femslash february 3 - yumilita

wow okay so i’ve only ever lowkey shipped this tbh, never really given it that much thought. but how cute are these two? remember that episode when aelita sacrificed her first chance to live in the real world to restore yumi’s data codes??? yeah me too. anyway i decided to give them a modern redesign because aelita’s fashion sense in both shows is… pretty weird.

“If lost return to Ulrich Stern.” Day 4 of Code July - ‘Pick on Yumi.’ I love her to pieces, but if I had to pick on her, this would be the way.~ Left this one pretty sketchy because I want to redraw it later. Their styles are kind of a mix of the main seasons and Evolution, and I tried to make the background vaguely match Evolution. Good God, the beige. Evolution had so much beige. 


All this took me a whoooole day because I’m still a noob at drawing, but seeing Odd’s reaction was worth it (my sweet child still wants to beat some virtual butts), and I do love these two (I used to ship them romantically but nowadays I prefer the bromance).

I am testing myself, so probably I will do things like this but with another characters from another TV shows (maybe some TMNT 2012? xD)

I really missed drawing, I miss CL, I miss my blond kitty making some chaos.

You can do whatever you want with this fanart, but please give credits to the artist REDWORLD96

anonymous asked:

Is there any old CL art you're proud of?

WELL, I would like to just block out the old old CL fanart I did from like 2007 and then a couple of my old art from the early 2010s tend to have inside jokes from a group that I kind of just stopped talking to for reasons so they have a bad impression on me but let’s see….

Keep in mind that I consider anything before 2016 as “old art”

A little winter picture thing I drew with their winter outfits I made for them. (2014

I’m a big fan of surreal humor, it seems (2014)

My opinion on the whole Willulumi triangle is still the same (2015)

I still don’t know why I drew this but some things are better left unanswered (2014)

Ulrich regrets living with Odd (2013)

I’m still living for that ‘Cold War’ angst bruh (2013)

And lastly, this Yumi animation I did before I knew animation fucking sucked (2014)

I also enjoy most of the shitpost comics I did and posted on my other account but since I deactivated that account, those posts are lost. 

code lyoko | favorite romantic? - william + odd

and one last one for the road… tbh i had no clue this pair existed until this week, but hey hey they actually have a really cute dynamic going for them in cle sooooo

also odd does call him ‘handsome’ in cl so that’s that