I can’t get over the idea of the Paladins waging war against Zarkon using memes… Like I don’t know how it would fit in the show bc the show is actually serious plot wise but can you just imagine… An entire culture of codewords Zarkon has no idea how to crack. He’d have to hire a meme consultant but even then… The ingenuity of five bored teens on a spaceship is unparalleled.

I wish there was a way to discretely figure out if a people IRL have Tumblrs or not.

Like a secret handshake that only Tumblr-ites only knew. And some code word that one could say and immediately recognize that you were from Tumblr.

It’s so weird, when I sit on the train or take a walk or talk to friend or mine, I find myself wondering whether or not the person has a Tumblr…

But I can’t just ask every person I walk up to if they have a Tumblr or not.

There HAS to be something. Something that can we can use to unite all the Tumblrians in the real world.
Racism = love of your people

If you can’t be racist towards white people, then I don’t accept that racism is a problem white people should care about. If “anti-racism” excludes us, if it’s actually working against us, then what’s in it for us?

If you can’t be racist against white people,

then Anti-Racist is just a code-word for Anti-White. I’m white.

Why should I support an anti-white agenda?

Racism = love of your people - biological evidence shows it’s evolved and all races exhibit it on the subconscious levels

Let's play a game...

Let’s see if my attractive male friend reads this blog…

He likes kitties…

He likes anime…

He likes Supernatural…

He likes Star Wars…

He likes the Interwebs…

He watches Sherlock with me…

He’s basically awesome. and soon to be a Super Wholockian. ^_^

If he does read this, find a way to work “gazebo” into our conversation tonight.


Yo soy tu, mézclate…

Es lamentable ver este tipo de publicidad por parte del gobierno español….Aquí no es que haya racismo hacia el extranjero, aquí hay odio hacia los nuestros, hacia los blancos y en este caso, hacia los españoles… bravo! Sois unos asesinos. 

¿Por qué no hacéis campañas para que África o Asia sean más diversas? ¿Por qué solo en los países blancos? 

Anti racista es una palabra clave para decir anti blanco. 

concept drawing for a painting to be done in oils :D we had a skit that we were told to explore the three ideas from the skit, which were the barn, the monkey and a codeword. This was my favourite idea :P probably going to take the 5$ and the open now out because me and my teacher feel like it is taking away from the codeword :P

Codeword: Opulent :)

anonymous asked:

why do u stan pewdiecry actually why not pewdieken etc

Before I answer this, let us remember that we’re just shipping for fun. Either way, neither of us win because neither ship is real, so really it’s all just fun and games here. (This is codeword for: Don’t get offended by my opinion of PewDieKen, please. ;~~~~~~; Love you guys.)

PewDieKen just seems too forced to me. Like it was specifically intended to cater to fangirls by having Pewds and Ken make as many gay sex jokes as possible. The “look I’m naked for Pewds right now haha”, “look I’m mentioning Pewds as if he were my partner haha”,”look me and Pewds are HUMPING each other in this game haha” is just too in your face, too attention seeking that it pretty much sucks out all the potential interest that I could have had for this ship.

This isn’t to say that PewDieCry has never made blatant gay sex jokes or that PewDieKen doesn’t have its moments were it’s as sweetly sincere as PewDieCry is, but the obvious catering just takes up so much of the ship that I just end up not caring for it, I’m sorry. (And, let’s be real here, PewDieCry only started the gay jokes when they became aware of the large fanbase the collabs garnered. PewDieKen started as jokes, without even having any shippers aboard.)

And really, the same goes for pretty much any ship that has tried to follow in the steps of PewDieCry. It’s too much for so little, if you know what I mean.

I just like my ships not so catered to this false sense of knowing what the shipper wants. I like something a little more genuine.