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Theme #04: Zeus

Theme #05: poseidon

import processing.opengl.*;
float vert,span,cAlpha,x1Pos,y1Pos,z1Pos,x2Pos,y2Pos,z2Pos,x3Pos,y3Pos,z3Pos;
boolean alternate = false;
int threshold = 135;
int width = 540,
   height = 540;
int[] directions = {

void setup(){
 vert = 6;
 span = width/4;

void draw(){
 for (int i=0; i<vert; i++){
   x1Pos = sin(i)*span;
   y1Pos = cos(x1Pos)*span;
   z1Pos = tan(y1Pos)*span;
   for (int j=i; j<vert; j++){
     x2Pos = tan(j)*x1Pos;
     y2Pos = sin(x2Pos)*y1Pos;
     z2Pos = cos(y2Pos)*z1Pos;
     for (int k=0; k<vert; k++){
       x3Pos = cos(k)*x2Pos;
       y3Pos = tan(x3Pos)*y2Pos;
       z3Pos = sin(y3Pos)*z2Pos;

void alterPixels(){
   for (int k=width+1; k<pixels.length-width-1; k++) {
     int pModifier = directions[int(random(directions.length))];
     if (brightness(pixels[k]) == threshold) {
       pixels[k] = pixels[k] << 24;
       pixels[k] = pixels[k] >> 1;
     } else if (brightness(pixels[k]) < threshold) {
       pixels[k] = pixels[k+pModifier];
     } else {
 threshold = setThreshold(threshold,1,153);

int setThreshold(int threshold, int minThreshold, int maxThreshold) {
if (threshold <= maxThreshold && threshold >= minThreshold && alternate) {
} else if (threshold <= maxThreshold && threshold >= minThreshold) {
} else if (alternate) {
  threshold = maxThreshold;
  alternate = !alternate;
} else {
  threshold = minThreshold;
  alternate = !alternate;
return threshold;

Hey guys I know we’re all joking like 

“Ford didn’t run for mayor cos he doesn’t have a shadow ha ha isn’t this probably explainable photo for proof funny”

But like for real Ford does not have a shadow. There should at least be one beneath his feet, shadowing the stool.  He clearly leaves a shadow on himself. Look at his legs, or under his arms. His own person leaves a shadow on himself and his clothes, in response to the sources of light around him, but not on the objects around him.

No shadow on the table beneath his knee. No shadow left by his arm across the table, where a shadow would logically fall with his arm so close to a light source like this. No shadow of his body on the top of the stool, or the ground around it.

And look here-

You can see Dipper’s shadow against the window’s light on the floor, and the others are completely in shadow. But.

Ford not only doesn’t have a shadow, where he so clearly should, but you can see the lantern on the table’s shadow through him.

Let me just say that again. The lantern casts a shadow through Ford, as though he were a ghost or otherwise not actually there.

This is not the first time the lantern shows up on the table. It’s been there in pretty much every shot of the kitchen except when characters are eating at the table.

Now, what’s weird about this is that Ford has definitely had a shadow in past episodes. He had one as a kid, immediately after coming through the portal, and when playing DD&D with Dipper. His shadow has even been used for dramatic effect i.e. when he is cornering that tiny kraken creature.

There’s not a lot else to pull from, since most of the time when you see Ford it’s a headshot, or he’s already standing in shadow (i.e. Ford’s entire first apperance)

Now, if it were just the picture with the stool that Ford didn’t have a shadow in, I’d write it off as a blip or an animation error. It could reasonably be just be the angle he’s standing at.

But the shadow of the lantern appearing through Ford.. that’s harder to write off. It’s clearly intentional: that kind of shot hasn’t been seen before in the show. Dipper has a shadow, which only emphasizes the fact the Ford doesn’t, Ford is obviously taller than Dipper and should throw a larger, longer shadow that would cover a lot of the window’s light. It would honestly be easier to draw, since the animators could have blocked off almost half the window’s light with Ford’s shadow.

But instead they meticulously drew in the lantern’s shadow. That’s not just an oversight, thats intentional. It’s even framed in a point that, while not exactly obvious, definitely draws the unconscious eye. The floor there is one of the only points of space in the frame that isn’t filled by a character, and the dramatic lighting of the scene makes it stand out bright against the darkened floor.

With the additional line-drop in this Stanchurian Candidate about the importance of having a shadow, this whole arrangement strikes me as suspicious. Dudes, seriously. Even Bill had a shadow, in both real and dream worlds. He had some control over it, but it still always seemed to be there.

Like… I’m not a theorist really, I usually just build off of what other people come up with, try to prove, think could happen in the show.

But like… I ain’t seen nobody try to pick this apart yet. What does it mean? Why is it happening now? Is Ford gonna keep not having a shadow? What does that say about his permanence in this realm? Did Ford actually manage to come back through the portal, or does this shadow-thing have something to do with that nasty Rift they accidentally created?

Remember that code? 


Are we sure that code was talking about Grunkle Stan. After all, Not What He Seems was also Ford’s introduction episode.

C’mon GF theorists, figure this out for me.

Want to learn code? Here are a few resources:

Learning something new —especially code— can be intimidating. Here are a few online courses, software and games to get you started.

  • Scratch — is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
  • CodeAcademy — tutorials on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PhP, Python, Ruby
  • W3 Schools — tutorials on everything you need to know to build a website: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhP, etc.
  • LearnToMod — if you’re a fan of Minecraft, this tool will teach you how to program through Minecraft.
  • CodeSpells — a video game developed at UC San Diego to teach people to program. The story line is simple: you’re a wizard that uses spells (i.e. code) to navigate through the world, fight off foes, and solve problems.

Here’s a peek at CodeSpells:

[ Theme #38 - The Gray Man ]

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