presenting: another theme !! 

anyway so i couldnt figure out what else to put in the caption so u get a cool beat poem . i made this theme like two months ago but im posting it now. im really proud of it, so i didn’t want to just leave it sitting on a sideblog 

preview & code

f e a t u r i n g !

  • contained, 400px posts, 2 extra links, 4 possible images 
  • this has 2 icon styles n the option for an extra box thingy majig idk u’ll probably have a better use for it than me !
  • as u can see, ur options resize the lil description depending on what u choose?
  • i also did a thing w like, lowkey grayscale-ing the icons & u can see below. u can find that in the code if you want it to be different and change the 60% to higher or lower !
  • last time my theme had a lot of like, little errors n such ?? and i really appreciated how when y’all found one you messaged me to let me know ? so i tried to fix them this time, and i’d appreciate it if u lmk if you find anything !! 
  • there is ALSO an option for background repeating since that seemed to be a complaint last time. which is a good idea idk why i didn’t think of it earlier ngl
  • i’d really like it if u liked this if u wanted 2 use it bc i like seeing what people do with it. makes me happy. ur free to edit as much as you want, but pls leave the credit intact. :~) 
  • yea. hope you like it 

T H E M E  #3

static preview #1 | code #1 | code #2

f e a t u r e s

  • 400px posts;
  • left sidebar with picture as a home link, 2 titles & description;
  • hover sidebar for 5 custom links (4 if pop up askbox activated);
  • included tooltips & inverted tumblr controls;
  • reblog link;
  • default font for title2 and quote posts is this;
  • optional: lazy load, pop up askbox, show/hide notes, small cursor;
  • code #1 - hover posts for tags (might be buggy on some computers. the bottom of an untagged and tagged post is a little bit different);
  • code #2 - tags are visible all the time.

r u l e s

  • please like/reblog this post if using or planning to use;
  • do not steal parts of the code // do not use as a base;
  • you can edit as much as you want but do not remove the credit!

message me if you have any questions;