According to Twitter user Shelly Kay, the show is using the code-name Ringside for season two instead of Bluff, which they used for the filming of season one.

As of right now, we know that Rosario Dawson will return as Claire Temple in Daredevil, as well as the other Netflix shows, and we know that Jon Bernthal will be playing Frank Castle, a.k.a the Punisher. No additional casting has been confirmed, although, if you’ll recall Marvel hid some of the cast additions for the first season well into filming. They’d announced multiple cast members at NYCC, and then confirmed an additional list of six cast members relatively close to the release of season one on Netflix.

With Bullseye and Elektra rumored to join season two of Daredevil, there’s a very good chance we’ll be hearing more casting news soon. -Credit to twitter user @ShellyKaynyc for sharing these photos!

Harry Hart as Mr. DeVere

So I have seen a lot of posts about Harry Hart as Galahad, and why the Kingsman were given the code names they were, and I love it, but I have not seen a lot of talk addressing the fact that Harry was also given the under cover alias of “Mr. DeVere.” I happen to have a few thoughts on this.

First of all, there’s another guy who was famously named DeVere; I’m talking about Edward DeVere. He was an earl in Elizabithan England and was kind of an awesome dude. Openly bisexual, a total hottie, great gardener, and a patron of all things artsy and amazing, including the Queen herself. They were in fact, by most accounts, great friends. Here’s where it gets super cool-

He was the Earl Of Oxford. Which would explain Harry “Oxfords Not Brogues” Hart being assigned the name. There’s also the parallel of Edward DeVere helping to protect the crown without ever having received any kind of official commission from the British government or without ever being part of the Queen’s armed services (much like the way Kingsman is a spy agency set apart from government).

Then there’s the legend and fame surrounding Edward DeVere. You can watch a visually amazing yet totally factually inaccurate portrayal of this guy’s life in a film called “Anonymous” about the true creation of Shakespeare’s work. The film depicts a bunch of stuff that definitely is NOT true, and also some stuff that might be true. I’m not here to explain that film, but I recommend watching it and then seeking further education on the matter (I am always available to answer questions about this film, or any other content of this post tbh). The point is, Edward DeVere is, in a theory called Oxfordian Theory, credited with writing Shakespeare’s works while Shakespeare, an actor, took credit for the work.

Harry says a few times that no one thanks you for the work you do in Kingsman. If he was to take down Valentine that night, or any night, it would have made the news, because Valentine was a celebrity. But chances are, even if it did make the type of headline featured on Harry’s wall, Harry still would not have been thanked. Another person’s name would have been put on the deed, or they would have lied and said natural causes. 

I’m working on further insights on this, but these are my thoughts so far on Harry Hart as Mr. DeVere. 


Refined the ‘new look’ for my Sith Juggernaut this evening. Because character development.

He’s finally powerful enough to get away with not looking like a bloodthirsty Sith maniac all the time. Also, the Emperor is kind of the epitome of “bloodthirsty Sith maniac” and he already murdered one entire planet and would like to do the same to the entire galaxy. It doesn’t sit right to deliberately emulate that sort of person, not even as protective coloring.

So he’s finally able to look the part of a grey Sith; all about channeling righteous anger and using his hatred to strike down the cold-blooded murderers who run the Empire.

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UN Report on War Crimes during Israel’s 51 Day Assault on Gaza
Exactly a year ago, for 51 days between July 7 and August 26 Israel carried out its third major military assault (2008-09; 2012; 2014) on Gaza in the past six years. This last one, code named O...

Exactly a year ago, for 51 days between July 7 and August 26 Israel carried out its third major military assault (2008-09; 2012; 2014) on Gaza in the past six years. This last one, code named Operation Protective Edge by Israeli Defense Forces, was the most vicious, killing 2,251 Palestinians, of which 1,462 were civilians, and included 299 women and 551 children, as well as injuring 11,231, a number that includes 3,436 children, 10% of whom have permanent disabilities, and another 1,500 have been orphaned. Israel also suffered casualties: 73 killed of whom 67 were military personnel, and 1,600 injured. Additional to the human casualties, 18,000 Palestinian housing units were destroyed, along with substantial damage to Gaza’s electricity and sanitation systems, 500, 000 Palestinians (almost 1/3 of Gaza’s population) were forcibly displaced during the military operations and 100,000 remain so a year later, and 73 medical facilities and ambulances were destroyed or damaged. Due to the Israeli blockade, the aftermath of this onslaught has prevented a normal recovery, extending the period of suffering endured by the entire Gazan population. The magnitude of the Palestinian losses, as well as the comparison with Israeli losses, and the comparative ratio of civilians to military killed on the two sides, by itself suggests that the essential character of this Israeli undertaking is best understood as ‘state terror’ directed at Gaza’s population as a whole. Such conclusions are reinforced by Israel’s provocations during the month prior to the launch of the attack and by the refusal of its government even to consider frequent proposals by Hamas to establish long-term internationally supervised ceasefire proposals.

