Proof that Ezra is meant to be Indian

i have all the actual reciepts right here:

okay so first we have the thing that Ezra is CLEARLY brown skinned (don’t y’alltry to deny it HE IS BROWN)

His mother’s name is Mira, an Indian name - I wonder why that is????

His code name for going undercover was ‘Dev’, also an INDIAN name, hmmm that can’t just be a coincidence now can it?

and now I get the info that Lothal on Earth is one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilisation, located in the Bhāl region of the modern state of Gujarāt and dating from 3700 BCE


Another fever dream:

[in which monica lewinsky rescues melania trump from the white house]

Monica Lewinsky sits at a maple desk in the library of her flat in London; texts by Donna Haraway, Audre Lorde, and their contemporaries line the walls. It is well-past midnight. Monica unfolds a blueprint before her of classified routes into the White House; stolen from under the President’s nose during her own days in that terrible, terrible building, in that just-as-terrible city. The one she’d damned to hell more than two decades before. Yet. She knows what she has to do. With a sigh, she retrieves a trap phone, a Nokia 3310, from her Birkin. She dials an elaborate series of ampersands and numbers.

“Hello?” Melania––code name: bird––asks in a hushed voice. It is 8 PM in Washington, DC. A Wednesday. A time for dinners that refuse to end.

“Is the bird ready to fly the coop?” Monica asks, lighting a B&H Silver. The ashes tumble onto the map. 

“The bird is ready,” Melania responds in a whisper. 

In the background, Monica can hear the dull, grumbled gripe of Melania’s husband. Code name: cantaloupe interruptus. ‘Can’ for short.

They hang up. Monica takes the cigarette lighter to the phone, melting it into a plastic discus. She picks up her slender suitcase, exits the flat, and hails a cab to the airport.

From her own iPhone, she calls Eric, the neighborhood hustler kid.

“Can you have another one of those Nokias delivered to me at O’Hare’s international terminal within the hour? The battery in the one I bought from you won’t hold charge and, oh, I miss playing Snake so much.”

“Sure miss, sure thing.”

anonymous asked:

Bowser is actually a freedom fighter who must bring the communist leader, code named Peach to justice and free the people from being her pawns, bidders and puppets. Sadly Peach is in a partnership with the mafia brothers who are paid to paint Bowser as the enemy, and this resulted in the mafia brothers killing his wife as a message and that he will be next. Now Bowser fears for his childrens safety which is why he is a good dad.

this was a weird ride

  • Thailog: Code-names: Mine is “Eagle 1.” Demona is “Been there, done that.” Delilah is “Currently doing that.” Elisa is “It happened once in a dream.” Xanatos is “If I had to pick a dude.” Goliath is ........
  • Goliath: .....
  • Thailog: ....."Eagle 2"
  • Goliath: Oh thank god.


Amethyst: Facet-5 Cut-8xM
Peridot: Facet-2(F5L) Cut-5xG

Hey! @the-a-j-universe , I got one!!!

Peridot has extra in her name because she is in a sub vein where as our amathyst’s kindergarten is no where near as eaten up as homeworld projections are.


Part 1 (Yuuri’s Eros, Viktor’s SbMS, Yurio’s Agape and Yuuri’s YOI)

I’m. Dead. Completely dead. God dammit, if I thought the others were hard, well, these were HELL. Chris’s costume was the hardest so far (It’s name should be INFERNO. Not Guang-Hong’s), but omg it really does SHINE in the game I love how it turned out!!! Phichit’s was hard as well and I’m still not 100% happy with it but it looks cute in game too so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Probably gonna do more since I FELL TOO HARD IN YOI’S HELL!! So if you have one specific costume you want to see, hit me with an ask

Alex's Code Names

Alex: “From now on, we’ll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.

Hailey Code Name: Been There Done That

Farmer is: Currently Doing That

Penny is: It Happened Once In A Dream

Elliott code name: If I Had To Pick A Dude

Shane is: …

Eagle Two.”

Shane: “Oh thank Yoba…”

Cartoons I Loved But Forgot About:

Mucha Lucha

El Tigre


American Dragon Jake Long

Chalk Zone

Jackie Chan Adventures

Kappa Mikey

All Grown Up

Xiaolin Showdown

The Replacements

Secret Saturdays

Yin Yang Yo

Generator Rex


Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Robot Boy

Camp Lazlo

Class of 3000

Code Lyoko

Duck Dodgers

Krypto The Superdog

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Static Shock

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Totally Spies

add if you want to.