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Hello aunt scripty, this may be a really dumb question because it may or may not exist, but has there been a case of anyone that lived with two hearts? If so how do you think it would work? How would it work during CPR/etc? Would having two hearts hinder anyone? Would it pump too much blood because of two hearts!? (Doctor Who, amirite?) Haha... nope, jk, as much as I'm a fan, I'm just asking out of pure curiosity.

Okay, this ask is really, really cool. Thank you for this!

So there are two ways this comes into being.

One is a birth defect. The only report I was able to find of someone being born with two hearts is a guy by the name of George Lippert, who also had three legs. (The third leg had 6 toes, for a total of 16. The things I have learned for making this blog.) At autopsy it was discovered that he had two hearts as well, which…. Sure! That said, this was all in the 19th and very early 20th centuries, so we have no idea if a) it was true or one final prank/an attempt to make some cash by his family or doctors; b) the second heart worked or, like the third leg, if it was just…. there and useless. It was never studied or even discovered in vivo, so we don’t know how it worked. 

It’s likely that he basically absorbed his twin in the womb but was left  with some, well, leftovers. This is called a parasitic twin.

The other thing I’ve heard of regarding a human with two hearts is… adding a second heart.

There are two types of transplants: orthotopic transplants, in which an organ is straight-up removed and replaced, and a heterotropic transplant, in which a weak-but-still-functioning organ is augmented by adding in an extra. Sometimes this is done with kidneys, but occasionally, we graft a second heart into a human and send them back into the wild.

So there was a phenomenal case of a guy showing up to an Italian ER in cardiogenic shock from his two hearts having conflicting rhythm. He coded, got zapped, got a new pacemaker, and left the hospital. Dude was apparently 71, which is kind of badass: 71, two hearts, and death can’t touch him. This guy is clearly an action hero in the making.

Sometimes, the person recovers enough not to need their second heart anymore.

Hannah Clark is a teenager in South Wales who had serious cardiac complications when she was just a baby, had a second heart grafted in, and then had it removed when she was 16. She was suffering immune complications from the grafted tissue, and her native heart had had the time to grow strong enough to carry her itself. She’s the first person in the UK to have a transplant reversed.

In the heterotropic grafts, it seems like what happens is that the transplanted heart’s rhythm is basically paired to the native heart’s, so that one almost paces the other.

As for CPR, it’s unaffected by the number of hearts. Like our Italian man, your character might run into trouble if the two hearts beat at different rates. 

This is an area of fiction where you can kind of make up what you want, because the two hearts idea functionally breaks the Rule of Reality. Just remember that if they were born with two hearts, they have to work together long enough and well enough to get that character out of the womb and into the world and raised to (whatever age they’re at), so however the system works at baseline, it has to work (at least until it goes wrong).

So best of luck with your story!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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In My Time of Dying (The Hospital Looked Pretty Accurate)

A review of Supernatural’s “In My Time of Dying” for @weesta

So very honestly, besides the fact that getting thrown against walls and getting the sh*t beat out of you is a lot worse for the average person than Supernatural tends to make it out to be, “Devil’s Trap isn’t all that exciting medically (mostly because a lot of the more interesting injuries (Dean bleeding everywhere, etc…) were vague and supernatural in origin). There’s really not a lot for me to talk about in this one.

But then there’s “In My Time of Dying” which totally makes up for it.

