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Hey guys, I have two extra Pokemons codes for Pokemon X and Y/Ruby and Sapphire. One is a Darkrai and the other an Arceus. I’m giving them away so message me if you want one. I believe the code for the Darkrai expires on August 31st, 2016 which is this Wednesday so hurry up. First come first serve. 

Soft brown

RM15 X 1
RM13 X 6


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Incidence, Trends, and Outcomes of Cerebral Edema Among Children With Diabetic Ketoacidosis in the United States

Introduction. There are limited data regarding the incidence, trends, and outcomes of cerebral edema among patients with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Methods. NIS database was used from year 2002 to 2012. Cases with primary diagnosis of DKA were identified using International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision–Clinical Modification (ICD-9 CM) code 250.1 x. Cerebral edema patients were identified using ICD-9 CM code 348.5. We compared the baseline characteristics of both groups to estimate differences using the 2 test, Student’s t test, Wilcoxon rank-sum test, and survey regression depending on the distributions of variables. For trend analysis, the 2 test of trend for proportions was used using the Cochrane Armitage test via the “trend” command in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). Multivariate odds ratios were calculated. P value for <0.05 was considered as significant for all analysis. Results. In all, 205 (weighted n = 974) cases of cerebral edema were identified among 52 049 (weighted n = 246 925) DKA patients, which estimates the incidence of cerebral edema at 0.39%. Trends of incidence of developing cerebral edema increased almost 2 times, from 0.34 in 2002 to 0.64 in 2012 (P < 0.001). Univariate analysis showed that both length of stay (LOS; 3 vs 2; P < 0.001) and cost of hospitalization ($10 530 vs $3953; P < 0.001) were statistically higher among those who developed cerebral edema. Conclusion. Our study shows that over the study period, trend in incidence of cerebral edema among DKA patients has increased. Patients with cerebral edema were found to have longer LOS and higher cost of hospitalization.

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Learn iOS 10 & Swift 3

Learn iOS 10 & Swift 3

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[ Take this course ] This coarse comes in conjugation with the newest apple release for the programming language. It works on the Beta version of the x-code program to make the user able issue his own application a long with the release of the original version. This course is not only to learn programming , It is a comprehensive course to learn building real applications ready for issuance The…

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In between his shifts as a Taxi Driver, newly crowned hero Travis Bickle has taken to solving mysteries with the help of his improved-and-upgraded utility jacket. Meanwhile, a top-secret government experiment, the Transportable Automatic Expert Investigator (Code Name: T.A.X.I.) accidentally gets mistaken for a regular taxicab and ends up in dispatch.  Together, the wisecracking cab and our hero are out to fight crime and maybe have some fun while they’re at it.  Or is the other way around?