Toronto teen fights back against her school’s sexist dress code with #CropTopDay 

On Monday, a male teacher told Alexi Halket that her shirt looked “too much like a sports bra,” according to a Facebook post. After Halket refused to change or cover up, she was forced to defend her opinion that her skin shouldn’t be “seen as sexual or provocative” to her principal, and was told not to wear the “lineup of cute body positive outfits” that make her feel beautiful, she wrote. But rather than give up, she took action.


Etobicoke high school frets over student’s crop top

Students showed up in crop tops at a Toronto high school on Tuesday in a protest that came after school officials deemed one teen’s wardrobe  inappropriate.

Alexi Halket says she was told Monday by the principal at the Etobicoke School for the Arts to cover up her “inappropriate” top that showed her midriff.

She says she was told to wear something different the following day, but felt she was being judged by teachers for showing some skin, so she turned to Facebook.

That’s where she created a page to launch her protest and wanted others to wear crop tops to school the following day.

Halket, 18, says dozens of students — both girls and boys — showed up to school baring their bellies.

A spokesman with the Toronto District School Board says students need to dress appropriately for school and what Halket wore wasn’t considered appropriate.


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