Most of this episode takes place in a hospital, where Dean’s ghost is wandering around while his body is in a coma. They really did some impressive research when it came to a lot of this episode, especially the set design and ACLS. Here are some things I noted in particular:

  • Everything seemed a little outdated, including, for some reason, the scrubs (maybe 10-15 years outdated, taking into account that this episode aired in 2006), but it was all real equipment.
  • Again, those are actual vent hoses- not the prop mock-ups I’m used to seeing in TV shows, and the ventilator is real. It is a Bear 1000 (built about 1993).
  •  Dean has an NG tube- a tube that goes from his nose to his stomach in order to deliver tube feedings and possibly medication. If there was any kind of problem with his digestive tract, it may also be hooked up to suction to keep his stomach empty. I don’t usually see this in TV/movies (ask me how I feel about the end of Superman Returns sometime) and its something I’m really impressed by that the set designers chose to use it. If someone is unconscious for any amount of time, they’re going to need food, and contrary to popular belief, IV nutrition, while possible, comes with a lot of risks and is generally a last resort for when the digestive system isn’t working at all and the person would literally starve otherwise. For everyone else, tube feedings it is!
  • Everything on the monitor makes sense (he has EKG leads on, a pulse-ox clip, etc…), with the exception that a blood pressure reading is not displayed even though Dean clearly has a blood pressure cuff on. In a setting like this, it might only be taking his blood pressure once an hour or so, but the most recent reading would still be displayed.
  • Something I’m also impressed about: When Dean codes, the rhythm on the monitor is V-Fib! Yay! I mean, that sucks, but since they’re shocking him, it’s a correct rhythm.
  • The only thing is that while yes, Dean has leads on, they’re hooked up to the monitor over his bed, not the defibrillator. He would have needed pads or a separate set of leads in order for there to be a readout on the defib screen. The Zoll M-Series (made in 1998), the defibrillator in the scene, has the capability for either of these monitoring modes, but neither is utilized in the scene.
  • Something I’m even more impressed about: Later, when another character codes and goes into asystole… they don’t shock her!
  • Unfortunately, in both scenes, the CPR is almost non-existent.
  • While a cool scene when Dean throws the glass off the table, a glass water glass in a hospital would be a big no-no.

Defibrillator use: When Dean Codes, they use “stacked shocks” (the series of three shocks prior to initiating CPR in the scene). This was no longer recommended as of 2005 (so depending on when they were writing this episode, it could have been correct). Also (and this is the nit-pick of the century, but because of this post I am now an expert on the Zoll M-series and need to share my knowledge), they charge to 360J. The 2005 recommendations for a biphasic defibrillator (such as the one in the scene) only go up to 200J, and would take about 7 seconds to charge between shocks. When talking about higher-energy shocks like 360J, we’re typically talking about monophasic defibrillators. You didn’t need to know that, but… fun fact?

Also, good job to this episode on the differentiation of roles in the codes (someone different is charting, administering drugs, doing CPR, running the defibrillator, leading, etc..). However, at certain points, the doctor seemed to be the code leader, the defibrillator guy, and the person doing CPR. These would have been very difficult roles to triple-up on. An aide or nursing/medical student can do CPR just as well.

“Code 500 CPR”: They overhead page this as the cardiac arrest code for the hospital. Its also a kind of… unique one. Overhead emergency pages are typically either colors, words, numbers, or fake doctor names (think “Code Blue” “Code Heat” “Code 2” or “Paging Dr. Smith”) that are set in advance to be able to get sensitive information (cardiac arrest, fire, severe weather, active shooter, bomb threat, etc..) to hospital staff without alarming the patients or public. “Code Red, Third Floor” sounds better overhead paged than “There’s a fire on the third floor” does. Unfortunately, they never specify a room number in the episode, and if you overhead page “CPR”, pretty much everyone knows what’s happening, so…. Yeah.

One last thing to mention before I close is… shirts and scrub pants look good, but they’d be a b*tch to wrestle unconscious/uncooperative patients into. Not quite as bad as SGA’s infirmary scrubs, and I get that it was done because having Dean’s butt hanging out would be, ah, inappropriate for TV, but still. As a nurse, I laughed (like, do they cut them off if they need to defib them? That seems like a waste of shirts…).

Overall, I was super impressed with the episode, especially since its from the same show that subjected us all to “Red Meat”. It did really exceptionally well in set design, and in the ‘not shocking unshockable rhythms’ department. I didn’t even think “why oh god why????” even once while watching it. Thank you, Supernatural. This is how you make a good episode.

