Yuri on Ice Confession:

“It’s frustrating to see the animation quality decreasing only 3 episodes in. The anatomy in a lot of the skating scenes is vaguely reminiscent of Code Geass with the stupidly long limbs. Also, it can feel like there aren’t enough frames in parts of the skating, as though the entire show is shot on threes. While normally this would be barely noticeable it really shows when you’re animating something as fluid and fast as figure skating.”

four word first impressions of anime

code geass: highly unrealistic leg standards

assassination classroom: really fast tentacle dude

fairy tail: omG JOIN MY GUILD

free!: wow this is gay

ouran high school host club: ok this is gayer


haikyuu: IM SHORT OH GOD

attack on titan: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

tokyo ghoul: TAKE IT FROM ME

black butler: LOL STEP ASIDE JESUS

hibike! euphonium: gayer than originally perceived