code thunderbolt

Avengers Academy Starters || Part 5 || N-R


  1. “Are you staring at me because I’m blue!? Or because I’m bald?”
  2. “Do you think I want to waste my time guarding the galaxy?”
  3. “Gamora is the most dangerous young woman in the galaxy?!”
  4. “Get out of my way!”
  5. “I can’t believe you actually live on this planet…”
  6. “I hate metal detectors.”
  7. “I swear… if you do that one more time!”
  8. “It’s not easy being blue.”
  9. “Ridiculous!”
  10. “Try and stop me.”
  11. “Where’s Thanos!?”
  12. “Who is this Nick Fury, and why does he think he can steal my haircut?”
  13. “Will you just stop?”
  14. “You don’t wanna be my enemy, and we definitely can’t be friends.”

Peggy Carter

  1. “Am I speaking too fast for you?”
  2. “Anything else?”
  3. “Cheers!”
  4. “Did you forget the password?”
  5. “Do that again, and you’ll regret it.”
  6. “Do you mind? I’m a bit busy.”
  7. “Get your own coffee!”* “Get your own coffee!”
  8. “Howard has a statue. Of course.”
  9. “I know my value.”
  10. “I’m no one’s secretary.”
  11. “I think Captain America owes me a dance.”
  12. “It’s pronounced ‘Agent’.”
  13. “My grandmother has more life in her!”
  14. “Oh how I miss the S.S.R.”
  15. “Oh please.”
  16. “Some things never change.”
  17. “You win wars with guts.”

Phil Coulson

  1. “Did you know my nickname is Cheese?”
  2. “Ever think about working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?”
  3. “I am with Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”
  4. “I have a weird feeling about this place.”
  5. “I love superheroes. I also love thinking about ways to dismantle them.”
  6. “I’ll do what I have to.”
  7. “I’m pretty super, you know, for a normal guy.”
  8. “We’re the good guys.”
  9. “What do you mean I don’t look like a secret agent?”
  10. “What’s the least awkward way to ask Cap for his autograph?”
  11. “Yeah okay, I’ll brief you when we’re finished.”

Punisher - Frank Castle

  1. “I don’t judge, I punish.”
  2. “I’m the guy the bad guy’s fear.
  3. "Let’s finish it.”
  4. “Let’s make them pay.”
  5. “Let’s punish.”
  6. “No deal.”
  7. “Stay out of my way.”
  8. “Tell them Punisher is coming.”
  9. “There’s work to do.”
  10. “You don’t wanna be on my to do list.”

Quake - Daisy Johnson

  1. “Don’t stress me out.”
  2. “Follow me.”
  3. “I need some time to myself.”
  4. “I’ll do what I have to.”
  5. “I’m workin’ my way up.”
  6. “I’m working through some things.”
  7. “Keep calm.”
  8. “Stay positive.”
  9. “That’s the mission.”
  10. “We can do this.”

Red Hulk - Thunderbolt Ross

  1. “Code red!”
  2. “Don’t call me Rulk.”
  3. “I give the orders here.”
  4. “I’ll show you who’s the strongest!”
  5. “Is that all you got?”
  6. “Let’s crush something!”
  7. “Stand down!”
  8. “That actually almost hurt.”
  9. “Try and stop me!”
  10. “Worry about your own temper.”

Rescue - Pepper Potts

  1. “Fire away.”
  2. “I can handle it.”
  3. “I like being in charge.”
  4. “I’m always busy.”
  5. “It’s on my list.”
  6. “It’s under control.”
  7. “Looks like Pepper to the rescue.”
  8. “That’s priority number one.”

Rocket Raccoon

  1. “Ha ha ha ha, that’s great!”
  2. “Hey, where’s the closest place around here to get some space ship parts.?”
  3. “I - am - surrounded - by - IDIOTS!”
  4. “O-ho, wouldn’t do that if I were you!”
  5. “Oh, I got’ a missile with your name on it!”
  6. “Oh, yeah…”
  7. “There ain’t nobody like me, but me.”
  8. “What? You think you’re some kind of big shot?”
  9. “Where’s Groot at?!”
  10. “Yeah… you’d be mad too if your only friend was a tree!”
  11. “Yeah? Well I’d like to see ya’ try!”
  12. “Yeah go ahead… I’ll give ya’ the first shot!”
  13. “You don’t know me!”
  14. “You gotta be kidding me!”