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This is my first about page! There are instructions and labels in the codes to help with customizing it. You can find a hexcode ‘maker’ over here, and if you need more links/fandoms/anything there are instructions in the code.

You can add many more links/fandoms, and all of the colours are labelled. Mild and heavy css/html editing is allowed; just don’t touch the credit.

Hellhounds [Page 07]

~About - RP info/rules/guidelines page

[ An about page for rp'ers with rules/guidelines- with ‘jump’ links so that people can get to the section they want to view! ]

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  • Background, text and link colours are customisable
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  • Instructions on editing page colours/adding images etc. in the code

Background image & gifs in the preview made by me [ also included in the code, feel free to use with the theme - please don’t use elsewhere without permission - ta XD ].

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3

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↓ anime recommendations page .o1 by Jayn

Have you ever seen an anime that you just NEEDED people to know about? Is there an anime that holds a special place in your kokoro? Well, now you have a kawaii page to showcase those special titles! 

This is my second page and I’m starting to get the hang of this whole ~ coding ~ thing. Still, if there are any issues please let me know. The page will look different if you’re using Firefox because it doesn’t support the custom font template I used.

Here are some instructions on how to edit the page [ though it should be pretty simple if you’re used to this kind of thing, and I include an example rec ].

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