Today we explore some items recently placed on the Administrative Control Substances list for what it calls marijuana extracts; in other words High CBD and THC products. Mostly because we think the DEA has lost its Damn mind

Yes Tumblr we’ve got candy we’ve got waxs, we’ve got liquid THC, and we’ve got high CBD tincture. so if you need it Holla At Your Mama because we don’t talk to the DEA; not now or ever


The Obama administration will spend $17 million on coding bootcamps and for-profit schools

Despite being a part of the most educated generation ever, recent grads are still having a really hard time finding good jobs. To address this, The Education Department will devote $17 million to cover tuition fees for students who want to attend experimental programs at for-profit schools. Half will go to coding bootcamps, while the rest will go to another education outlet.

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Excuse my anger but

my sister goes to a school with a uniform but tomorrow she has a free dress day and she is currently running around the house looking for something to wear and there is nothing to wear


girls aren’t allowed to wear short shorts or skirts but you know most shorts and skirts sold at stores are short so we don’t have any “”“appropriate”“”“ shorts or skirts
girls aren’t allowed to wear leggings bc they aren’t pants i guess and they can’t wear jeans bc they’re too tight (???) and they can’t wear sweatpants for god knows what reason

what the hell is a girl supposed to wear like literally this is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard of

((and the boys? they can wear whatever the hell they want. But you probably already knew that bc that’s how it always is))

Elector Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, also known as King Augustus II of Poland, was a fairly successful Elector of Saxony and a fairly unsuccessful King of Poland. However, that’s not what he’s known for. He was called Augustus the Strong because he wrecked shit with his prodigious strength. He broke horseshoes with his hands for shits and giggles. And, even more importantly, he fucked anything that moved. He had, officially recognized, 11 mistresses, though the full number isn’t quite known, in addition to his wife Christiane. Contemporary sources claimed that he had between 360 and 390 bastards. That’s right, this man was responsible for close to 400 children born out of wedlock. The best part? Many of these bastards went on to be significant people in their own right, such as Maurice of Saxony who went on to be one of the greatest French generals of the 18th century.

This was a ruler who wasn’t known for being particularly wise, or successful, or for reforming tax codes and administrative by-laws. He was known for being strong and virile and fucking shit up. His one big achievement, the invention of “Meissen porcelain”, was the product of him imprisoning an alchemist for failing to produce gold, and that alchemist figuring out how to produce fine China instead. Aside from that, of his hundreds of bastards, he had only one legitimate child and heir. I love Frederick Augustus I, Augustus II, Augustus the Strong, because he just didn’t give a fuck. He fathered children left and right, broke horseshoes and tossed foxes, and the world just didn’t know how to handle him. He was nuts.


Chinese Swords Collection Ⅰ ——-Tang dao(唐刀), Chinese swords in authentic Tang dynasty style, part Ⅱ. According to administrative code book, 唐六典,which was finished in A.D.738, tangdao is the generic term of four types of swords. Yi dao(仪刀), swords for ceremony, long, blade is straight, gorgeous in appearance, with golden ring on the tail of grip; Zhang dao(障刀), swords for shield, slightly curved, short and portable, designed for close combat; Heng dao(横刀), swords for the court guards, blade is long, narrow and straight, grip is long, with many decorations on sheath; Mo dao(陌刀), swords for foot soldiers, long and heavy, can be wielded to cut the legs of steeds of cavalry. See part Ⅰ.