Signaling Vs. Seeding

Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile since I don’t see a lot of distinction between these two things when queerness is discussed in the fandom. They’re sort of used interchangeably when they’re actually wildly different things with wildly different functions. As always, it’s an opinion based on my own experiences, so you’re welcome to take it or leave it, but I haven’t seen anything discussing this particular issue before and it’s something that really bothers me, as it’s harmful and often rooted in homophobia to misconstrue queer signaling as some type of public performance and I see it being done constantly in this fandom.

Also, I use the word “queer” freely in this post as an umbrella term to mean not straight. If that offends you, quit here.

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Hi, wrote an XKit extension to highlight people you follow :)

Since our favorite blog platform decided to remove a key feature (in my opinion), I decided to try my hand at writing an XKit extension

I’ve been studying Javascript for about a week now, so it definitely went better than the first time I tried (a few months ago). Basically the extension will add a css class to edit all notifications that come from people you follow.

And that’s it! You can also specify a color (in hexcode) of what color you want their backgrounds to be.

That’s really the only feature, although I plan to allow users to change bg colors of like posts, reblog posts, etc. 

So anyway, here’s the github link. The instructions on how to download it are there as well! If anyone has any features they’d want implemented, feel free to shoot me a message :)