When you appreciate the power of nature, knowing the rhythm of any situation, you will be able to hit the enemy naturally and strike naturally.
—  Extract from The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi (1584 - 1645)
CLEAR! - a basic guide to writing a code blue

We’ve all seen it. Our sweet and naive protagonist, Dr. DoeEyes, is on the first day of her rotation. She’s rounding on a handsome young man who’s in the hospital through no fault of his own, and as they’re making flirty banter about his puppy rescue organization he suddenly frowns and puts a hand to his chest, his voice trailing off.

Dr. DoeEyes touches his shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

“I…I don’t feel so good,” says patient Handsome McFlirt, and then his eyes roll back in his head and he slumps over and every alarm in the room is suddenly blaring at top volume. Frantically, Dr. DoeEyes shakes him. He doesn’t wake up. When she glances up at the cardiac monitor, all she sees is a familiar and ominous flat line.


Five other doctors rush in with a crash cart, everyone talking at once. The chief resident demands to know what happened, and as Dr. DoeEyes tearfully babbles out the story another doctor grabs the paddles off the crash cart, rubs them together, and bellows, “CLEAR!”

And then the scene ends, because I’ve thrown my ACLS manual through the television

Want to do it better? Here are the basics you need to know!


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Dating Blues (Bias x Reader) Pt.4

“Where are we going?” you ask. You speak because you feel yourself drifting to sleep as exhaustion takes over. 

Jae has been driving for an hour; the both of you sit in complete silence. You don’t sense any tension because you’re focused on the seriousness of your physical pain.  

“I don’t know,” he finally says. 

“What do you mean?” 

“That means I can’t go to my usual places, they’ll find me there. I can’t even ask for help from those I call friends.” he says the last part under his breath, “Do you have cash on you?” he asks suddenly. 

Nothing is more of a turn off than a man asking a woman for money. You give him an obvious look with the tilt of your head, “I don’t even have shoes on thanks to you. Why are you asking me? Where’s your money?” 

He purses his lips, “I don’t carry around cash.” 

“You keep everything on a card?” his answer is silence. “Idiot.” you mumble.

You have a place that could hide you both. But you’re contemplating on whether to tell him or not. After all he tried and is still trying to kill you. But you don’t know how serious your injuries are and you don’t trust him to aide you. 

“Yah,” he says suddenly slapping your cheek with the back of his hand, “How can you sleep in a time like this?” you didn’t even realize you were falling asleep. Especially around him. 

You sit up, and that’s when you notice the pain in your side that weakened your breathing. “Make a U-turn, go two miles and you’ll come across a cottage between two olive trees.” you say. 


“Just go!” at this outburst you begin to cough. You turn your back to him and look at your hand to find blood. 

“What’s wrong with you?” he asks, pulling your shoulder for you to face him. That same damn shoulder. All you can do is release a weak moan of pain which results in him releasing you immediately. “Were you hit?” 

Through your discomfort you cast him an annoyed glance, “Just drive.” He does just that, driving a bit faster than usual. He manages to get there in five minutes. He opens the door and you instantly walk towards the little house. You knock on the door in a coded rhythm. It takes a full 30 seconds before the locks and bolts to the door begin to unlock. The tall door swings open and a short pudgy woman answers. 

“Anna,” you say before she can speak, “It’s me. Hadyah.” you eye her once you give her a name that isn’t yours. She catches on immediately, moving aside to let you in. But then she stands in the middle of the doorway once she sees Jae.

“And you are?” she asks in her thick Italian accent. 

“I’m Jae. Her date,” he says. 

Anna crosses her arms over her chest, “Then why does she look like this?” 

Jae bows his head apologetically, glancing at you, “Things got a bit out of hand.” 

Anna looks back at you, wondering what to do with him. You clench your jaw, conflicted. Jae was none of your concern, especially since he was still hell bent on killing you. You weren’t much for leaning onto your compassionate side, but he had nowhere to go, with his entire agency looking to kill him. You glare at him. 

