Codex

(With translations. Source ((including translation))

Shield yourself from those not bound to you by steel, for they are the blind. Aid them when you can, but lose not sight of yourself.

(Translation: Those who are not of the brotherhood are to be ignored, you may help them if you can but the brotherhood comes first.)

Give way your suspicions to the wisdom of thine Elder. Where he shows trust, so shall you.

(Translation: Elder Knows best and has the final say of a chapter.)

Fear those who do not pledge to the Brotherhood for though their eyes may be opened through service, they are now blind.

(Translation: Don’t trust a Wastelander, your brothers know what is right and what is wrong.)

Through discourse, we gain the strength of our Brothers’ minds.

(Translation: If you do not know it, your brother might. Look to your brother for advice above all others.)

Lying of any kind achieves nothing no matter the size, it only weakens the Brotherhood.

(Translation: No lying ever.)

The preservation of tech is our first goal, all others are secondary, even the life of those blind to the brotherhood.

(Translation: Tech is our priority goal, a suit of power armor is more important than the life of a wastelander.)

The Caste we belong to is your only concern, you will follow your leader and your leader will lead you. You may only follow the orders of another if it will save the life of a brother.

(Translation: You report only to your Head of Caste, IE Head Scribe, Head Knight, Head Paladin. Initiates report to the brotherhood as a whole, Knight, Paladins, Scribes report to their Heads of Castes and the Head of the Caste reports to the elder he/she is under. You must follow the chain of command and you may not order those from another caste no matter your rank in your own caste. You may only break this if it involves saving their life or your leader (Head of Caste, Squad Commander, High Scribe, Etc.) tell you to follow the order of another individual.)

Theft is for lesser men, the Brotherhood provides for you and you provide for the Brotherhood.

(Translation: Do not steal from each other, if you need something speak to a requisition officer or ask for it, all you own and all your brother owns belongs to each and every member.)

Do not wear what lesser men see as fashionable for those objects do nothing but shame your fellow brothers.

 (I re-translated this. The original grammar was confusing)

(Translation: You may only have hair as your hat and a face that is somewhat serious, nothing silly such as a pirate hat or eye patch. A brother can tell you if you are dressing shamefully. Outsiders should not judge the Brotherhood as “shameful”. You embarrass us all.)

The Blind can not read, only those of the Brotherhood may read these text.

(Translation: Only members of the Brotherhood may read the Codex, Senior Initiate and up. (Elders can make acceptations))


The Brotherhood doesn’t really seem to care about Wastelanders. Except Elder Maxson looks to be trying to help them… I can see where he’s conflicted.

The Tevinter Imperium - An Introduction

Hardly a corner of Thedas lies untouched by the Tevinter Imperium’s long and bloody history. Many of modern Thedas’ troubles stem directly from the Imperium’s magister lords. The Chantry teaches that it was they who forced their way into the Maker’s Golden City and turned it black with their sin. It was their pride and lust for power that caused the Maker to turn His face away from His creation. And it was those same mages—cast out of the Maker’s realm and twisted into the first darkspawn—who slunk their way deep below the ground and roused the first Archdemon from its slumber.

Two centuries later, just when the voice of Andraste had drawn the Maker’s attention back to the world, the Archon of the Tevinter Imperium released Andraste from life. The death of Andraste, beloved of the Maker, asserts the Chantry, drove Him away once more.

And yet, without the arrogance of the Imperium, neither would Thedas have ever known Andraste. If not for Archon Hessarian’s violent example, the prophet’s Chant of Light might never have survived the rebellion. Word of the prophet’s martyrdom spread, and with it, the Chant of Light.

The Tevinter Imperium lies north of Nevarra and the Free Marches, across the Silent Plains where the Archdemon Dumat was vanquished. In its far north, on the coast of the Nocen Sea is the empire’s capital, Minrathous. Though the empire’s borders have shifted over not just ages but millennia, Minrathous itself remains like an icon. Stone spires rise high above the city, lifting the magisters and the nobility away from the squalor of the decaying metropolis below. Golems still guard the city gates, the dwarven-crafted sentries watching over a city that has yet to fall to an enemy siege.

The old bones of the Imperial Highway stretch all the way from the Tevinter capital of Minrathous to locales like the ancient fortress of Ostagar in the south. Though the road has crumbled in places, much of it is still in use today. Evidence of Tevinter occupation can be found in ruined temples once dedicated to the Old Gods, or in white stone towers constructed by the Imperium’s slaves for aristocratic mages and their peers. The magister-lords of Tevinter even left their mark on the landscape itself: the carved faces of their Old Gods yet glower from the black cliffs of Kirkwall.

The Tevinter magisters’ ruthless quest for power both mundane and otherworldly has tinged people’s view of mages everywhere, leading many Thedosians to believe that all magic users are dangerous and, if not already corrupt, then easily corruptible. While mages in the Imperium enjoy great freedom to practice their craft, their brethren outside of the empire are hunted down and forced to join the Circle of Magi, where they can be kept under the watchful eyes of the templars. The heinous deeds of the ancient Tevinter mages must never be repeated; thus the templars hold the authority to destroy any mage they perceive as a danger to others. The magisters’ mark is therefore well made on the minds of the people, though it be more of a scar than a badge of honor.

Extracted and Compiled from the Dragon Age RPG by andrasteshaircurlers. 

More to come!