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jfc i miss y’all and sorry if this comes off as clingy but i havent really heard from you guys for practically a year and im v lonely

i mean i talk to moo-boo and gaara-bear but only rarely;;

but yeah i forgot to wish you guys a happy new years and a safe 2017
also happy one-year anniversary to the cc which was last june but i mean whatever

love ya

LGBTQIA+ books coming out in 2017

there are a ton of lgbtqia+ books coming out this year so i decided to compiled a list of all of them! if i made a mistake or if you know of a book that should be on this list but isn’t, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

flying lessons and other stories by ellen oh | jan 3 | diverse middle grade anthology
the cursed queen (the imposter queen #2) by sarah fine | jan 3 | wlw ya fantasy
wing jones by katherine webber | jan 5 | ya sports contemporary, wlw secondary character
history is all you left me by adam silvera | jan 17 | mlm ya contemporary
dreadnought by april daniels | jan 24 | ya superhero ft. trans mc
the you i’ve never known by ellen hopkins | jan 24 | wlw ya contemporary
our own private universe by robin talley | jan 31 | bi mc, ya contemporary
ida by alison evans | jan ? | bi mc+trans and non binary characters, sci fi/fantasy
flowers of luna by jennifer linsky | jan ? | wlw sci fi
warrior: a collection of short stories by antonica jones | jan ? | multiple lgbtqia+ protagonists, sci fi/fantasy ya anthology

at the edge of the universe by shaun david hutchinson | feb 7 | mlm ya contemporary
island of exiles by erica cameron | feb 7 | bi mc, ya fantasy
the stars are legion by kameron hurley | feb 7 | wlw sci fi
hard wired (cyberlove #3) by megan erickson | feb 13 | mlm mc, m/m romance
love is love by mette bach | feb 14 | trans love interest, ya contemporary
same love by tony correria | feb 14 | mlm ya contemporary
we are okay by nina lacour | feb 14 | wlw ya contemporary
peter darling by austin chant | feb 15 | trans+mlm mc, fantasy retelling
a conjuring of light by ve schwab| feb 21 | bi+genderfluid mcs, ya fantasy
10 things i can see from here by carrie mac| feb 28 | wlw ya contemporary
a good idea by cristina moracho | feb 28 | bi mc, wlw, ya mystery/thriller

the other f word by natasha friend | mar 7 | wlw parents, ya contemporary
the inexplicable logic of my life by by benjamin alire sáenzs | mar 7 | mlm parent, ya contemporary
the pants project by cat clarke | mar 7 | trans mc, middle grade contemporary
you’re welcome, universe by whitney gardner | mar 7 | wlw parents, ya contemporary
queens of geek by jen wilde | march 14 | wlw ya contemporary
star-crossed by barbara dee | mar 14 | questioning mc, middle grade contemporary
shadow run by adrianne strickland | mar 21 | genderfluid+gay secondary characters, ya sci fi/fantasy
the lotterys plus one by emma donoghue | mar 27 | wlw+mlm+transgender characters, childrens/middle grade contemporary
honestly ben (openly straight #2) by bill konigsberg | mar 28 | mlm ya contemporary

ashes to asheville by sarah dooley | apr 4 | wlw parents, ya contemporary
the upside of unrequited by becky albertalli | apr 11 | secondary wlw, ya contemporary
meg & linus by hanna nowinski | apr 18 | wlw+mlm ya contemporary romance
the edge of the abyss (the abyss surrounds us #2) by emily skrutskie | apr 18 | wlw ya sci fi/fantasy
lumberjanes vol 6: sink or swim by shannon watters | apr 20 | wlw+trans characters, ya fantasy comic
looking for group by rory harrison | apr 25 | mlm+trans characters, ya contemporary