“Try anything and Anna will not hesitate to put her machete through you,” you say and simply speaking sends a wave of pain through you. You hold onto your side, leaning against the wall. Anna looks at Jae with her relentless stare before letting him in. She looks outside at his car, “You plan on leaving that out there?” 

Jae looks confused, “Yes.” 

Anna scoffs and closes the door, “You’re stupider than you look.” Anna takes you by your elbow, but the mere gesture of turning your side makes you breathe sharply, “What’s the matter?” she asks holding you at an arms length. 

“I just need you to patch up a wound. Think the stitches came loose,” you say.

“You always drop by when you’re near death, why not to tell me hi or bring me something nice?” you give an apologetic look. 

“What’s the damage now?” you pull your arm sleeve down, bearing the gauze and wrap over your shoulder that Gil had put together. You can’t see the back of your shoulder to see the significant damage, but when Anna pulls the patch away and gasps, you’re sure it’s not pleasant. “Things got a bit out of hand?” Anna glares at Jae who looks just as surprised. 

“I…didn’t know they shot you.” 

“Yes, that’s your job right?” you mumble. 

Anna wraps an arm around your waist, ready to guide you when the slight pressure of her hand knocks the air out of you. You fall to your knees, breath coming short. She raises your sweater and sees the dark coloring on your brown skin. 

“Oh God.” she sighs. “Pick her up,” she orders Jae who doesn’t hesitate to follow her demand. He scoops his arms under your legs and back and try to suppress the winces from how he’s handling you. She leads him through a doorway into a dark room and then you feel yourself traveling downwards. Bright lights flicker on and then you’re laid on a cold, smooth surface. Anna is experienced in the medical field, among other fields. She instantly checks your body, pressing against your ribcage. 

“I only feel two abnormal ribs, but I don’t think they’re broken. One may be out of place, and the other slightly fractured. You also may have some internal bleeding but I don’t have an x-Ray to be sure.” 

“Then why was she coughing blood?” Jae asks and Anna just stares. 

“What exactly happened?” 

“I got shot a few days ago. I fell out a window and got hit by a car today,” you say, not bothering to lie. 

“You, her date. Where were you in all this?” 

“Helping me,” you say before Jae can speak, “People are after us.” you cough some more and thankfully no more blood comes up. 

“Talk later. Jae, put yourself to good use and do as I say.” Anna begins to sew up your gunshot wound and you feel it despite the sedative she gave you. By the fifth stitch you pass out, either from the pain or medication. You wake up some time later to dim lights and a comfortable mattress under you. You take a breath, same pain but you don’t feel panicked as before. 

You look around. Jae is on the far side on a mini sofa, body too long to fit as his legs dangle off the armrest. He’s asleep; blanket pulled up to his waist. You sit up carefully and get to your feet that you’re surprisingly stable on. You walk with a hand on your side, following the only drive to get you out of bed. 

Your growling stomach. 

You move pass Jae towards the door, contemplating to pull the blanket up his neck, but you decide not to. You didn’t want to give off the wrong idea that you cared, especially when you didn’t trust him. You step into the elevator that takes you up and into through the familiar house. The smell of porridge fills your nostrils and you’re moving like a zombie towards the kitchen. 

“What are you doing up?” Anna asks. You take a seat at her table and she brings a bowl of porridge to you. 

“Thank you,” You express your gratitude and continue to converse in Italian to make it easier for her. 

“How are you feeling?” 

“I feel like I was ran over with a tank, but I’m surprisingly okay.” you spoon the corner of the bowl, avoiding the center where it’s hot. Anna isn’t one to beat around the bush.

“Jae. Do you trust him?” 


“Then why is he in my house?” 

“I don’t know,” you say after some thought. Anna isn’t one to press you, and you weren’t volunteering to share information that could have her killed. “I need to head to the agency. Do you still have what I left here?” She nods and you follow her to the back of her cottage where a small shed is. 

