irukas asked:

The first five texts

Send ✆ for a morning text

[Text]: Bring some coffre when you return home,

Send ♔ for an angry text

[Text]: I’m able to handle this on my own. I don’t /want/ you to be there 24/7 to ‘watch’ my back. 

Send ♠ for a drunk text

[Text]: I’m fucked ruka, seriously im done for right now there’s this person in drag looking at me from the counter and offered me drinks and I accepted because i was thirsty and i think they want /more/ than sharing a few drinks. pretent to call me so i can go away without looking suspicouis and anger him/her/them?

Send ☏ for a vague text

[Text]: It’s the one with blue filling and the green etiquette with swirly letters. Somewhere at the dairy side of the store. At the back.

Send ⁇ for a worried text

[Text]: I haven’t heard from you in three days. I can’t contact you in any form. Confirm if you go this message within 6 hours.