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Hi, I know I'm not off anon, but I really love your theme and would like to get one similar, please suggest me some blog themes, as many as you can, it would mean a lot. thank you so much cutie. :)

omgg sure /rolls up sleeves// also thankuuu for liking my theme :) the theme maker that made this theme, selkas, changed url & some themes were deleted, including the one i’m currently using :( but what’s left is here, they’re all really nice so pls check it out

others that i really like and are all bookmarked in my comp-

jjangeu (nice simple aesthetic themes they’re all so prettyyyy omfg help) 

ladmilk (her themes are so perfect omfg?!?!? like there’s so many to choose from and they’re so alskdjad)

shenq (such pretty aesthetic themes omfg, i think most similar to the one i’m using >,<) 

hanachu (pretty but also cute;; good if you don’t want to tweak a lot html) 

yeolumrain (sunny makes suchhh amazing themes they’re so nicely coded and perfect for aesthetic or kfash)

kray (amazing codes i want to marry her themes i see a kaisoo theme squeals o,O)

iliyon (simple themes room for lots of HTML tweaking and coding)

robotic-themes (i used one of her themes for my previous themes rlly nice side sidebars and perma links)

uhmm i hope that’s enough for now;; ^^ lol sorry this turned into an essay; i hope u can find something & have fun theme hunting ! ^^ 


“may theme” because i made this theme back in may but i was too lazy to release it until now. those last three pictures in the photoset are the customisation options. very simple theme. very straightforward and easy to navigate. main attraction is the cute icons. that’s about it. if you’re planning on using my theme but removing the credit, don’t even click the preview link. just power off your computer and go to hell, thanks.

preview & code here

Theme 22 by rubyluacs - preview, code

  • Selectable post width (300px, 350px, 400px, 450px or 500px)
  • Title option
  • Four sidebar links

If you remove the credit or use the theme as a base code, I’ll make my cats eat everything in your fridge.

Please like or reblog this post if using, and let me know if there’s anything wrong with the code. Enjoy. :)




  • contained posts
  • pop up ask
  • captions can be displayed or not
  • every color is customisable
  • different types for borders
  • transparent container
  • faded images
  • link icons or text
  • a loooot more


static preview 1 // static preview 2 // code



I was making clothings based off of of my favorite characters, but not exactly like their characters, so this could really be used by anyone. :P Enjoy! Also drawing done by me a long time ago, in case you’re wondering. ^_^

Please give me permission before you post this anywhere, send an ask or email me at rachel-vs-world@outlook.com, thank you!


COMPTER LES ÉTOILES (aka ms pain inspired theme)

it features:

optional tags, captions, infinite scroll

for any bugs, glitches or theme requests, don’t hesitate to ask

{static preview} {code