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a network/members page with name + url and a fold-out effect for a small description. can be used as a character/movie/music/whatever you want page aswell. 


  • basic HTML knowledge is preferable but I’ve left some comments in the code on where to put what.
  • you can add as many boxes (members) as you want
  • please tell me if you find any glitches/errors in it!

like or reblog if you’re using and please do not remove the credit.


Sunset view over Lake Powell

Είχε ξαπλώσει στον ώμο του, εκείνος κάπνιζε το τσιγάρο του και μύριζε τα μαλλιά της, κάτι σαν βανίλια με σοκολάτα, πάντως αυτή η μυρωδιά τον τρέλαινε.
“Θα πας σπίτι μετά;” την ρώτησε και εκείνη του κράτησε το χέρι, το βλέμμα τους συναντήθηκε και η ψύχρα του χειμώνα έγινε καυτή Αυγουστιάτικη μέρα.
“Εσύ είσαι το σπίτι μου.” του απάντησε και πέταξε το τσιγάρο, κόλλησε στα χείλη της και τράβαγε τζούρες από το οξυγόνο της.

a forbidden lover’s touch / your name breathed from my lips onto your neck / silken tapestries guarding my fingers from taking yours - your smile through it all / rough lace, soft locks twisting over bruised knuckles / a dance between two and meant for neither / anticipation / “you shan’t let yourself dream, my love.”

1.o | “Versailles’ Whisper” 

★ Page 2:  Hogfathers?

by two-dames



  • A Navigation Page with multiple tabs
  • You can have any amount of text per tab, it will just scroll
  • You can add more tabs pretty easily(instructions in code)
  • If you are having trouble locating the colors of some of the properties, just give me a s/o

If you want to use it:

  • Do Not remove credit
  • A like or reblog is appreciated
  • Edit as much as you want
  • Tell me if something is screwy

If you want to see more of my themes, I’m gonna store them all at this blog.