This guy I know irl got a button-up from his grandfather, and it’s definitely kickass.

Be a bitchin’ hipster that went thrift shoppin’ and wear this shit.


CLOUDS: The first VR interactive documentary to release online, powered by VHX

CLOUDS is about creativity and code — an interactive conversation with 40 different artists, hackers, and thinkers who are revolutionizing art and design on the internet. With over 10 hours of interviews, CLOUDS blurs the line between film and video game, allowing the viewer to choose how the documentary unfolds. Funded on Kickstarter, and featured at Sundance and Tribeca in 2014, this project is itching to be seen by the world. 

The challenge? CLOUDS is built with software, making traditional film or web distribution impossible. “We’ve traveled the world showing CLOUDS at film festivals and art exhibitions, but our dream from the beginning has been to allow people to explore it at home,” said CLOUDS co-director James George. So what do hackers do? We worked with James and the CLOUDS team to hack the VHX platform itself: using the VHX API, CLOUDS can stream volumetric 3D scanned videos from the web, while still delivering great interactive graphics. 

Now anyone can stream or download the entire CLOUDS experience directly from their website, powered by VHX.  

This is a huge first for digital releases! We’re excited to partner with CLOUDS, because we really believe in the power of technology to transform storytelling. (Our founders Jamie and Casey started VHX after working on Star Wars Uncut together, so our interactive roots run deep.) This is a project that is pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, and we are so happy to help them distribute it in a way that works and can reach people worldwide. 

Buy or rent CLOUDS to watch on your PC, Mac, or (yes!) your Oculus Rift headset. 

anonymous asked:

Hi , I'm in high school and want to learn how to code and make apps, however the program I got into cost $6000. And my parents won't pay , I was wondering if there are other ways I can learn how to code and make apps for free. Can I teach myself?


Here is a list of 100% FREE resources:

Code Academy

Khan Academy 

MIT Opencourseware (OCW)

(Note: MIT OCW has so many possible courses you could take that it’s better to decide which ones you want to on your own. Browse around a bit and see what you’d like!)


(Note: edX is actually led by a real instructor and graded by real people, but this means they limit the times they offer the courses. Generally they’ll offer them in a fall/spring rotation.)

Also, a lot of languages have their own smashed-together database of resources. Processing, for example, has its own tutorials page (here!) that, while less organized than some of the above, just lists out a bunch of examples. 

Honestly, even when you do take a formal class, a lot of learning code is just trying things, googling, and reading lots and lots of Stack Overflow posts (a forum for programming). If you want to do something specific, that’s even better. Use the above resources to get a general understanding of the tools you want to use, google around for more specific applications, and search the internet for the answers to problems whenever they come up. You can definitely do it! The more specific your goal, the better–come up with smaller and smaller goals for the app or product you want to make, and work toward each baby step. If you just want to learn in general, I highly recommend edX; it can help keep you disciplined since there’s an actual person behind it and you receive an actual grade (even though it is of course not at all linked to you academically). 

Edward Snowden was self taught. A lot of people don’t like him, but at the very least, from a success standpoint, he’s incredible–didn’t really finish high school or something, taught himself code, and landed a job at the CIA based entirely on an internet reputation. 

You can do it! It will require hard work and self discipline, but you can!! :)


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