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Voltron Code Names
  • Lance: From now on, we will be using code names.
  • Lance: You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Keith: *scoffs*
  • Lance: Hunk is "Been There Done That."
  • Hunk: *chokes on his food*
  • Lance: Keith is "Currently Doing That."
  • Keith: *blushes and looks at the ceiling*
  • Lance: Shiro is... "It Happened Once, in a Dream."
  • Shiro: Wait wha-
  • Lance: Allura is "If I Had to Pick a Girl."
  • Allura: *crosses her arms*
  • Lance: And Pidge is...
  • Lance: Eagle Two.
  • Pidge: Oh, thank god.

Code Geass (コードギアス)

Lelouch and Suzaku sit together in the shade in this new promotional poster from Newtype Romance SPRING 2017 (Amazon Japan | eBay), building hype for the upcoming sequel. Artwork by key animator Momoko Kawai (河合桃子).


So I’m thoroughly convinced that if there’s a guy with shaggy brown/dark hair and green eyes then there’s a good chance he’s probably gay and stubborn

Someone: I don’t like girl groups

Me: oh boy okay wow this is actually. so crazy omg?? You won’t even believe this wow okay but this is honestly so crazy considering I: didn’t ask.

important announcement

from now on, every wednesday, at 9 est, i shall release a fuckton of clexa content. i shall continue to do so for as long as the godawful season is airing, and i shall continue to do so well beyond that. my blog is a safe, clexa-filled space for everyone who was affected by 307, for everyone whose stomach coils when they see those sponsored trends, for everyone who feels like they are falling back into despair that hasn’t quite let me go, still. 

i remember how much i dreaded thursdays last year. i remember how awful it felt to have my safe space - tumblr - ripped away from me because of all the negativity. i remember beating my panic attack record last march, and april, and may, and june, and - you get the idea. i don’t want that to happen again, not to me and not to you. 

on my blog, there will be no mentions of s4. no opinions, no speculations, nothing. on my blog, the show was cancelled in s3. i’m not gona condemn you if you still watch the show - that’s entirely up to you. this is not the “don’t come to my blog if you still watch it” message. i am simply attempting to provide safe space to those who need it.

if you don’t have any means to block content related to the loo, if you are afraid that despite blocks some pieces of info will still make it on your dash, if you’re afraid of checking out today’s trends because seeing the loo up there might send you into a panic attack - for the time being, my blog can become your dash. i can only hope that it will somehow lessen this newly resufraced pain. 

to all fandom creators, be it writers, artists, gif/manip/clipmakers - by reblogging this, you can indicate to your followers that you’re going to do the same and that your blog is a safe space, too.