This one-sided impression of the events is not conveyed by the much anticipated UN Report of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) set up by the Human Rights Council to investigate violations of international human rights and international humanitarian law in July of 2014 that were occurring during Operation Protective Edge. The Commission was originally chaired by William Schabas, a leading world expert of international criminal law, but he resigned under pressure effectively mounted by Israel and the United States

anonymous asked:

I heard you were looking for book recommendations? I don't know if you're into Historical Fiction at all, but Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is amazing. It's a WWII novel centred around two girls, one of them is a girl who was kidnapped and has two weeks to live, and the other is Maddie Brodatt, a pilot trying to find the girl. It's wonderfully written and the characters are all so lovely. It is a bit of a slower read at first, but it's worth it.

Oh that does sound interesting. Thanks for the rec, anon! I really appreciate it.

Code name : Frostbite

A Darcy Lewis Fanfic

Summary: Don’t you just LOVE it when your past blows up in your face.

Chapter update.

Chapter 1 Midnight Conversations

It’s been two weeks since Steve moved into the Tower after three months of unfruitful searches in D.C. It’s been two weeks and the deep frown Steve has never left his face. Darcy felt a little guilty. Okay, she felt A LOT guilty because she knew where her father was hiding. In fact, he was in New York.

[Read on AO3]

Chapter 2 Not That Grand But Still A Reunion

All she wanted was for her father to come home. He was angry and she was too, after everything they did to her. She could still feel it, the purerage, that made her blood boil and made her see red. She made it a point to not let it get to her. Rage was useless. Rage can lead you to do something you’ll regret, but anger? Anger is more reasonable, sensible. Anger is kindling while rage is like dousing gasoline at a burning inferno.

[Read on AO3]

Chapter 3 The Big Reveal

“You are a hypocrite lapochka.” Darcy placed her hand on her heart. Her eyes widened and jaw slacked. Bucky sat on the edge of the bed.

 “You said to me to accept the memories that are coming back. Yet here you are, suppressing your memories. Fighting back, trying to forget, civilian life has softened you lapochka. You want to be Darcy Lewis, glorified intern, so bad that you are willing to forget who you are, even your own mother.”

[Read on AO3]

Brooklyn Steve Rogers and the Golden Idol

Code Name: ASSEMBLE (art)
Title: Brooklyn Steve Rogers and the Golden Idol
Universe: MCU/ambiguous

rated G, approx. 800 words,

Brooklyn Steve Rogers tipped back his battered fedora as he stared up at the temple. He had researched, planned, and made a long, hard journey through the dense green Amazonian jungle to find this place. He knew in his gut that somewhere in the depths of this weatherworn, vine-covered temple a fabled idol had been hidden. And Brooklyn Steve aimed to find it.

The locals told fantastical stories about the unknown idol. They told of how men and women went mad or dropped dead at the sight of it, a gift from a hostile god. They still shivered in fear, though the temple and its idol had not been seen for centuries. They liked Brooklyn Steve, given his deep interest in their history and the respect he showed their culture. They warned him, gently at first, and even now, at the temple, his guide begged him to turn back.

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I think “Code Blue” is Gray’s spy name/nick name/allias/code name because LOOK AT THIS

I think “Code Red” is Erza’s name in Gray’s smartphone and probably this is the code name of Erza in this mission :) ANDDDDDDDD red/scarlet is the color of Erza’s hair.




Okay..Okay..I’ll keep calm..My GRUVIAAAA HEAAARTTT!! HUWAAAA!! LET’s PARTY!!

Oh well that’s only my theory. If Juvia will become a spy her code name will be *drum rolls* CODE GRAY!! lol

  • Thomas:From now on, we will be using code names.
  • Thomas:You can address me as 'Eagle one'.
  • Thomas:Teresa, you are 'Been there, done that'
  • Teresa:Wat
  • Thomas:Minho, you are 'Currently doing that'
  • Minho:*smirks*
  • Thomas:Newt, you are 'If I had to pick a dude that wasn't Minho at gunpoint'
  • Newt:I...wat?
  • Thomas:Brenda, you are...
  • Brenda:
  • Thomas:'Eagle Two'
  • Brenda:oh thank god.