georgia rules by nanci turner stevenson | may 2 | wlw parents, middle grade contemporary
how to make a wish by ashley herring blake | may 2 | wlw ya contemporary
my fairy godmother is a drag queen by david clawson | may 2 | mlm ya contemporary
noteworthy by riley redgate | may 2 | bi mc, ya contemporary
the dark prophecy (trials of apollo #2) by rick riordan | may 2 | bi mc+mlm, ya fantasy/mythology
release by patrick ness | may 4 | mlm, ya contemporary
the seafarer’s kiss by julia ember | may 4 | wlw fantasy retelling
it’s not like it’s a secret by misa sugiura | may 9 | wlw ya contemporary
ramona blue by julie murphy | may 9 | self-identified lesbian questioning (bi)sexuality, ya contemporary
rough patch by nicole markotic | may 16 | bi mc, ya contemporary
the love interest by cale dietrich | may 16 | mlm ya contemporary
this would make a good story someday by dana alison levy | may 16 | wlw parents, children’s contemporary
queer, there, and everywhere: 23 people who changed the world by sarah prager | may 23 | nonfiction

troublemakers by catherine barter | june 1 | mlm side characters, ya contemporary
perfect ten by l. philips | june 6 | mlm ya contemporary romance
tash hearts tolstoy by kathryn ormsbee | june 6 | asexual mc, ya contemporary
from prejudice to pride: a history of the lgbtq+ movement by amy lamé | june 8 | nonfiction
the gentlemen’s guide to vice and virtue by mackenzi lee | june 20 | bi/pan mc, mlm ya historical fiction
a destiny of dragons (the tales of verani #2) by tj klune | june ? | mlm+asexual characters, fantasy

the art of starving by sam j. miller | july 11 | mlm ya contemporary
the gallery of unfinished girls by lauren karcz | july 25 | wlw ya contemporary

we now return to regular life by martin wilson | aug 1 | mlm ya contemporary
little & lion by brandy colbert | aug 8 | wlw ya contemporary
what is gender? how does it define us? and other big questions by juno dawson | aug 10 | nonfiction
dress codes for small towns by courtney c. stevens | aug 29 | ya contemporary questioning mc
illegal contact by santino hussel | aug ? | m/m romance
the tiger’s watch by julia ember | aug ? | genderfluid mc, ya fantasy

girl made of snow and glass by melissa bashardoust | sep 5 | wlw ya fantasy retelling
mask of shadows by linsey miller | sep 5 | genderfluid mc, ya fantasy
they both die at the end by adam silvera | sep 5 | mlm ya sci fi contemporary
echo after echo by amy rose capetta | sep 15 | wlw ya
autoboyography by christina lauren | sep ? | mlm ya/na contemporary romance
the queer history project: no way, they were gay? by lee wind | sep ? | middle grade nonfiction

27 hours by tristina wright | oct 3 | mlm+wlw ya sci fi
the ship of the dead (magnus chase and the gods of asgard #3) by rick riordan | oct 3 | genderfluid mc+non-labelled lgbtqia+ character, ya fantasy/mythology
the tiger’s daughter by k. arsenault rivera | oct 3 | wlw, ya fantasy
mick & michelle by nina rossing | oct ? | trans mc, ya contemporary •alan cole is not a coward by eric bell | ? | mlm middle grade contemporary
amelia westlake by erin gough | ? | wlw ya contemporary
here so far away by hadley dyer | ? | mlm ya contemporary
hold my hand by michael barakiva | ? | mlm ya contemporary
if found return to astropop by lucas hargis | ? | genderfluid mcs, ya contemporary
kaleidoscope song by fox benwell | ? | wlw ya
like water by rebecca podos | ? | wlw ya contemporary
not your villain by cb lee | ? | trans mc, ya superhero
the 57 bus by dashka slater | ? | agender mc, ya
the unbinding of mary reade | ? | bi mc+wlw, ya historical fiction
these books belong to ken z by r. zamora linmark | ? | mlm, ya contemporary
top ten by katie cotugno| ? | bi mc, ya
untitled (timekeeper #2) by tara sim | ? | mlm ya sci fi/steampunk


one gifset per episode  
 ↳shigatsu wa kimi no uso 「 四月は君の嘘 」 ►  inside spring  ( 03/22 )

“ Whether you’re sad, you’re a mess, or you’ve hit rock bottom, you still have to play! That’s how people like us survive. ” (you exist inside spring. you exist inside a spring that can’t be replaced.)   

anonymous asked:

id love to see some more angsty omega hux stuff. like maybe omega hux has long been bonded to a much older man and finds himself unhappy. in comes alpha and force user kylo ren, working with hux's general mate. basically omega hux pining from (not so) afar?