She removes a patchy blanket and you see your 1979 Harley Davidson Panhead, still intact but dusty. You smile wide, smoothing the dust from its surface before brushing it on your tights. You try the engine and it puffs clouds of dust and exhaust. With two more tries the machine comes to life and you climb on, feeling the engine purr against your legs. Anna holds out a coat and a pair of sneakers that you are grateful for. You slip them on and pull Anna in for a hug before she can move away. 

The woman isn’t one for physical affection, but she’s grown used to the way that you show your appreciation. She pats your back and laugh once you squeeze her one last time. You couldn’t thank her for all she’s done. You first met Anna four years ago when you were first scouted out by your agency. She was one of the women who trained you medically. A year later she retired for reasons unknown and hasn’t made contact with them since. You even questioned if they knew her whereabouts and you never offered information that the both of you were still close. 

You’re nervous of leaving Anna home alone with Jae but from the years of knowing her, you knew Anna took crap from no one. You ride your bike out of her cottage and cruise down the gravel road. You have on a helmet that keeps your face covered. 

You’re lucky that your agency has a building in almost every country. You reach the building, parking your bike by the sidewalk. You keep your helmet under your arm as you stroll up the long steps. Once inside you realize you don’t have a card key. 

The guard, Valerio, looks at you surprised when you walk in. You we’re most familiar with him, seeing him as protective older brother with your ten-year age gap. 

“Yes,” you whine, “I’m not in my usual fashion, so stop staring. Can you call down the big guy for me?” he shifts uncomfortably in his black suit. His expression leaves you confused. His eyes bounce in every direction. 

“Run.” he whispers through his teeth. 

“Y/N!” you hear a familiar voice from one of the few people that knew your real name. Behind Valerio, you see Gil walking with two men beside her, “where have you been? I came home and didn’t know what to expect.” You glance from Val to Gil, brain already turning with scenarios thanks to his warning. 

You step back, your eyes heating up with tears before anything has taken place. 

“Not you…” You whisper at Gil. 

“What are you talking about? Come here, you look like hell.” The guards beside her look at you with uncertainty. 

“Where was the gun Gil? You never move it.” At this Gil’s face falls into a malicious smile. 

“Big Guy wants nothing to do you with anymore.” That didn’t make any sense. Nothing was making sense. “You’re being replaced.” she says, as if sensing your confusion. She pulls out her gun, “By me.” 

Valerio shoves you hard out the way and you slide across the floor. His body jerks as bullets pierce through him. You don’t have the voice to scream for him, only stare in horror. But your mind clicks instantly, already not wanting his death to be in vain. 

You race towards the exit seeing the guards move in place. You don’t slow down. You swing your helmet at the nearest face. One is about to fall unconscious so you grab him, shielding your body with his as you back out of the building. 

“You’re finished.” Gil says. “No matter where you go or who you run to, we will go through them to get you. Starting now.” You drop him as you run towards your bike only to have it get shot at. You’re blown back against the steps as it explodes. So many things were going wrong today. 

You feel hands grab at you and you fight back blindly. The person shakes you once. 

“It’s me,” Jae says with surprising calm despite the chaos around you. You’ve never been so relieved to see someone who’s tried to kill you. He grabs your wrist, dragging you behind him to his car while shooting behind him. You dive into the vehicle after him and the door closes, repelling the bullets. His entire car is bullet proof. 

He speeds off and you look back to find that Gil and other agents you once called friends, stood there before retreating into the large building. You turn around and sit there in silence, holding your side. 

“I know I’m stupid, but I’m not that stupid to do what you just did,” Jae says. When you don’t respond he glances at you and then does so once more. He takes your chin in his hand, using his thumb to wipe your cheek. You push away his hand. 

“What are you doing?” 

“That isn’t your blood.” You flip the mirror open and see that the side of your face is covered in blood, but it isn’t yours. It’s Valerio’s and another victim that you hit. You feel sick. You scrub at it frantically, but it’s already dry and merely smudges. 

