Assignment Checklist Free Printable (PDF in Google Drive)

Keep your assignments looking professional and academic with these checklists that are used once you have completed a piece of work.

Tick off each task to make sure your work is of a presentable standard, for example:

  • Single/Double spacing.
  • Hanging indent for references.
  • Completing title pages; Title, student ID, module code & name. 
  • Consistent font and font size. 
  • …And feel free to add your own tasks specific to your course too. 
  • Bonus: Box at the bottom has common reference styles (MLA, APA, Harvard). 

I usually print these, cut them out and keep one with each assignment. It saves me time having to Google what’s required when referencing University/College work. If you can’t print then just write it out on paper/sticky notes. Let me know if this is helpful (and where to improve!). 

More help: MLA Referencing // APA Referencing // Harvard Referencing 

xfamnet memes

-copy late
-nut in me
-hoe down throw down
-“Xander why”
-(toilet flushes) on it
-I crave death
-XDXD rawr gurl
-meet me in the pit
-xmen my immortal au
-#E X P O S E D
-blockedt and reportedt
-the concept of death
-rip rop
-piss (and I cannot stress this enough) on me
-hataher in an oven
-rip taga
-purposefully misspelling names
-hoe code
-club penguin
-it’s lit
-Ted cruz’s soup
-iconic roasting sessions no one can know about
-daddy (???)?)
-cuntlin’s chain texts
-my tears is fall
-killing holly?
-“is group love code for orgy”
-“no Xander”
-hataher loves everyone
-wholesome memes
-stop exporting my nudes
-Erica’s relatable selfies
-Xander leaving the chat instead of putting it on mute
-pics or it didn’t happen
-lightsaber heathen
-en sabaheather
-en sabadick
-I wanna heckin die
-dicks out for ___
-yeet + yiff
-that’s all folks!

anonymous asked:

I see so many people have a colored ign in i7. How could we change it?

You change it by going into the options! (top right button in the menu)

This should be the first thing you see. The top option is your player name (what your friends see), and the second is the MC name (what everyone calls Tsumugi).  If you select that pink 変更 button, you can change the name.

To change the color, you need to use a hex value, or a six-digit color code.  Format your new name using [######]NAME, like so:

And your name will change color.


Well, this is a weird one.

So this is the House of M Avengers mini, in which a bunch of “sapien” heroes and villains team up to fight mutant oppression in the House of M universe. It’s pretty good? I’m enjoying it. But for some reason, Typhoid Mary is one of the sapien criminals working for Kingpin. Which normally I’d just chalk up as being a mistake on the part of the writer, because Mary being a mutant hardly ever comes up.

…except this is written by Christos Gage, who was simultaneously cowriting Avengers: The Initiative, which featured Mary using the code name Mutant X. So I dunno.

So a few of you mentioned that I forgot a few people, so without further ado…without cheating can you guess them all? Artist: @decidedly-enigmatic/


ig & Twitter: @javere_irie

  • Percy:All right. We're entering dangerous territory here with end of the world battles. So from now on, I'll be using codenames. I'm Eagle 1.
  • Percy:Rachel is Been There Done That
  • Rachel:Basically
  • Percy:Annabeth is Currently Doing That
  • Annabeth:*hi-fives*
  • Percy:Piper is It Happened Once In a Dream
  • Piper:*winks*
  • Percy:Jason is If I Had To Pick a Dude
  • Jason:Cool
  •'re Eagle 2
  • Frank:Oh, thanks Gods.