In another life, Hux knows he could have been a General. He’s confident in his own mind, in his own abilities as a natural strategist. Watching the war from afar, Hux knows that him being at the helm of the First Order like his father wanted him to be would bring the victory that the side so desperately needs.

If only he hadn’t been born an omega.

“Armitage, do try and at least act like you’re paying attention to me.”

Hux looks up from where he sits cross-legged in the middle of his bed to where his alpha stands at the closet, pulling out his formal attire.

“Sorry, sir,“ Hux says, brushing his hair back from his eyes. He sits up, bringing his knees up to his chest. “I’m listening.”

Hux’s movements make the bangles on his wrists and ankles rattle together to make gentle clinking sounds. It’s his outfits that set him apart from any other being on this ship; it’s the red harem pants that split up the sides revealing his pale thighs and calves to the world, its the golden bands around his upper arms and around his neck, its his bare feet, it’s the bite mark on his neck, it’s the fine golden chains that are fastened around his throat and chest every morning by one of the General’s servants, with a pendant of the First Order’s proud symbol in its centre.

Hux doesn’t belong to anything but the First Order, but not in the way he desires.

He wants to be its General.

General Randar rolls his eyes but smiles, approaching the bed, ungloved hand outstretching to tilt Hux’s chin up to him. Hux stares into his pale blue eyes, wishing he could find happiness; they’re mated after all. An omega is supposed to find strength and joy in his alpha’s presence, yet all Hux ever finds is a prison.

“My omega. Always daydreaming,” Randar says, kissing Hux softly on the lips before pulling away and turning back to his clothes. Hux refrains from wiping the excess saliva from his lips. “I was saying, you’ll have to entertain yourself tonight and the majority of tomorrow, my boy. The ship is preparing for the arrival of the Supreme Leader’s most skilled Knight. Kylo Ren, if my memory serves me well. Reckless and ruthless, people say. An alpha like no other.”

Hux feels a chill on his skin at the sound of the new alpha’s name. Kylo Ren. Something resonates within Hux at the name, something deep and something profound.

The bite mark—in the shape of Randar’s teeth—on Hux’s neck begins to itch, as though reminding him that he’s already mated, that Kylo Ren—no matter how alluring—can never be his. Hux feels a new wave of sadness wash over him, making him want to shiver.

“That’s alright. The First Order needs you. I understand.”

Hux shrugs, trying to focus on the man in front of him, the one he’s been bonded to since he was 20, for almost 11 years. Randar had been double Hux’s age when they’d mated, already greying in his early 40’s when Brendol Hux had pushed his bastard son into the open arms of the most powerful man in the First Order’s military, hoping to shed himself of the supposed weak omega.

“My good boy,” Randar says, buttoning up the front of his formal uniform over his bulging belly, brushing his short grey hair back into an orderly appearance. “So good for me. You always have been, haven’t you?”

“I try, sir.”

It’s true, Hux thinks, that he tries to make good things come out of his mating despite every fibre of his being wanting to escape. Randar, despite his age, has always treated Hux fairly well—which is more than he knows befalls other rare omegas in the galaxy—but there’s never been any real feelings for the alpha on Hux’s part. No attraction, no desire to be with him, no need to obey that goes beyond the fear of being punished.

“I know you do, Armitage,” Randar whispers, standing at the foot of the bed in his formal attire, staring down at Hux with a lust in his eye. “Maybe. I should reward you with something before I leave.”

Hux’s breath hitches as his alpha’s hands are suddenly on his knees, spreading his legs open, making him whine.

This is the part he hates the most, having to submit underneath the hand of an alpha he isn’t even attracted to, an alpha he doesn’t respect.

“Sir–you’ll be late,” Hux moans but Randar’s hand has already slipped beneath the waistband of Hux’s baggy pants and, always without undergarments, finds the tip of the omega’s slack cock with ease.