“Stop or you’ll tear your skin off,” Jae says grabbing for your shaking hands while trying to keep his hand on the steering wheel. You slump against the seat, turning your face to the window. You bite your lips to stop from crying but the pain in your body and the emotional betrayal is too much in one day. You especially don’t want to cry in front of him. 

Your let your tears silently fall with your curly mane blocking his view. Jae reaches over towards the glove compartment by your legs and hands you some wipes. You look at him and take it. His face is blank and he doesn’t say a word. 

“Thank you.”

Oh hey.
I…didn’t see you were studying.
I agree.
It’s a bore.
But…hey, wanna see a cool magic trick I can do with your book?
It won’t take too much time away for your studies.
And also…i think you deserve a bit of a break.
Don’t you agree?
Ok, let’s go.
Magic trick.
Now, let’s see how many pages have your book…
Such a big book.
Such a boring book.
Makes you feel sleepy jut by looking at it.
Just by looking at it.
So sleepy.
Are you still there?
Sorry, I saw you dozing off…
Ok then, let’s continue.
I will ask you for your undivided attention though.
Magic…Magic has its rules.
Now, we saw that your book has 300 pages.
We saw that is a big, heavy book.
Heavy like your eyelids everytime you look at it.
It has kinda of a strange power over you this book.
So big.
So sleepy.
So, so sleepy.
Now, let’s look at the last page of the book.
And go backwards.
I will make you see that,
if you look close enough,
you can see your dreams into your book.
Doesn’t that sound cool?
Of course it does.
It’s magic.
So, let’s count together.
The numbers are so big.
They are…hard to look at.
They make you feel tired.
Have I already said that?
Oh you don’t remember.
Maybe because, frankly,
you are yawning a lot.
If you wish I could stop talking.
Of course.
You want to see my trick.
You want to continue counting.
Very good then.
Let’s continue.
200, 199,198,197
Still, big numbers.
But, as you count down.
You can feel the stress,
you can feel the pressure you accumulated by studying
slowly fading away.
And that’s weird, because you are studying right now.
Of course you are.
You are studying magic.
Under me.
Very good.
Continue counting.
As you feel more and more relaxed.
More and more free.
Very good.
Each number, is a new wave of pleasure that goes trough your boby.
It starts from your toes,
it slowly work trough your knees,
it goes up to your stomach,
it massages your back,
and then….
then it goes directly in your head.
Every breath you take is an hurricane of pleasure.
Every movement you make is an earthquake of bliss.
And we are only 100 pages left to actually see your deepest dreams.
Isn’t that exciting?
I’m sorry?
Are you listening to what i’m saying?
Or are you still counting?
Small numbers.
Easier on the mind….
not so much onto the body.
You are starting to pant.
But you want to count.
You have to.
There is no trace of a thought in your head, that isn’t a number.
You want to reach the end.
You want to go deeper.
And deeper.
And even if the numbers are getting smaller.
And smaller.
Like your will to resist
Your eyes are still heavy.
Still sleepy.
You want to close them,
to just take a break.
But it’s too much important.
You have to know what’s next.
Well, I can say that to you know.
That, was not your book.
It was mine.
And it was a book about hypnosis.
All hypnosis, is self hypnosis.
And since you have started counting,
you started going into a deep, relaxing state of trance.
Sure, you can try to resist.
Try being the key word.
Beacuse, every word I said,
every suggestion I made to you,
are now burrowed into your head.
You are programmed to finish the countdown.
And then, with a snap of my fingers,
you will fall into a peaceful, and deep state of trance.
You will just sleep.
And obey.
It’s getting closer.
Aren’t you excited?
Yes, of course it was a trick.
A magic trick.
only numbers in your head now.
But not dates, birthdays, codes…
just number.
A rhythm,
a countdown.
Numbers to shut off your mind.
Numbers that are like a song.
You studied so hard.
You deserve a nap.
Now, sleep.
And deeper.
So easy.
So studied so hard to get to this state of trance.
Peaceful. Quiet. Floaty.
You have been such a good student.
I think I should give you the highest grade possible for this effort.
The grade, is an H,
That stands for
That’s a good student.
You did your homework well.
Now, continue sleeping for a bit.
The next lesson will start soon.
But for now,
just blissful surrender.
For now, no more studying.
Just dreams.

