You sleep wild

He wakes up from the sharp pain in his side. First comes the irritation, because he’s tired and just wants a good nights rest, and then next is happiness. He glances over at your sleeping form, a jumble of limbs twisted in the blankets as your chest rises and falls. The sharp pain he felt earlier comes from your elbow, which had somehow wiggled on over and dug into his hipbone.

He doesn’t mind that you sleep so wild anymore, in fact he should be getting used to it. Besides, how can he be mad when there’s an angel laying beside him? You look so peaceful, so beautiful, just so relaxed and content that not for the first time it steals his breath away. There’s a smile dancing at the corner of his lips as he removes your elbow from his side and wrapped his arms around your waist, drawing you close to his chest. Later in the night, he’ll regret that decision, because you’ll have nearly uppercutted him by just rolling over. For now, that’s okay, because sleeping with you in his arms brings this comfort and warmth he can’t seem to get enough of.



Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran Harp Cover)– Niina; it sounds fantastic 


Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran Official Audio x