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🏳️‍🌈 NCT AS GAYS 🏳️‍🌈

❤️ ten: the gay that makes his lgbt friends string friendship bracelets w their flags colour scheme
💛 johnny: the bisexual who flirts w a dude one second then a girl the other second and no one can tell if he’s straight but bi passing or actually bi
💚 yuta: the lgbt representative who goes to all pride parades w big ass flags and signs and is the first to drag the homophobes
💙 jaehyun: the shy straight passing pansexual who everyone falls in love w regardless of sexuality

💜 taeyong: the bi that is only into girls for 3 days and only into guys for 2 months and so on

❤️ taeil: the grandpa pansexual who falls in and out of love with everyone everyday

💛 doyoung: the dad gay who takes care of the baby gays (nct dream)

💚 winwin: the gay who says he hates boys but is in love w one

💙 haechan: the bi who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing

💜 jaemin: the questioning kid that doesn’t care enough to label his sexuality bc he falls in love w everyone he meets

❤️ jeno: the bi who doesn’t know he’s bi and thinks he’s straight n only realised he’s bi when he gets a bf

💛 chenle: the loud annoying pansexual and co lgbt representative

💚 renjun: the quiet tired gay who just wants a bf n everyones fav gay

💙 jisung: the questioning kid who doesn’t know what lgbt stands for but knows he doesn’t only like girls

💜 mark: the hetero, the ally

Themes with missing controls

I found a solution for themes with custom controls (reblog, like, follow, edit etc.) that have vanished/stopped working, because of the update. Go HERE for a code fix that puts controls on your theme. They’re not the prettiest but they’re good if you’re like me and don’t want to have to change your theme c:  

EDIT: go HERE for a simple code that makes the controls you’ve added smaller, inverted and faded grey until you hover. It’s little more aesthetically pleasing on your themes if that’s what you’d like c: 


Jinki playing the basketball game at SHINee’s 9th Anniversary Party😍😍😍

How to Fix Tag URLs

Just posting this because I noticed that the tag links on my tumblr & other blogs weren’t working (for tags with two+ words and “:”, etc.). In case anybody is also interested in fixing them :)

EDIT: Originally posted in 2011. Pretty sure Tumblr has since fixed the error - haven’t had to replace the {TagURL} in recent layout codes myself. Below steps are probably outdated, but if you’re having tag issues, they’re worth a try.

STEP 1: Find the problematic code.

In your theme code, look for a section similar to this (containing “TagURL”). It might be easier to do this in a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, or TextWrangler (instead of on Tumblr directly)

STEP 2: Replace the “TagURL” (2 options).

*** Option 1 ***

If you change your URL name often, you can replace it with “/tagged/{Tag}”

*** Option 2 ***

If you don’t change your URL name at all, or the above doesn’t seem to work for your theme, replace it with “your blog url/tagged/{Tag}”

STEP 3: Repeat and Replace ALL occurrences of {TagURL}

Some themes have MULTIPLE places where {TagURL} is used - you must replace all of them. Ctrl+F (find/search) throughout the code and keep replacing until they’ve all been removed. Test that your tags work across your blog pages (not just page 1!)

Simple change! ♥
If you have any issues, just pop into my Ask and I’ll be glad to have a look~

Support 500px and 540px Photosets in Your Theme

Intermediate HTML/CSS knowledge required. Some javascript knowledge may help.

This is a fix for photosets on themes until tumblr fixes it on their end. (For photos, see this post.) If tumblr make changes to their photoset code, this script may break, so use at your own risk! This code is THEME-DEPENDENT, as your theme must be designed to display both 500px and 540px width posts.

What this script actually does: It will take the highest resolution images available and shove it into the photoset. 500px photosets will stay 500px wide. 540px photosets will be 540px. If the photoset images are larger than 540px, it will scale down to 540px. There may be flickers, as the images load. This script may lag on pages with many photosets, so you may want to restrict this script to permalink pages.

Why you should do this even if you’re using custom user styles: this makes your blog prettier for everyone else, too!

<script src=""></script>
  /* questions? ask */
     var updatePhotosetCss = "<style id='updatePhotosetStyle'>  .photoset .photoset_row img { display: block; } .photoset .photoset_row.photoset_row_1 img { max-width: 540px; } .photoset .photoset_row.photoset_row_2 img { max-width: 268px; } .photoset .photoset_row.photoset_row_3 img { max-width: 177px; } .photoset .photoset_row .photoset_photo { margin-left: 4px; } .photoset .photoset_row { text-align: center; width: 540px; } .photoset { width: 540px; }</style>";
   function updatePhotoset() {
        $(".photoset:not(.540-resized)").each( function (i, e) {
            if($(this.contentDocument).find("#updatePhotosetStyle").size() <= 0) 
        	var photoset = $(this.contentDocument).find(".photoset");
        	var photosetRows = photoset.find(".photoset_row");  
                .each(function () {
                    var hiResSrc = $(this).attr("href");
                    var img = $(this).find('img');
                    img.attr("src", hiResSrc );
                    img.attr("style", "");
    	    photosetRows.attr("style", "");

    var photosetTimer = setInterval(updatePhotoset, 1500);
    $(window).on('load', function () { setTimeout(function() {clearInterval(photosetTimer)}, 2000); })

How to use:

  1. Add this script either before your end body tag (</body>) or in the head section (<head></head>). If you already have jquery on your theme, you don’t need to add that first line; just paste the rest after your jquery library. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s probably best not to change anything.
  2. Update your theme. Your theme must be using the responsive photoset tag i.e. {Photoset}, not {Photoset-250} or any of the numbered variants.
  3. If your photosets display at the correct size but appear cut off, your theme’s post containers are probably designed to hold 500px width posts. You must update your theme so the post containers and columns are at least 540px wide. Themes vary, so you must understand HTML/CSS for this last step.

Note: if you want to just have all photosets at 540px (stretching photosets made for 500px), use {Photoset} and make your container 540px width.

(6/8/17 - updated styling due to tumblr updates - permalink for the latest updates)

  • Tom: Someone wanted this to be seen.
  • Harry: Yes, but that just raises a bigger question.
  • Tom: Oh, and what is that?
  • Harry: Why do you even care?
  • Tom: I'm sorry, are you asking me why I care that a woman was killed?
  • Harry: No, I'm asking why YOU care that a woman was killed.
  • Tom: Forgive me, but I don't follow.
  • Harry: Well, let's see, most people would (charitably) refer to you as the crown prince of douchebags, long making reign. Your usual reaction to human suffering is to pull up a chair and crack out the popcorn. What's your angle?
  • Tom: Harry! I am shocked and appalled that that is your opinion of me. All I want is to see justice served and to bring that poor boy some closure.
  • Harry: Really? You care that much, huh? What's his name.
  • Tom: I'm sorry, what?
  • Harry: The guys name. What. Was. It.
  • Tom: Well, um, you know, it was, um, sta- uh, starts with an A-
  • Harry: S.
  • Tom: S, of course, of course. That's close, I mean they're basically neighbors, you can understand my mistake.
  • Harry: Of course.
  • Tom: It's uh, s- sna- snasna- uh- snack cakes?
  • Harry: Snape!
  • Tom: Alright, fine, God, I just wanted to prove I was right. There's no way that girl's really dead. There's something else going on here, and I'm gonna prove it.
  • Harry: Wow, how noble of you.
  • Tom: Oh, spare me, Wonder Boy. You're only doing this to prove me wrong.
  • Harry: Hey, at least I pretend to be nice to people!
  • Tom: Yeah, whatever- wait. Pretend?