alice-doe as promised

“C’mere, luv. I wanna dance for a while, just you and me. We can dance across binary code, sway to the rhythm of our pulsing energy cores, and just for a while, luv, let’s forget. Forget about Her, forget about testing, forget about turrets and acid and lies about cake. Right now, let’s just have this. Just you and me, and dancing. Let’s pretend, for now, that nothing else exists. Maybe if we try hard enough, all the bad stuff will just go away. Then we can dance for as long as we like. Yeah, I’d like that….I’d like that a lot.”

I honestly cannot put into words how much I love this piece of artwork! The artist event so, for making such a beautiful commission! This is actually a commission I bought from the wonderfully talented Bonkalore, also known as Bonka-chan on deviantart. If you don’t know already, this artwork is of her version of Wheatley from Portal 2 slow-dancing with my OC, Dee, from my newly-started and developing story, Finally Alive, which you can find on fanfiction under my penname, TF2Teen. I’ll put a link of both my fanfiction and Bonkalore’s tumblr account, in case you want to check out either, though I do strongly recommend you go see Bonkalore’s artwork. It is absolutely amazing, hands down the greatest artwork I’ve seen so far! This commission is absolutely the best, and everyone out there should go and give support to this artist, cuz they’re awesome! 

This is my little way of saying thank you, Bonkalore. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful, over the top commission! I will keep this close to my heart forever. Thank you.

Bonkalore’s amazing account:

My fanfiction, Finally Alive:

anonymous asked:

I have a question about something that is probably bullshit -- is it true that it's a good idea to administer chest compressions to the beat of "stayin' alive", or is that a case of "HA the song is called STAYIN' ALIVE isn't that FUNNY LET'S MAKE SHIT UP ABOUT IT oh dear god no don't actually do that"

Hilariously enough, the beat of Stayin’ Alive actually DOES provide a really good starting point for chest compressions, to the point where both the British Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association filmed PSAs about using it for hands-only CPR (seen here and here). 

While you technically want to go as fast as you can when it comes to chest compressions (the goal is at LEAST 100 compressions per minute), you also need to allow for full recoil of the chest wall. The one-and-two-and-three-and-four-and rhythm you end up adopting syncs pretty fucking closely to Stayin’ Alive, which is why it’s good for laypeople to know about it. After all, initiation of high-quality chest compressions early in a cardiac arrest can double or triple a person’s rate of survival. Stayin’ Alive can actually save lives.

(yes, I realize exactly how groan-worthy that statement is. I have no shame when it comes to these things)


Heart no kuni no Alice ~ Wonderful Twin World 

Dumpty & Humpty ( CV:Nobuhiro Okamoto)

So a lot of people wondered who will make these twin’s voice  for the new otome game. And yean , the two characters have the same voice actor. I hope people support them! 

her eyes seek herself in dark things


her eyes
pick cartouches from the sky
filled with a concealed wisdom

of all “dark” things

Egyptian moths
finger tapping
morse code rhythms
on the edge of her mind

… loudly
for woodpeckers to hear


daytime eyelids deftly
droop with tense ache


she runs the quotidian
like a military sergeant

searching for “dark” things

the crumbling
of her
mind chants

all things
fall in heaps
of energy …

by her window …

where symptoms
hang on a clothesline
drying in the painted sun …

enervates the fault lines
as she peers into the unspeakable

of all unknowns …

looking for
her other self
trapped in “dark” things

roaming through dark intervals
for another season of claiming

her ghost,