“I can make time for someone who worships me,” Randar coos, climbing inbetween his mate’s spread legs, continuing to fondle him.

Hardly,’ Hux thinks. ’Never.’

Several days later, when General Randar is on duty but due back to their quarters at any moment, Hux lies on their bed, awaiting his imminent return.

He’s adorned his most ravishing of outfits; a gold band sits around his slim waist with a green loincloth hangs from two clips on either of his sharp hips, covering his modesty. He’s replaced his usual golden bangles with cuffs, thicker and sturdier. His alpha prefers the cuffs, he says they suit him better. Hux knows they make him look more like a prisoner.

Chains hang down from his collar, wrapping around his torso in parallel lines, cascading between his ribs and defining his thinness, his lack of muscle, though Hux knows the only muscle that truly matters in this world is his brain.

He lies on his side on the bed, champagne on the table, eyes locked on the door. His alpha should be pleased with the spectacle Hux has created. Maybe if he’s good, Randar will let him onto the bridge to see…to see Kylo Ren.

Before Hux’s thoughts can linger on the new alpha, there comes a heavy knocking on the door, four harsh punches to the metal make Hux jump up, startled. His heart pounds, mind reeling. It’s a possibility that omega hunters have found their way here, ready to steal away the General’s prized pet.

Not without a fight, they’re not.

Hux sits upright on the bed, fists clenched, ready to brawl his way out of here if he has to.

But when the door is forced open, literally, and the angered figure is standing tall and leering in the doorway, all of Hux’s will to fight leaves him.

It’s him. Kylo Ren. The alpha.

Hux can only stare at him, the black-clad and masked man, as he strides angrily into the General’s quarters, breath seemingly distorted through his mask.

“Where is he?” Kylo growls, storming past Hux on the bed and into the fresher.

“Er–The General? He’s on duty. But you can’t just barge in here–”

“I’ll do as I please,” comes the alpha’s quick reply. “He’s a weak-minded old fool who thinks himself the strongest alpha on the ship.”

Hux huffs, sitting back.

“Tell me something I’m not aware of.”

And Kylo seemingly falters, turning back to look at Hux over his shoulder.

“You’re his mate,” Kylo says.


“You’re an omega.”

Hux rolls his eyes. “Again. Obviously.”

He looks up at Kylo, feeling his skin prickling at merely being in his presence. It’s intoxicating, it’s spectacular, and it’s something that Hux has never felt with his mate.

“I’ve never met an omega before,” Kylo says, and Hux imagines him smiling.

“Well, we’re nothing special,” Hux shrugs playfully, standing up off the bed, ensuring that his loin cloth falls perfectly between his legs. He saunters to Kylo, making sure that every beautiful curve of his body is moving, tempting those that can’t have him.

Or so it’s meant to be.

“We’re only the most sought after creatures in the galaxy,” Hux says, running his tongue across his teeth. He stands chest-to-chest with Kylo, absently admiring the thickness of the alpha’s body. “Rarer than the five-leaf clovers of Altaria, rarer than the rainbows of Jakku. And I’m already claimed. Forbidden.”

Hux slides his fingertip up the centre of Kylo’s chest, imagining the shape of his pecs underneath his layers of robe.

Kylo groans through his mask, making a purely animalistic sound that awakens something dormant in the pit of Hux’s stomach. The alpha’s hands are suddenly moving, and Hux’s breath hitches, thinking that he’s going to be touched by one that he craves for one, but Kylo’s hands reach up to his mask. The clasps hiss as they’re unlocked, and Hux gasps when the alpha’s face is revealed.

He’s young, strong, and Hux knows its love.

“Master Ren…I–” Hux finds himself speechless. Instead, he reaches up to caress the alpha’s cheek, counting every freckle and mole on his face, wishing that the alpha would make marks of his own on Hux’s milky flesh.

“Ssh,” Kylo says, grabbing Hux’s wrist, bringing his knuckles to his lips. “Please. Call me Kylo.”

Hux melts, feels his insides shatter into pieces that want to be fixed by this alpha’s hands.

Kylo’s lips are impossibly soft.

And Hux is impossibly lost.


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