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Hello^^ love your blog! How would the S and M brothers (Hope that's not to much) react to a girl who uses sign language to speak?


Shu - He knows it but he ignores you unless you alert him to your presence but even then he wouldn’t stay awake long enough for you to even sign anything to him.

Reiji - He knows all form of sign language and can speak with you as if it is a normal conversation. He will have you get a phone for just in case you need to talk to him and he is unable to focus on you at that moment.

Ayato - He knows sign language as well due to all the studying he was forced to do under Codelia but getting him to use it is another thing. He’d purposely act dumb just to piss you off.

Kanato - “Why aren’t you talking to me?” He can’t read sign language and doesn’t really care to try, his patience would wear thin with you.

Laito - Laito may not know sign language but he does know some other things you can do with your hands~ No seriously though he will be secretly learning how understand sign language so he can communicate with you.

Subaru - Actually takes the time to learn so he can talk to you but would also like for you to write or text him your words since he can hardly keep up with all the signs.


Ruki - Another that knows sign language as well, he is actually faster than you with it but at the same time it’s easy to read. He also likes for you to write to him, it helps with your penmanship.

Kou - Believe it or not but Kou knows sign language! He learned it because his manager said it would help his ratings with the fans, well now he guesses it’ll come in handy after all.

Yuma - He doesn’t have the patience to learn sign language but he has learned the basics of communication, he even invests in phones for you two to talk to each other since it seemed easier.

Azusa - His movements are too slow for sign language and he can’t process your signs fast enough so you lose him often so he actually gets you to text him instead since it’s a lot easier for the both of you.

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A concept: Cordelia decorates the diner for all the jewish high holidays because she's a Good Friend™ and Whizzer gets REALLY into it and will stand on a tower made of books and chess boards and cardboard boxes (no matter how unsafe) to hang things on the ceiling


Whizzer probably falls, and it’s deja vu (Marvin catching him and dropping him, smh)