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Is there any old CL art you're proud of?

WELL, I would like to just block out the old old CL fanart I did from like 2007 and then a couple of my old art from the early 2010s tend to have inside jokes from a group that I kind of just stopped talking to for reasons so they have a bad impression on me but let’s see….

Keep in mind that I consider anything before 2016 as “old art”

A little winter picture thing I drew with their winter outfits I made for them. (2014

I’m a big fan of surreal humor, it seems (2014)

My opinion on the whole Willulumi triangle is still the same (2015)

I still don’t know why I drew this but some things are better left unanswered (2014)

Ulrich regrets living with Odd (2013)

I’m still living for that ‘Cold War’ angst bruh (2013)

And lastly, this Yumi animation I did before I knew animation fucking sucked (2014)

I also enjoy most of the shitpost comics I did and posted on my other account but since I deactivated that account, those posts are lost. 

Code July Day 13 : Halloween

I thought it would be cute if Aelita loved anime and had Jeremie dress up as an anime hunk for her… Full size on my dA (Kahnaii).

Thomas Romain on Patreon!

>> <<

I see T. Romain’s art tutorials (autoplay warning) going around on Tumblr and Twitter pretty often. You probably have too.

If you didn’t know, Thomas Romain is the co-creator of Oban Star Racers and Code Lyoko, the latter of which he doesn’t receive royalties from. He also worked on anime like Space Dandy!

A few months ago, he started a project with his sons where he takes their drawings and re-designs them in his own style. The project really took off and has been written about on multiple news sites, etc. Romain made a Patreon for the project in order to raise money and help send his kids to art school in the future.

So, if you enjoy his work or find his tutorials useful, consider supporting him!

Code July Day 8: Vehicles

“Can you send us the Overwing, Jeremie?”
Uh, looks like the program is bugged. I’m sending you the Overbike instead.
“But I’ve never driven it before, I don’t-”
“Don’t worry Yumi, I may know a thing or two…”